Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Thoughts I Had While Watching "A Single Man"

I might have to rethink my "Best Films List" now that I watched "A Single Man". I really fell in love with this film - here are some of my thoughts.

1. Colin Firth is finally in a challenging role - I always like Colin as an actor, but he seems to play the same type of character in every film - the slightly awkward, sarcastic but charming guy that he played in the Bridget Jones films. This role is completely different and he nails it. It was heavy and emotional, yet it was never dramatic. I was holding back tears through the films entirety - mostly because I felt like he was holding back tears through the film as well. Nomination worthy - alongside Jeremy Renner and Shartlo Copley, it is definitely a tough call on who should win an Oscar this year.

2. The story is classic - Based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, I am quite surprised it took this long for a film version to be made. It is depressing as hell, but surprisingly uplifting - the tale of someone who is so heart broken (due to the death of his lover) that he decides to end his life at the end of the day. He proceeds through the day as he normally would, but with a new outlook he begins to notice and appreciate the littlest things that make life bearable.

3. Tom Ford made a beautiful film - The story was not only told well, the film was visually stunning. The contrast and use of color, the composition of objects, the detailed camera work - all of these elements prove that Ford is a true auteur filmmaker. Just as he would create a suit, he created a film that is stylish, tailored and timeless.

4. I don't like Christopher Hoult - The kid from About A Boy. He was super annoying in that film, but he was a kid (and I think he was supposed to be annoying). However, I am a recent fan of the amazing BBC show Skins (I just finished season 2 yesterday) and I can say with confidence he is still annoying. I don't think he can act, he has this smirk on his face ALL THE TIME even when it isn't appropriate for the scene. In this film he is supposed to be this pretty boy college kid who has a crush on his professor, but I felt that he was incredibly miscast - first his American accent was unbearable, second they had to put so much makeup on him to give him a "California glow" it was distracting. I am nervous that he will be a "Hollywood staple" now that he is cast in the much anticipated Clash of the Titans. EW.

5. Matthew Goode has redeemed himself - He was truly awful in Watchmen, but he was superb in this film.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thoughts on 5 Recently Released DVD's: Part 6

Unfortunately I was disappointed in ALL 5 of these films.

1. Funny People - I didn't hear anything great about this film and have a pretty low affinity for Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen - so my expectations weren't very high. I was really impressed by the first hour of the film. It was funny (referring to Jonah Hill as the "triple x version" of Rogen is hysterical) and touching (the life of a comedian isn't always full of laughs) and moved pretty quickly. However, the next hour was so boring and dragged on forever (it had a total running time of 2 hours and 25 minutes which was torture). The film was saved mostly by its supporting cast: Jason Schwartzman was hysterical as an actor who just got his "big break", Leslie Mann is always delightful, Eric Bana proved to have comedic skill and two Parks and Recreation actors (Aziz Ansari and Aubrey Plaza) were a nice surprise. I liked that it was a comedy but it had a real story behind it - instead of gross out humor, it just could have been edited down by 45 minutes.

2. Paper Heart - This hybrid "documentary" is by far one of the worst things I have ever watched. It stars Charlyne Yi - a girl who supposedly does not believe in love, so she sets out to create a film questioning the reality of "love". While creating this film, she meets Michael Cera and a relationship ensues. There are so many problems with this film, I don't even know where to begin. First, Charlyne has very little imagination and seems to think that "love" equals "marriage," she tries on wedding dresses, she goes to a Vegas wedding chapel and a divorce court for her interviews. The only time she touches on anything interesting is when she interviews a chemist who concurs that some people might not have the ability to love due to chemical reactions in their brain - but this is quickly dropped in order to interview high school sweethearts. Second, Charlene has got to have one of the most annoying personalities ever - from the very beginning she sets herself up as pretentious by introducing her famous comedian "friends," then she pretends like she doesn't like Michael Cera's flirtations (even though he is obvi way out of her league) and then it is obvious that she actually does believe in love because a true romantic skeptic would ask more cynical questions. Furthermore, and I know this is harsh - but the reason Charlyne doesn't know love is because any sane guy would run far away from her after hearing her annoying, fake laugh and her pretend vapidness would make any guy uncomfortable. Her maturity level was about the same as the 10 year olds she interviewed in Atlanta (which btw - she must have regretted filming a little girl saying her "dream guy" was Chris Brown). Third, the film was completely unoriginal, it didn't tell me anything new, and frankly it just annoyed the crap out of me as it would any non-believer. I don't think I would have sat thru the whole thing if it wasn't for Cera. The last reason that I hated this film is because Charlyne pretends like she doesn't have a choice when her relationship is being filmed but it is obvious that that whole relationship is fake (although rumored to be based on their actual relationship - poor Cera). She is the writer and executive producer of the film - if she didn't want to do it then she SHOULDN'T have! O.k I am done now.

3. Julie and Julia - I never wanted to see this film in the theaters because I have absolutely zero interest in Julia Child or anything involving cooking, but I figured I should watch it to see Meryl Streeps much hyped performance. The film is split into 2 different stories based on 2 different books which I find interesting. Julie is a cubicle dweller living in NYC, dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 (it is set in 2002). In order to deal with her stress, she cooks and she she decides to write a blog about cooking (yes, that is the whole story). The other story is about Julia becoming the iconic Julia Child (which probably should have been the whole film). Amy Adams is still the same character she is in every film (cutting her hair and making her look elfish didn't help...), while Meryl did a great job of course - however Julia Child's voice was incredibly irritating so watching Meryl impersonate her was even more so. The only thing that I found interesting was it's relevant look at the power of the blog. Oh and a nice surprise appearance by Jane Lynch.

4. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard - Another painful to watch comedy that had so much potential. The cast was great - Jeremy Piven, Ed Helms, Tony Hale and Ken Jeong. How could these four funny people make anything but a funny film? Right? I am not sure what happened- for the most part I would blame the screenplay. It was lame, pointless, predictable and lacked any originality. The whole mystery behind "what happened in Querquie" was completely ludicrous and the "surprise" appearance of Will Ferrell was just plain sad. I think that I laughed once - and it was within the first 5 minutes of the film.

5. Rudo Y Cursi - This film was decent, I just expected more from its key players. Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal and Carlos Cuaron proved to make a great team with Y Tu Mama Tambien plus Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu is one of my favorite filmmakers (21 Grams and Amores Perros are among my favorite films) and he is one of the many talented producers of this film - so it should in theory be amazing. Right? Not really. The film is about 2 brothers who both get "discovered" as talented Soccer (football?) players, although one really wants to sing. It is about how money, fame and success effects your personality and your priorities. It wasn't incredibly moving or memorable. It did have a few amusing scenes and I enjoyed the chemistry between the 2 main actors - they make believable brothers.

10 Best and Worst Films of 2009

Here are my picks for the best & worst films of 2009

10 Best Films of 2009 -

1. The Hangover
2. District 9
3. The Hurt Locker
4. I Love You, Man
5. Away We Go
6. The Brothers Bloom
7. Up In The Air
8. Observe and Report
9. The Invention of Lying
10. 500 Days of Summer - Best Film of the Year.

Of course there are a few films that I haven't seen that I have high hopes for, so my list might change upon seeing An Education, Avatar, Invictus, A Single Man and Broken Embraces.

10 Worst Films of 2009 -

1. Year One
2. G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra
3. Public Enemies
4. Killshot
5. He's Just Not That Into You
6. Paper Heart
7. The Goods:Live Hard, Sell Hard
8. Whatever Works
9. Land of the Lost
10. The Soloist

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 10 Biggest Golden Globe Nomination Snubs

As you know, my favorite awards show is the Golden Globes - however this year I am highly disappointed in the nominees. They did get some of it right (Michael C. Hall & Dexter, Sandy B gets 2, JGL is finally recognized, Glee! is shown lots of love and The Hangover is the funniest film of the year), but here is a list of the most egregious snubs:


1. Breaking Bad/Aaron Paul/Bryan Cranston - When it was snubbed for a Golden Globe last year, I just thought it was an oversight that would soon be corrected. But ignoring the best show on television for a second year is simply unjust. It has been nominated for a total of 9 Emmy's (in which Cranston has won for Best Actor both years!). I have already discussed how in awe I am of Aaron Paul's sublime and heartbreaking performance this past year, I am shocked and appalled that he was ignored. Mad Men is not the only show on AMC - I realize that it appeals to a wider audience but this is an award show that is supposed to recognize the quality of a show and it's actors NOT its popularity.

2. Amy Poehler - Amy is hands down the funniest woman on television (and has been for several years now...), but for some reason she keeps being overshadowed by Tina Fey (whom I also adore, but come on - last year was her year. Let someone else shine!). The comedy category is very competitive this year ( I think all of the nominated shows are fantastic - and am very happy to see that Two and 1/2 Men, How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty are rightfully ignored but there are several shows missing - Weeds, Californication, Community). I completely understand why Parks and Recreation didn't get a nom, in lieu of Modern Family and Glee!. BUT - A nom for Poehler would have sufficed.

3. The Cast of Modern Family - All of them, Any of them...someone should have been nominated. It is the only show that is nominated without any of it's actors recognized as well. I assumed Julie Bowen would get the nomination since she is a t.v veteran (appearing on some of the best television shows such as Lost, Weeds and Boston Legal). But I think most of the hilarious credit goes to Ty Burrell - he is absolutely fantastic.

4. Jennifer Carpenter - Hooray for Dexter and the best actor on television Michael C. Hall. I admit that I am a season behind on the series (so no I have not seen the season finale that E!Online described as "one of the most shocking deaths in television history" - so obviously I HAD to read the spoiler and now I hate myself...), but I assume that the show is just as good as it has been from the first season. Somehow Jennifer has been inexplicably ignored for her work on the show since the beginning of the series.

5. Weeds - I am always a little uncomfortable with the show always included in the "comedy" category - I mean it is funny, but it's also some serious f***ed up television. So, No - I don't think it should have been nominated against such comedies as The Office, but it is an amazing show - so maybe it should be in the drama category? Either way - Mary Louise Parker rules! I think this is the first year since the show premiered that she was snubbed.


6. Marc Webb - All of the nominated directors are for dramatic films (although it is clear that Up in the Air was clearly marketed as a "comedy" and is suddenly a "drama" to up it's chances come Academy Award nominations...). This year Marc Webb made the best film of the year. (yes, I realize that there are still several films that I have to see before I can actually claim that as fact...but considering that the film is in my top 5 favorite films ever - I don't see any soon to be released films like Avatar and Invictus being that great). He should have at least been nominated. I would also argue that Neill Blomkamp made the most unique film this year (District 9 for which he did receive a nomination for the screenplay at least).

7. Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty - Probably the best acting ensemble this year belongs to them for their raw and exhilarating performances in The Hurt Locker, but all 3 of them were snubbed. I actually thought Renner was a "given" considering the rave reviews he has been earning - I am sure the Academy won't make the same mistake.

8. Shartlo Copley - My favorite performance of the year was snubbed! I have not seen the 4 out of the 5 nominated performances but there is no way in hell they are better than Copley's - and he definitely out-acted Clooney by a billion times.

9. Marion Cotillard - She was nominated this year - just for the wrong film. Her supporting performance in Public Enemies was the only real reason to see the film (ok Johnny Depp is ALWAYS a reason to see a film...).

10. Maya Rudolph, Zooey Deshanel - They should be joining Sandra Bullock & Meryl Streep in the Best Actress in a Comedy category. Julia Roberts for Duplicity is almost laughable considering how mediocre that film was (and her performance). I don't necessarily think that Rudolph or Deshanels performances were award-worthy, but they were the best of the year - which is actually quite sad. I truly hope Sandra wins - she has the art of "comedic actress" down to a science.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

5 Reason's Why I Loved "Up In The Air", 3 Reason's Why It Is Not My Favorite Film of 2009

"Up in the Air" will definitely end up on my "Best Films of 2009" list, however I thought for sure it would be my favorite film of the year. First here are reasons why I liked the film -

1. The ending - I won't spoil the ending for anyone, but I will say that it is not your typical "Hollywood" ending. The great part for me is that as the film was reaching the end I thought to myself "wouldn't it be great if the film ended with...." but thought for sure that it would never happen, but guess what! It did. That rarely happens to me.

2. George Clooney playing himself - Clooney is perhaps best known for being an eternal bachelor claiming he will never marry (again), he charms his audience with his smiling eyes and his seductive smile - it is obvious that he is our generations Carey Grant. The role of Ryan Bingham (an eternal bachelor/businessman who spends more time traveling than he does at home) seems to be written for George. It is amazing to watch on screen because the character eventually realizes the flaws in his theory of self-isolation, which allows us to see his vulnerability - and who doesn't want to see an A-list actor have insecurities and self-doubt? However, should Clooney get an Oscar for it? My answer is no.

3. The many themes - This film takes on a lot, without really forcing any one idea on its audience. I really enjoyed the part when Anna Kendrick talks about what her dream guy is and all of the goals that she should have already accomplished (at the young age of 23). Clooney and Farmiga sit opposite her watching with sympathy. I found myself in the middle this generational gap - angry that I should be at a different stage in my life, but finally realizing that life just can't plan anything (life is in in the "journey" not the "destination" kind of thinking). This scene is just written so realistically well - i watched in awe. I also liked Clooney's motivational speaking topic - "the empty back-pack". In theory this idea of having no baggage seems inspirational - so much so that he actually convinces himself that he is happy with his life. That is until reality kicks in and he realizes that having "stuff" in his life like love and a family are actually a fulfilling and essential part of living.

4. Reitmans players - I love when directors stay loyal to certain actors. This film had Jason Bateman, J.K Simmons - even Sam Elliott

5. Vera Farmiga - Amazing. She portrays this confidence and sultriness that makes it perfectly believable that someone like George Clooney would fall for her.

Now here are the reasons that it is not my favorite film of the year-

1. It wasn't as funny as it should have been - It was amusing through its entirety, however both Juno and Thank You for Smoking are hilarious and satirical - both features that Up in the Air lacked. Where is that biting sarcasm that Jason Reitman is so good at?

2. Anna Kendrick - I think she did a good job in this film, however it is not a nomination worthy performance. The audience isn't necessarily supposed to like her character, which is obvious by her tight-lipped, overly tense body language and cold demeanor - but Kendrick did a great job at breaking the character down and showing emotion (without actually showing emotion). I just wasn't "wowed" like I expected to be. It doesn't help that her performance has been hyped up so much, it set the bar really high for such a newcomer.

3. 500 Days of Summer was better - There were a few films like Up in the Air that were released this year that did the whole "non-love" love story theme, but I think the best one was Summer. It was far more entertaining and whimsical, it was funny and heart-breaking and most of all it was inspiring.

Monday, November 30, 2009

3 Reasons I Wouldn't Recommend Watching "The Road"

So after waiting a year for the release of "The Road", I was very excited to see it this past weekend. I have mixed feelings about the film because on a whole it was a great film (the acting was intense, the story was epic and the cinematography was beautifully bleak), yet I would never recommend it to anyone. Here is why.....

1. It is the most depressing film ever - I guess it is a given considering it is about a boy and his father trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. I just would have preferred not to sit through it - watching the worst of humanity. I would like to think that if the world ends, the survivors would unite rather than form gangs where they rape and eat little boys. It's not exactly an up-lifting or heart-warming film, instead it is about the darkest days of humanity - where there is no hope, no empathy, no reason to live...

2. "A curiously unmoving experience" - This is a quote from which sums up my feelings on this film. I think it was supposed to be an emotionally captivating experience, but for reasons beyond anything that I can explain - it wasn't. I didn't care about what happens to this boy or his father - possibly because I already knew it wouldn't be a happy ending, so why bother investing in the characters? I had absolutely zero emotions during this film, which really made me question the point of the whole film. I never read the book and especially have no interest in reading it now.

3. I would never watch it again - It would be torture.

The only reason I would say that this film is worth seeing is if you want to see some amazing acting. Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron are superb (as usual) and the boy (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is one of the best acting performances I have seen from a kid in a long time.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thoughts on 5 Recently Released DVD's: Part 5

1. Orphan - So, with the marketing around this film focusing on "There is something wrong with Esther" I spent the entire film trying to figure it out - only to be shocked at what is actually "wrong" with her. I have to admit it was definitely a twist ending that I could have never guessed, which is quite an impressive feat. However, it didn't make the movie good. It has been compared to The Good Son, which is a great film about an evil child, but I don't feel like it was quite as intense. It was a decent horror film, it had all of the right creepy elements - yet somehow never reached "horror" status and it was a little slow moving. The acting was superb as I expected, especially Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther (it was a very difficult role to play). The biggest thing that I didn't like was Peter Sarsgaards character - he was very linear and one-sided and frankly- an idiot.

2. Whatever Works - This is the Woody Allen that I remember. This is his pretentious and unamusing 90's work that I found irritating and overbearing. This is the Woody Allen that I can't stand. I hope that this Woody Allen disappears from film making forever! I have also never been a Larry David fan (although I have never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, I have watched plenty of Seinfeld episodes to know that I am not a fan). Right from the beginning I knew I was going to hate this film, with Larry David talking into the camera with his pretentious curmudgeon shtick. Then the film got even worse when Evan Rachel Wood appears as a naive vagrant with an awful southern accent. The film is not a love story, instead it is a story of an old man (a native New Yorker) emotionally abusing a vapid, bright-eyed girl new to the city. It stereotypes New Yorkers as superior and corrupting, while southerners are ignorant and uncultured (and apparently love to wear scrunchies). What decade is Allen living in? The film could have easily been about 2 complicated people divided by culture, age and status finding love in the uncommon - instead it was a complete mess of a film. There are so many things wrong with this film, but I will narrow it down to three: 1. It wasn't remotely funny. 2. It lacked any sort of chemistry between the two main characters. 3. It didn't even feel like it was set in NY, it was all too "staged".

3. The Merry Gentleman - I enjoyed this film, although a little slow moving - I think it was a great character study about two very emotionally guarded people. I am impressed with Michael Keatons directorial debut - he did a great job at creating a film about complicated and realistic relationships. The story revolves around an abused woman who decides to flee her life and start over. She struggles with keeping her past behind her while avoiding drama and keeping to herself especially when she is witness to a murder. She connects with a hit-man who is also struggling (with the fact that he kills people for a living...). Kelly Macdonald continues to be delightful and I hate seeing Bobby Cannavale as a bad guy (only because he did it too well...). The only thing that I didn't like about the film is that it pretty much sends the message that you shouldn't trust men (the three men that she involves herself with -her abusive boyfriend, a cop and a hit man are all liars). I think it sends the wrong message to women who are in abusive relationships.

4. The Soloist - Robert Downey Jr. has been one of my favorite actors ever since I was 12 and Hearts and Souls was released. I have never seen him in a bad performance and he continues to shine in this film. I am not so impressed with Director Joe Wright's body of work (Atonement was absolutely perfect for the first hour, but then it lost its steam and became almost unbearable to watch - saved by James McAvoy). I found The Soloist to be very pompous really - does Wright think he is enlightening his simple-minded audience about the plight of the homeless population of L.A? Because that is exactly what it felt like. I hated Downey's inner monologue and found it distracting and the story could be a little more cohesive. It is a shame that this film had no real emotional depth because the trailer was incredibly affecting - I almost teared up the first time I saw it. On a side note - I don't really like Jamie Foxx, although I have no particular reason that I can think of.

5. Obsessed - Dear Beyonce, Please stop pretending that you are an actress. You are an incredible singer/dancer/performer - lets just keep it at that. I can't really say I am a fan of this film. It was exactly what I was expecting, except I think it could have been more thrilling and suspenseful. I don't tend to like films that portray women as jealous, male-obsessed sociopaths (as both females were portrayed in this film). I do like Idris Elba and am happy that he is finding success in films (was everyone else as sad as I was when Stringer Bell was killed on The Wire?)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Shows That Have Been Great This Season

I have been really impressed with television this season - there are great new comedies (Modern Family, Community), new drama's (The Vampire Diaries, FlashForward) and one amazing new hybrid (Glee!). However, there are also several seasoned shows that have been better this season. Here are shows that have really impressed me so far -

1. Grey's Anatomy - I thought for sure that I would stop watching Greys now that George is dead. Last season, the show was so dull and predictable - I was ready and willing to say goodbye to it. I decided to watch the premiere giving it one last chance to capture my interest and I have to say - it was so well done that I kept watching! And guess what - I have fallen back in love. The premiere was such a perfect send-off to George (Yes, I cried every time they played "Wade in the Water", I sobbed at Baileys response to her favorite interns death and I absolutely wept when they began to laugh hysterically at the funeral). I think it helps that this season the 2 most annoying characters (Izzie and Meredith) have been mostly m.i.a - letting some newcomers shine, and also giving more screen time to Yang who is funnier than ever (she compared the "in and out merger" list to Schindler's list claiming "I'm allowed - I'm Jewish"). I also really like the whodunit episode where they all tell their version of how a patient died to the Chief so he can figure out who was at fault. Every episode has been really well done, I am glad to have one of my favorite shows back.

2. Parks and Recreation - The first season of this show was enjoyable, however like I said - it pretty much was a copy of The Office. Now I feel that the show has grown into it's own. Leslie Knope and the rest of the supporting characters are fully developed and are all really hilarious. Making Chris Pratt a regular cast member was smart, so was giving more screen time to the hilarious Aubrey Plaza as April (I love her boyfriend...and his boyfriend. Genius.). I loved the last episode where they all had to create a mural to show the history of Pawnee. Or should I say murinal? Ohmygod..I almost died. I think that the show is actually funnier than 30 Rock, I guess it helps that I actually like every character...

3. Fringe - Fringe is fantastic. The first season was really good, but the second season is even better. It's clearly similar to Alias with a bit more sci-fi X-Files twist. I am a little upset that they flat out stole some Alias plot lines (my bff is not really my bff anymore, instead an evil force has taken the body of my bff - one of the best Alias twists ever!). However, I love that they have kept every episode intriguing without being confusing, they give us little hints and clues at something bigger, but they focus on each "fringe" case separately. I absolutely LOVE the chemistry between Pacey and Olivia - I will loathe the day when they will inevitably get together, because they clearly share a brother/sister love for one another. I am upset that the ratings are dropping (fast!) because FOX moved it to Thursday night (up against the most watched shows on television). I hope FOX realizes their mistake and they move it back to Tuesday nights instead of canceling it.

4. Mad Men - So there has been a lot of chatter that this season of Mad Men was disappointing, but I feel the exact opposite. So much has happened this season - and that season finale!!! It was amazing. I love Betty Draper and I feel like her character really shined this season, especially towards the end when she finally tells Don she wants a divorce. I did, however, miss Joan - I hated that she left the company - but she obviously will be back. Yes, some of the episodes were a little slow - but overall most of this season has been spot on.

5. 90210 - Don't ask me why I watched such a ridiculous show last year, but I did. I never even got into the original Beverly Hills, 90210, so I really don't know why I had any interest in a new version. The first season was practically unwatchable, the main character Annie was a bore, the worst actress on television- AnnaLynne McCord's hair was distracting, and none of the guys were attractive. However, the second season is practically addictive. Annie, while still a bore, is featured less - while the focus is on the more complicated Erin and Adrianna. I also like the "surfer clique" that they have going - with new characters Liam and Teddy (both hot). McCord's hair is still ridiculous, but they have made her character really funny. I am not a fan of Rumor Willis or the new guy that is Annie's boyfriend (and a drug dealer) - maybe they will both get killed off before the season finale?

There are some shows that seem to be getting worse as well - Desperate Housewives is a complete bore (Drea DeMateo is an awful addition to Wisteria Lane), Heroes is unwatchable, Project Runway was the worst season yet (mostly due to the limited appearance of Nina Garcia and Michael Kors) and Gossip Girl is not as shocking as it pretends to be (really that was the threesome that the Parents Council was freaking out about? I think we've seen worse on any of those crazy reality shows on E!, VH1 and MTV - why are we not calling attention to how these shows are corrupting our youth?)

10 Films to See This Holiday Season

The Fall movie season was a complete bust, but at least the films coming out this Holiday season look much more appealing. Here are the films that I am excited about...

1. Up In The Air (12/4) - It is already garnering some rather impressive reviews, plus there is Oscar buzz for Clooney, new-comer Anna Kendrick and writer/director Jason Reitman. Add a supporting cast that includes Vera Farmiga and Jason Bateman and you could possibly have my favorite film of the year.

2. The Last Station (12/4) - Is it wrong that the only reason I want to see this film is for James McAvoy? It also has several other impressive stars - Helen Mirren, Paul Giamatti and Anne-Marie Duff (McAvoy's wife). The film is about Tolstoy, which could be extremely educational and interesting or incredibly dull. We will see....

3. The Lovely Bones (12/11) - I have no interest in reading this book, nor did I have interest in seeing the film - that is until I saw the trailer. WOW. I know Peter Jackson is supposed to be a film god but I am not really a fan (LOTR's films are simply just too long and boring and King Kong was ridiculous), however this film looks amazing. Plus, Saoirse Ronan is a great young actress and who knew that Stanley Tucci could be that...creepy...

4. A Single Man (12/11) - The directorial debut of fashion designer Tom Ford could be a complete disaster, but this film looks really strong and emotional- the story is of a gay English professor dealing with the death of his partner. Colin Firth is garnering Oscar buzz (finally!).

5. Avatar (12/18) - James Cameron's first film since Titanic - YES, it has taken him this long to complete this film - so it better be fantastic! So far, I am not really impressed with the trailer and I hate seeing films in 3-D (they give me a headache), but I am excited for Sam Worthington (the hot guy from Terminator: Salvation) and the special effects look outstanding.

6. It's Complicated (12/25) - o.k. so I don't really have much interest in seeing this film, but I know my mom will - therefore I will likely be seeing it this Christmas. At least the cast is amazing - and not just it's 3 super-stars - Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin- it also has a supporting cast that includes Hunter Parrish (LOVE him) and John Krasinski.

7. Sherlock Holmes (12/25) - Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. - need I say more? The trailer doesn't really capture my interest in the way that I was hoping, however I still HAVE to see this film. I do like that they stuck to a dark version of Sherlock Holmes as opposed to a campy version. It also seems action packed and humorous. I hope so anyway.

8. Youth in Revolt (1/8) - I will literally sit through anything that Michael Cera does (proven by the fact that I watched Year One in its entirety..), so him being in this (and playing 2 different characters) is the sole reason I want to see this film. And I like the title. Is that a good reason?

9. Daybreakers (1/8) - Are there too many vampire films being released? Yes. Does it seem to be ending anytime soon? Nope. However, I really liked the trailer for this film. It seems different in that it takes place after vampires have already taken over, so that humans are the minority. I feel like it is a great idea, but will likely be overshadowed by the fact that it is yet another vampire movie.

10. Wonderful World (1/8) - I worked for Ambush Entertainment (the production company that produced this film) for a short while last year, so I was able to see a few different cuts of this film. I am excited to see the final product - it's not a great film by any means, but I like the story plus it has Michael K. Scott (from the fantastic show The Wire) and a great young actress Jodelle Ferland. The biggest downfall is Sanaa Lathan's accent - truly awful.

Friday, October 30, 2009

9 Television Actors/Actresses That Need To Be Fired

After hearing the news that Ashley Simpson and Colin Egg were fired from Melrose place I happily rejoiced in the fact that they didn’t just simply cancel the show instead they looked at the possible problems (i.e bad acting, characters not working) and decided to fix it. It is a much better solution than giving up on a potentially good show. Here is my opinion on other television actors that should be canned in order to increase the quality of the show.

1. Jamie Lee Kirchner, Mercy – I actually don’t have a problem with her as an actress (although she has a very “harsh” look to her that I find unappealing), yet her character is so one-sided and boring. I am surprised that they haven't cancelled the show already, but if they are planning on giving it a chance to grow - then they definitely need to add some characters with more punch.

2. Katie Cassidy, Melrose Place – Since they are bringing in new actors anyway, they might as well get rid of Katie as well. She is no Amanda Woodward. I don't buy her as a high powered career girl, nor is she believable as the manipulative bitch that she is supposed to portray. And she has a lazy eye (sorry, it bothers me!)

3. Kenan Thompson, SNL - It’s pretty rare that I watch an episode of SNL, but on occasion they will have an interesting host (i.e Justin Timberlake) and I will make a point to watch. Every scene that I have ever watched that featured Keenan caused me to cringe. I remember him from All That and he wasn’t funny then either. I don’t understand how he has managed to keep his job considering I have read several reviews of SNL that say the same thing – Keenan sucks!

4. Dianna Agron, Glee – I actually really like the character, but the actress is so blah. She plays Quinn Fabray, who is supposed to be a gorgeous, popular cheerleader but I honestly wouldn’t look twice at her. Lea Michele (who plays Rachel Berry - the "geeky" under-dog character) is far more interesting looking ( in a good way). It doesn't help that Dianna plays the character a little too cheesy, while the other actors seem more grounded. It might be the tight ponytail that she rocks in every episode that really bothers me.

5. AnnaLynn McCord, 90210 - I can not even tell you how much I hate this actress. Besides the fact that she is hideous to look at (my friend and I actually refer to her as horse-face..) and she looks like she is at least in her late 30’s (she claims she is only 21) - she can’t act! I might over look the ugliness if she was an amazing actress, but she isn’t – so I ask myself how does someone like this get such a lucrative role? Obviously she is sleeping with someone who has influence (she was also on Nip/Tuck as the “hot,” seductive daughter of Julia’s lover). Her character on 90210 is actually a great character (and funny!) but it is completely ruined by AnnaLynn's acting abilities because she has no emotion in her face and her voice is completely monotonous. Hands down worst actress on television.

6 & 7. Tracey Morgan & Jane Kradowski, 30 Rock – I’ve already written about my disdain for them (as actors and characters). The show would absolutely the best comedy on t.v if they didn’t show up and ruin every episode.

8. Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men – I hate Peggy Olsen and I sooo want to love her. She has the potential to be an amazing character. She's an early feminist, assertive, intelligent and firm, but she's also really sweet and endearing – I should be rooting for her, but yet I wait for the day when she is replaced (by Joan perhaps?). I love ever other character on that show, so it’s a shame that the most intricate character is also the least likeable. I can't quite put my finger on why I hate her so much, but I feel that there was a different actress playing the part I might like her. She is also another actress that looks much older than she claims to be (she is only 27 a full year younger than me, yet she looks like she’s 40).

9. Everyone on Heroes that isn’t an original cast member – I loved the first season of Heroes, but it has progressively gone from amazing to practically unwatchable over the years. Every year they seem to promise us big changes but most of those changes involve introducing new characters which is completely unnecessary – none of these new characters have ever worked and none of them have lasted more than one season, so why continue this nonsense? Just bring the show back to focus on the fabulous original characters and the show would strive - I promise.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Thoughts on 5 Recently Released DVD's: Part 4

1. Year One - This film could have been a satirical comedy about history and the origins of religion (the obvious inaccuracies of the bible etc) - Yet, in actuality it is a lame excuse for a comedy that was mostly hard to watch (i.e over the line gross-out humor like Jack Black eating shit and Michael Cera urinating on his own face). The film cost over 60 million dollars to make which must have been a huge pay check for Jack Black, because the production value was amateur and cheap looking. I feel sorry for Arrested Development alums Michael Cera and David Cross. I also cringed when Olivia Wilde appeared on the screen - why would she stoop so low? I literally did not laugh once. Could possibly be the worst film of the year.

2. State of Play - So, this film had the impossible task of re-telling the sublime BBC mini-series in a feature film (basically, it had to cram 6 hours of an intricate story into 2 hours). Why was such a task ever green-lit to begin? It is obviously going to fail. It wasn't a horrible film - it just had no point. The film basically "dumbs down" the original and only focuses on two aspects of the story which is the representation of politics in the media and corporate conspiracies. I also have to say that the original cast was far superior than this film (the original had James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Kelly McDonald, Polly Walker and Marc Warren). Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe (ew), Robin Wright (Penn?) and even Rachel McAdams were all very dull and ineffective in creating any real suspense.

3. Management - Not even a remotely realistic love story. I'm not sure how many women would answer the door for a strange man knocking on their hotel room door, let alone let them in. I'm also pretty sure if that same man showed up at their work (which is across the country), that any sane woman would call the police and report a stalker. So, if you get over that fact (which I just can't), the film is o.k. It's sweet, quirky and earnest thanks to an endearing performance by Steve Zahn. Jennifer Anistons character bothered me because she was so bland, which I don't think she was supposed to be (otherwise why would Zahn's character fall in love with her?). I think Jennifer Aniston's interpretation of "normal" women is "dull" women. She basically recreated her character in The Good Girl, just dressed nicer.

4. Away We Go - I loved this movie. It was actually a lot better than I expected. The chemistry between Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski was surprisingly great. I was highly impressed with the acting abilities of these two non-movie stars. The biggest achievement in the film was their ability to create such realist, flawed characters. The plot was about a young couple trying to find their place in the world after learning that they are going to have a baby - they travel to different places to decide where they want to "settle down". Each place they visit ends up being a sort of a lesson of "what not to do" as a parent. While it was pretty obvious where they would end up, the ride was extremely entertaining filled with very colorful characters - my favorite being Maggie Gyllenhaal as the free-spirit, "new age" mother.

5. Lymelife - Critics called this film a copy of The Ice Storm, while I see the comparison (suburban angst) - I do not feel like they were the same film at all. The biggest difference is that I actually didn't like The Ice Storm, while I found this film very interesting. I absolutely loved the characters, adored the Culkin brothers, was delighted by Emma Roberts and found the ending exciting.

5 Reasons "New York, I Love You" is a Disappointing Film

"New York, I Love You" was a good film, However it had the potential to be a great film. Here is why I am disappointed...

1. Paris Je T'aime was incredible - It's very difficult for the average film goer to see short films, even the ones nominated for Academy Awards - so I was psyched when this film was released because it was a collection of short films or "vignettes" all with the same goal - to pay a cinematic tribute to the city of love. An idea to gather some of the most creative directors, actors and writers to create this homage was so fantastic, I thought that this idea could continue to many amazing cities around the world. The problem with New York, I Love You is that it misses the point of reflecting on the most amazing city in the world - instead it recounts mini love stories using NYC as a background (which has already been done before -Woody Allen, Ed Burns, etc)

2. The directing styles were all too similar - I guess the Paris version has the advantage of having better directors - and by "better" I mean directors with a more distinct aesthetic style (The Coen Brothers, Wes Craven, Alexander Payne, Gus Van Sant etc.). With this version, I could not tell a difference between stories - It felt like one director creating a film featuring vignettes about "slice of life" living in NYC. The only difference was that some of the stories had character voice overs - that is it! The only vignette that felt completely different was the one written by Anthony Minghella - and because it was different it actually felt out of place from the rest of the film.

3. Almost insulting to New Yorkers - First, I will agree with many other critics on this - there was not nearly enough cultural diversity (mostly everyone was white and middle-class and of course - attractive). Second, apparently everyone in NYC smokes. Third, in a post- 911 world, it is almost distracting to do a film about NYC and not mention it - this film could have easily taken place in 1999. I can literally think of a dozen ideas about paying homage to NYC and I think this film does a disservice to New Yorkers by ignoring its obvious history. Maybe I am just being overly protective of my favorite city?

4. The film is completely lost in mediocrity - I think if a viewer has not seen the Paris version, they might enjoy this version. But because I had the pleasure, I found this version completely mediocre - I can not even tell you what my favorite vignette is because all of them were pretty bland. I guess I would say the one directed by Brett Ratner (surprisingly) simply because it was the most entertaining. There were a few humorous twists and turns in a couple of stories and I enjoy most of the actors/actresses featured - although I felt most of them were portraying a stereo-typed version of a "New Yorker".

5. It was the only film that I was anticipating this fall! - I really have no interest in seeing anything else in the theaters until the end of November. This was the one film that I was highly anticipating and it did not meet my disappointing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

4 Reasons Why I Recommend Watching "The Invention of Lying"

1. It's extremely unique - I assumed from the trailer that it was sort of similar to Liar,Liar or Yes Man, however it is actually very different. The film paints a completely "new" world for the audience - a world where no one can tell a lie (it's not possible and never was...until now) which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It asks the question "What would the world be like"?....which brings me to #2.

2. It's about religion (from an obviously Atheistic point of view)!! - Obviously they didn't advertise the religious context of the film for good reason (i.e the over zealous religious people who would throw a fit). The film doesn't shy away from the biggest question of all - "What would the world be like if there were no religion?" (Because all religion is just a bunch of lies...get it?). The answer is that the world would actually be pretty dull and depressing if there wasn't something to believe in...such as an "after-life". So, the film doesn't really say anything bad about religion per se...just that it is not realistic (or scientific...or the truth..). I love that Ricky Gervais is an Atheist and made a film about Atheism and masked it as a romantic's absolutely brilliant.

3. The beginning is really funny - The novelty of the film is that it basically makes fun of everyone for being so gullible and easily persuaded. It works really well for the first 40 minutes, but then the novelty wears off and the audience laughter became less and less. It also becomes a little repetitive - we get it Jennifer Garner is out of Ricky's "league" because he is not her "genetic match" and she doesn't want "little fat kids with pudgy noses". I would still recommend it though...for it's unique story alone.

4. Surprise Cameos - I won't say who (otherwise it would ruin the "surprise"!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

7 More Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

Since the networks keep canceling good television shows, I am going to keep pointing out their mistakes! Here are more shows that should have been given a chance.

1. Conviction - Now you know how I am frustrated with all of the Law & Order spin-offs, but I actually really liked this one - mostly due to the exceptional cast. Stephanie March reprised her role from Law & Order: SVU as Alex Cabbot and the plot of the series revolved around the lawyers that work in the NYC District Attorney's office. The other actors included Julianne Nicholson, Eric Balfour (obviously a favorite of mine - he was on The O.C and Six Feet Under), and Anson Mount. Although the story takes place at the DA's office, most of the show is about the characters personal lives and how it effects each case they are given. The show was smart and sexy and had the potential to be like Grey's Anatomy if it was given a chance - it was not renewed for a second season due to low ratings (another dumb NBC decision).

2. Dark Angel - How can a show created by James Cameron, starring a hot newcomer (Jessica Alba) about genetically enhanced humans living in a future post-apocalyptic world not be genius? It was pre-Alias and even more pre-Dollhouse and sort of paved the way for Jennifer Garner and Eliza Dushku to kick-ass as tough, independent women. The show had me on the edge of my seat every week, that is until the second season when FOX moved the show to Friday nights (keep in mind this was 9 years ago - way before I had a DVR). Friday night is where shows go to die and every executive at FOX was aware of this when making the decision to move the show. So after losing almost 1/2 of it's viewers the show was sadly canceled, but still highly regarded as paving the way for great Sci-Fi television.

3. Six Degrees - I love the idea behind the whole Six Degrees of Separation theory and had even thought that it would be great to create a show with this theme behind it - leave it to JJ Abrams to steal my idea! It's a little different then what I had in mind, but all the same - I loved the show. It was about 6 very different strangers living in NYC. At different points through out the series their lives would connect with one and other. The cast was great and each episode was really interesting. This years FlashForward is doing the same type of thing (every one's lives interconnect in some significant way) on a much more universal scale. I've only actually seen the first 6 episodes of Six Degrees because then NBC (!!) pulled it off the air, then aired a few episodes without even telling anyone, then pulled it off again - then canceled it. I'm still awaiting the DVD.

4 & 5. Fat Actress & The Comeback - Fat Actress is seriously one of the funniest shows that has ever aired and I am saying that as a non Kirstie Alley fan. I do appreciate her now - the show was self-deprecating, down-right humiliating and bitingly satirical and the best part is that it is based on Alley's actual life as an overweight actress trying to make her way through Hollywood. The show also had the advantage of the incredibly talented comedian Rachel Harris as Alley's assistant and a hilarious recurring cameo of Mayim Bialik (yes, Blossom). The Comeback was a similarly themed show about a former television actress (played by Lisa Kudrow) trying to make a "come back" in Hollywood. The show was created in faux-documentary style, which made it pretty realistic (and actually quite sad - which I think alienated viewers). Kudrow was absolutely brilliant and proved to everyone that she is Phoebe no longer (she even scored another Emmy nomination). Both of these shows lasted for like 2 seconds (Fat Actress - 7 episodes, The Comeback - 13 episodes), which is a shame because they were both exceptional television.

6. Unscripted - This show is similar to The Comeback and Fat Actress, in that it was about struggling actors, however this show was actually "unscripted", making it interesting. The three actors were Bryan Greenberg (October Road), Krista Allen (George Clooney's ex) and Jennifer Hall (um..I got nothing) and it actually followed them around to their current projects, meetings with agents and an acting class (o.k the class was fake - the professor was played by Frank Langella). It mixed documentary with fictional film, the A-list with the D-list and the professional with the personal lives of actors. It was like an American version of Extra's (which by the way - should be would be awesome!). Plus it had crazy cameo's (Brad Pitt, Shia Labeouf, Keanu Reeves, Merly Streep). The show only lasted one season, which is a shame - I think they should have continued the show and changed the actors every season. Oh well.

7. The Ex List - I never watch CBS shows, but last fall I decided to give this show a shot -mostly due to Elizabeth Reaser (she was the infamous "Jane Doe" that Karev falls for in Grey's Anatomy) - and guess what? I actually liked it. It was fun, cheesy and girly but in a good way. The premise was that Bella (Reaser) gets a psychic reading that tells her that she has already met (and dated) her future husband - so now she has to date all of her ex's to find out who Mr. Right is. Cute, right? I was happy to find a new show and that it was on CBS - because the network is known for giving their shows room to grow before canceling them (which is ironic because most of their shows suck). However, due to creative differences between the writer and the network - the show was canned...just my luck!

Friday, October 9, 2009

4 Reasons Why I am Pissed at NBC

1. They canceled "Southland" before they even aired any of season 2 - I'm not saying Southland is the greatest show on t.v, but it certainly deserves some time before being canceled. The acting was fantastic, the plots were intricate and Ben McKenzie is HOT! Hello...that is reason enough to keep it on the air! Plus, they left off with a pretty big cliff-hanger in season one - at least have the decency to let the audience know how it ends. They already shot 6 episodes of the next why not air them? I really hope another network picks up the series and it ends up winning a ton of awards and making tons of money in ad NBC can suck it.

2. The Jay Leno catastrophe - I was really upset when I heard they chose to give Leno the 10pm time slot Monday thru Friday in lieu of 5 potential new shows, yet I understood why they did it. Leno is a cash machine - and even though I don't find him funny at all, the rest of America does. However, now that it is disrupting my t.v shows (it's the reason Southland was canned - there was no time-slot because it is a "grown-up" show that should be on after 10pm), I am offended.

3. They haven't canceled bad shows - O.k if you need to get rid of some shows - at least pick the bad ones...Mercy and Trauma have both proved to be pretty disappointing and Heroes just keeps getting worse.

4. There are 3 "Law & Order's"!! - I find it hard to believe that having all 3 of these shows is necessary...can't we combine them or something to make room for creative and artistic television?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Thoughts on the 11 New T.V Shows to Watch

1. Community - The first episode was a little blah, but the show has promise. I do appreciate that they acknowledged that the show is like watching The Breakfast Club and therefore dedicated the pilot to the late John Hughes. It keeps improving with every episode, which is a good sign. Every character is interesting - obviously I enjoy Joel, but I also like the girl that "looks like Elizabeth Shue" and the actress that is also on Mad Men - it took me a while to figure out who she was. It just needs that extra "funny" to make it a great comedy.

2. Glee! - I declare this the BEST NEW SHOW of the season. I am completely in love with this flawless show and everyone must start watching it so FOX doesn't cancel it! I anticipate an amazing performance every episode - I can't decide which one is my favorite so far...I think I will go with "This is How We Do It", although I enjoyed "Poison" as well (side note: remember when Turk auditioned for the air band on Scrubs?? Aaaah memories). The show deals with real issues of teenagers (i.e sex, pregnancy, coming out, being different, fitting in...pretty much everything you can think of) however, it is never preachy or cheesy. Jane Lynch kills every one of her scenes. I hope she continues to be a strong presence on the show.

3. The Vampire Diaries - Love it! So far, it has completely captured my interest. I love the main girl, Elena played by Nina Dobrev. She is adorably sweet. I love Donnie from Corona (I mean Stefan, played by Paul Wesley). I don't love Boone - he is a little too over dramatic for my taste and he wears too much blush. The show is a little bit Buffy, a little bit Party of Five, a little bit Dawson's Creak. It's completely addictive and I am excited to see where the show goes next. Will Stefan be exposed? Will Elena fall for Damon? Will the annoying brother stop whining?

4. Cougar Town - This show just needs to toned down a little bit, it could be really good. The acting, characterizations, plots and punch-lines are just too over the top. I really like the single mother and son relationship, I also like Jules (Courtney Cox) relationship with her 2 very different friends - one is a younger, irresponsible club-hopper played by Busy Phillips (from the beloved Freaks and Geeks), the other is a mature mother and wife played by Christa Miller (from Scrubs). Also, if you are a General Hospital fan you will see Sonny's lawyer Diane Miller delivering some very awful punch-lines. In short, I like the show (it was MUCH better than I expected) - but if it doesn't get better soon, I will probably stop watching it.

5. Melrose Place 2.0 - So, I was right that Ashlee Simpson is really awful, but after the first episode aired I realized why she was cast - An amazing resemblance to Laura Leighton a.k.a the infamous Sydney Andrews. The whole premise of the new Melrose is "who killed Sydney?", too bad that I don't really care. I'm not all that interested in any of the new characters, except maybe Auggie - he's kinda hot. I can't wait for Amanda Woodward's (Heather Locklear) return. Oh and it was a great idea to cast Kimber from Nip/Tuck.

6. Trauma - So, the first episode was pretty unmemorable, as was the cast. The episode revolved around the aftermath of a helicopter crash that effects all of the characters - it jumps to a year after the crash and conveniently, exactly one year later there is another catastrophe and one of the victims decides to come back to work. The storyline was obviously contrived and convenient. I decided to give it another try by watching the second episode, but wasn't really impressed. It also reminds me of the other new show Mercy (also unmemorable), so I kept confusing the characters with that show. I don't recommend.

7. The Beautiful Life - What a train wreck. Obviously, I don't even have to say how bad the show was since it was justly canceled after only 2 aired episodes. I only watched the first episode and I'm not even sure how I made it through the whole thing. Mischa Barton was awful on The O.C , but it was over-looked because the show was solid - however, when you put such an atrocious actress with such poor writing you end up with...this. I question how this show ever got put on the air to begin with.

8. FlashForward - The Pilot episode was pretty intense, very Lost like. There was a lot of information given during the "flash forwards" and I am a little nervous that I was actually supposed to remember all of it? Because I don't. I do remember a kangaroo (only bc a voice over told me to during a commercial - which was awkward) and the date of the "flash forward" - April 29th 10pm, which I assume will be the season finale. I think the creators of these types of shows need to understand that if a show takes too much energy to follow, people will just get frustrated and lose interest. This is why these high concept shows tend to fail (i.e Six Degrees, The Nine). I'm not saying I want them to dumb down the concepts, I think there just needs to be a balance of "watchablilty" (I'm pretty sure I just made up a word) and complex story telling. I do love the cast...Dr. Corday from E.R and Commandor Norrington from Pirates of the Caribbean, but where is Charlie?? He was heavily featured in the advertising but has yet to appear.

9. Modern Family - Thank goodness - finally an actual "funny" show. I am happy that this show exceeds my expectation every week. The first episode was a little iffy, but the following episodes were hilarious. Ty Burrell is amazingly funny as Phil "the cool dad". He's what I imagine Michael Scott would be like as a father. He just tries a little too hard - it's almost painful to watch him dancing to High School Musical and speaking teen lingo incorrectly (he thinks WTF means "why the face?"). The gay couple, Cameron and Mitchell - although a little too stereotypical - are also very funny. It also has a "wholesome message" at the heart of every episode which is cute.

10. Eastwick - I like this show in all of its cheesy glory, however I am pretty sure it will be canceled soon. I think they did a really good job with casting, especially the Darryl Van Horne character. I enjoy the way the women are discovering their mystical powers and the mystery surrounding the characters - It's just not as addictive as it should be. Fans of the film will notice that Veronica Cartwright reprises her role from the original film, although she has a different name. There is also another General Hospital actor, the guy that plays Christina's douche bag boyfriend pretty much plays the exact same character in Eastwick. It's nice that ABC likes to keep it in the family...

11. Mercy - Like I said, pretty unmemorable. The beginning of the pilot is exactly like HawthoRNe - complete with a rebellious nurse, homeless person and an inexperienced newcomer. I will give the show one more episode to impress me, but it's not likely that I will continue to watch it.

*The new show V has yet to air...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed "Jennifer's Body".

I enjoyed "Jennifer's Body", I wouldn't say it was fantastic or anything - but it was exactly what I expected. Here are reasons why I liked it...

1. Megan Fox did a respectable job - Unfortunately for her, she is being blamed for the devastatingly low box office numbers. Since this really is her first "starring" feature, I think we should cut the girl some slack. Truth be told - I don't think I would have interest in the film if Megan wasn't in it. I think that the real problem was that the expectation for this film was too high - just because it was written by Diablo Cody doesn't mean it was going to be as big as Juno.

2. Destined to be a cult classic? - It was actually really funny. There were several little quips that stick in my memory and make me smile ("Got a tampon"?). I feel like maybe once more people actually watch it (via DVD..) it will be greatly appreciated for it's witty and sarcastic dialogue.

3. I miss Adam Brody - Let's face it - whether he is playing Seth Cohen on The O.C or the lead singer of a Satan worshipping emo band in this film, he is really just being Adam Brody (I mean it's not really a stretch seeing as he is the drummer of the awesome band Big Japan). But I don't care, he was the most entertaining part of the movie and I miss him!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Best Emmy Moments; 5 Worst Emmy Moments

I may disagree with just about every winner that was announced at this years Emmys, However it was definitely one of the best Emmy presentations ever! Neil Patrick Harris rocked. Here are the Best (and a few worst) moments from the awards -

1. NPH - Although I am still holding out for Ricky Gervais to get a hosting gig, NPH was outstanding. He has the perfect combination of sarcasm, cockiness and chivalry - looking quite dapper in his crisp white tuxedo jacket. I think he won me over when he used the term "dagnabbit" in his opening monologue.

2. Tina Fey's dig at NBC - something like "Thanks for keeping us on the air even though we are more expensive than a talk show" - an obvious dig at The Leno Show that garnered the 10pm time-slot Monday thru Friday (which essentially leaves out 5 shows that could have been).

3. Thanking Lorne Michaels - Everyone thanked the creative genius so much, I believe he was even thanked more than "god".

4. Anna Torv - Holy crap! She is gorgeous. I guess I didn't realize her beauty as it is toned down for her tough chick demeanor on Fringe. I also had no idea she was Australian - which just proves she deserved a nomination!!

5. The narration/presenter intro's - The fun facts (and completely made up?) narration that was heard while the winner was making their way to the stage and NPH's fun introductions of the presenters actually kept me from hitting the fast-forward button on my remote.

6. Dr. Horrible crashes the Emmys - This sketch made me add Dr. Horribles Sing-along blog to my netflix queue, which I had no interest in before. I loved his comparison to watching shows on a t.v versus a computer. Hilarious.

7. Ricky Gervais is once again the best presenter - the only person that can offend everyone in the room and not get booed off the stage. (Jimmy Fallon was a close second as best presenter - I'm not usually a fan of prat-falls but he did it well).

8. Kristen Chenowith and Alec Baldwin- The only winners that I actually agreed with! Plus, they both had a great speech. Kristen's "I'm unemployed now, so I would really like to be on Mad Men" was funny and honest. (On a side-note, the funny eye wear that all the nominees wore during the announcement wasn't really funny, but why wouldn't Vanessa Williams participate? She bothers me.) Alec's speech " I would trade this to look like him" referring to Rob Lowe, which made us wonder if he was kidding or if he is that self-deprecating, but all the same it was funny as hell.

9. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedjwick - The best couple in Hollywood. They have been married for 21 years(!) and they seem completely happy and in love - which I guess proves my theories on marriage wrong.


1. Ryan Seacrest drooling over Blake Lively during the pre-show - Yes, her dress was provocative - but Ryan's inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour during his "interview" with her was an embarrassment. I put interview in quotes because he didn't actually ask her any questions about Gossip Girl or what she was presenting at the awards. She obviously felt uncomfortable and even quietly said "I'm only 22" so that maybe he would stop his drooling. It didn't work.

2. Weeds and Dexter pretty much ignored - Not only was Weeds not featured in the "Year in Comedy" montage, but both of these amazing shows received zero awards! I love both 30 Rock and Mad Men but I don't think they are the BEST shows on television right now. Plus Michael C. Hall is one of my favorite television actors ever (He should have been showered with awards for Six Feet Under as well), he has been nominated for 3 Emmys and 3 Golden Globes and hasn't won yet...I think it's his time already!!

3. Aaron Paul was robbed - The biggest upset of the night for me. Michael Emerson is amazing on Lost (as is Terry O'Quinn and Jeremy Davies) and any other year I would be ecstatic for a Lost win, however I promise you Aaron Paul is perfection in the second season of Breaking Bad. He truly deserved the award - hopefully the Golden Globes will not make the same mistake.

4. Jon Cryer - Really? He's more deserving than Jack McBrayer and Rainn Wilson? I would have even preferred Tracy Morgan to win.

5. The dancing - People I don't know dancing (and not even that great!) don't belong at the Emmys. And to think...people watch that crap EVERY week!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 Reasons Why "All About Steve" Is Not the Worst Film I Have Ever Seen

So it is obvious by now that "All About Steve" is ranked as the worst film of the year (and one of the worst theatrical released films ever - it currently has a measly 6% tomato reading on Even "The Happening" has 11%!). After watching the film, I feel that the current lambasting of this film is a little harsh. It had several cute moments, a great cast and a quirky storyline. Yes, it probably should have been a straight to DVD release, but it wasn't the worst film I have ever seen by far. Here is why -

1. It's not really a romantic comedy - It's advertised like it is, but in reality it's more about the adventures of a single woman balancing between being herself and being America's version of what is "normal". It has a unique story about a woman who becomes so obsessed with Steve, not because she is actually in love with him but because he is her only chance to become "normal". While stalking him (literally following him around the country), she meets 2 friends who are just as unique as she is and begins to realize that being different is actually more "normal" than being the same as everyone else.

2. The guys - Bradley cooper (frosted tips...really?), Thomas Haden Chuch and Ken Jeong have a great chemistry together. Their scenes together could have really have been an entire film on its own. I do have a problem with Sandra - not because of her acting- but because of her "look" as Mary. I get that she was supposed to be eccentric, but the haircut and red boots made me HATE her.

3. It wasn't painful to watch - I actually didn't get bored once, it had well-paced humor and emotion. It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny like it should have been, but I think the critics were simply to harsh - it was described as "hopeless", "embarrassing", "vapid" and "bland."

4. America liked it - Usually America enjoys bad films and t.v, but in reality it is the "people" and not the critics that make or break a film and I have to say - the audience that watched the film with me ( a full crowd) clapped at the end of the film (no - not because it was over!). They enjoyed the film and I overheard several people saying "why were the reviews so bad? -it was cute!- I loved it! etc. Ideally a great film should be enjoyed by both the masses and the critics alike, but if the people like it then it can't really be the worst film of the year...right?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

12 New T.V Shows To Watch

Although the fall movie season looks disappointing, there are several new t.v shows that I am very excited about. So many in fact, that my dvr will be working over-time. Here is a look at what I will be watching...

1. Community - Joel McHale! Joel McHale! Joel McHale! The greatest television personality ever (o.k I might be exaggerating slightly) finally has his own t.v show. I'm not sure if Joel will be a decent actor or if the show will be successful, but I will support it anyway. Then again, if the show succeeds does that mean he will leave The Soup when his contract expires next year? not watch this show...

2. Glee - The sneak preview pilot that aired earlier this year was outstanding! It's a musical/comedy that is about high school outcasts (a.k.a the glee club) and the teacher, Will, who is a former glee-clubber trying to re-live his past (because his future is a little scary). The cast is perfect - Jane Lynch as the aggressive and highly competitive cheerleading coach, Jessalyn Gilsig (Hello..Gina from Nip/Tuck! Thank you Ryan Murphy, I was upset when Gina died - but now I forgive you.) as Will's wife - who is mildly psychotic and newcomer Lea Michelle as the star glee club member. However, the real star of the show is the actual performances by the glee club. I never though I would enjoy Kanye's "Gold Digger" being rapped by a white guy so much.

3. The Vampire Diaries - I have to admit I am a little tired of vampires! With the whole Twilight phenomenon, vampires are EVERYWHERE! But back in the day, I was a huge Buffy fan (yes, I even loved the original film!), so I am hoping this show will fill the void. Plus, Kevin Williamson knows how to make teen dramas interesting (i.e Dawson's Creek). I enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to it becoming my next addiction. Did anyone else recognize main vampire Stephan as Donnie from The O.C?

4. Cougar Town - Getting past the AWFUL title, the show looks good. Single mom enjoying the dating scene starring Courtney Cox. The creators insist that the show is not just about her dating younger guys and that the title is based on the local football team named The Cougars, if they are telling the truth then the show has promise.

5. Melrose Place 2.0 - O.k. Truth be told...I was a Melrose junkie. Never missed an episode. As much as I loved the show and prayed for a reunion episode, I am not quite sure a "new" Melrose will ever be as good. And casting Ashley Simpson was the worst idea ever. Unfortunately, I am curious enough to watch it - the first episode was o.k. I loved watching Sydney and Michael in the same room, but how long will my nostalgia for the old Melrose last? The new cast was pretty uninteresting. We will see what happens.

6. Trauma - With so many hospital shows on t.v, I like the idea that this one is about the paramedics. However, the show kind of reminds me of Third Watch which was about paramedics, firefighters and police officers (the show was o.k, but never really captured my interest). Plus, it has a cast of relatively unknown actors (the only actor I recognize is Derek Luke). So in order for the show to truly capture my interest it is going to have to be one amazing pilot episode.

7. The Beautiful Life - or TBL (what the creators apparently would like you to call it). So Mischa Barton is kind of a disaster and one of the worst actresses ever and the "producer" Ashton Kutcher is a tool. However, I love reality model shows so I feel like I would enjoy a fictional account of the modeling world as well. Hopefully it brings the drama it will need to survive.

8. FlashForward - or the new Lost as the creators would like you to think. With ABC losing it's most beloved show next year, they are smart to get people addicted to a new show ASAP. The premise is obviously original (the entire human race blacks out at the same time and sees a glimpse of their future), I am intrigued on how they can drag that premise out for an entire series. Plus it already has the invested interest of Lost fans by employing Lost favorites Charlie and Penny. They even have Joseph Fiennes (an actual respected film and theatre actor!). The only bad things it has going for it is that it's What did you see? advertising gimmick is a little cheesy and J.J Abrams is not involved.

9. Modern Family - I was not amused by the extended commercial that I saw for this show, however it is trying to do a good thing for television by extending the t.v show version of "family" to include a more realistic version of family. Plus it has a gay couple. So I will have to support it. Please be funny.

10. V - I am not to familiar with the mini-series that this is based on (I just added it to my netflix queue), however the plot sounds great! And I welcome Scott Wolf's return to t.v.

11. Eastwick - This could be another Lipstick Jungle/Cashmere Mafia disaster show disguised as a campy, fun witch show. Hopefully not. I liked the film that the show is based on (although Jack Nicholson was over-the-top ridiculous).

12. Mercy - Another nurse show (did anyone else watch HawthoRNe? - I did only for Michael Vartan). Will it really be any different than the current doctor shows? I guess I am just a sucker, because I know I will be suckered in just like the rest of America. At least it has the always delightful Michelle Trachtenberg in it.

All of these shows, plus I still have to follow the shows that actually survived from last year (Dollhouse, Southland, Fringe, Parks and Recreation) - I guess it's a good thing I don't get premium channels (I wait for the dvds of my fav shows like Dexter, Weeds etc) otherwise I would never be able to leave my house!!

4 Reasons Why "District 9" Was an Unexpected Surprise

I knew nothing about "District 9" other than it has no known actors or director and that it is about aliens. I never planned on seeing it until Entertainment Weekly gave it a solid "A" (and a cover story!). In actuality, the film has one of the best acting performances that I have seen all year and it is about so much more than aliens. Here are reasons why the film took me by surprise.

1. Sharlto Copley - Never heard of him? You are not alone - he has never been in a feature film before, which truly blows my mind because he was fantastic. His characters transformation in the film is spectacular. Guaranteed to be a household name soon enough (he is rumored to be cast in The A-Team. The film is an awful idea, but at least he is among respected actors - Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper) maybe Oscar will come calling?

2. By far the best action film of the summer - Forget Transformers, Terminator and G.I Joe, this film blows them away and was made for a relatively low budget (30 million). The film is non-stop visual stimulation.

3. Not really about aliens - It's more about humanity, apartheid, racism and the competition for superior weapons and technology, but the film is so engaging that it doesn't distract the audience from enjoying the simple aliens vs. humans story.

4. It is like nothing I have ever seen - I guess what is so surprising to me is that it is a film that is so different that I have nothing to compare it to. It's an intelligent, heart-breaking, exciting allegorical sci-fi adventure film that feels like a documentary. I am amazed that the director was able to accomplish so much with one film. I'm very happy that I decided to go see it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

11 Films I Want to See This Fall

I have to admit, the fall movie schedule looks pretty bleak. However, there are some films that peak my interest...

1. All About Steve (9/4) - Obviously. Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock. Comedic match made in heaven.

2. Extract (9/4) - The trailer doesn't really look that funny, nor does Ben Affleck as a stoner. Yet, it is written by Mike Judge and has a dream cast (Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis, J.k Simmons, Clifton Collins Jr and Kristen Wiig!) so I have high hopes for the film.

3. Jennifer's Body (9/18) - I already wrote about the trailer, which is the whole reason why I have to see this film.

4. The Informant (9/18) - I don't know much about this film, other than it involves Matt Damon gaining a lot of weight, is directed by Steven Soderbergh and has Joel McHale in it. That is all I needed to know.

5. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (9/25) - It is written and directed by John Krasinski (Jim from The Office). I am excited to see what he has to offer. Plus I really like Julianne Nicholson.

6. The Invention of Lying (9/25)- Ricky Gervais is a comedic genius - so a film written, directed and starring him has to be the funniest movie of the fall.

7. Whip it (10/9) - When I first heard about this film, I thought it sounded completely ridiculous (roller derby? really?), but the trailer makes the film look cute. Plus, I enjoy Drew Barrymore.

8. New York, I Love You (10/16) - This is the film that I am most excited to see this fall simply because I adored Paris Je T'aime tremendously. It was a collection of short films about the heart and soul of Paris, I expect the NYC version to be just as good. Plus the cast is ridiculous...Bradley Cooper, Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, Christina Ricci, Ethan Hawke, Chris Cooper, Julie Christie, Orlando Bloom...seriously the list goes on forever.

9. The Road (10/16)- I was excited to see this film last fall when it was supposed to be released. I don't remember much about it, but i do remember it looked good...

10. Broken Embraces (11/20)- Penelope Cruz and Pedro Almodovar's fourth collaboration. So far, they just keep getting better with each film.

11. Nine (11/25)- I enjoy a musical when it is done well (i.e Chicago), so I am looking forward to another great one. I also want to see Daniel Day Lewis sing and dance, because I simply can't picture it.

some notable films absent from my list -

1. Surrogates - Hasn't this film been done already? A.I, I Robot etc.. Plus Bruce Willis looks creepy and not in a good way.

2. Couples Retreat - First of all, Jason Bateman overload (3 comedies in 2 months)- the other 2 films look funnier. Second, the trailer is not funny at all. Third, I don't like Malin Ackerman.

3. Where the Wild Things Are - I'm probably the only person my age who is not excited by this film. Although I might see it anyway...I mean it is Spike Jonze.

4. New Moon - I still haven't seen Twilight! I know, I's in my netflix queue somewhere.

5. 2012 - Is this really necessary?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

6 Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon

The fall pilot season is approaching and I have to admit I always get nervous watching new shows - only because all the good ones seem to get cancelled!! Here are a few examples...

1 & 2. Dead Like Me & Pushing Daisies - Bryan Fuller has a gift for creating ingenious television. Both of these shows had the same universal theme of life and death, yet they were both light, fresh, intelligent and comedic. They were both incredibly innovative ideas (maybe that is the problem?) - Dead Like Me was a story about an 18 year old girl, George, who suddenly dies only to be told that she has surprisingly been chosen to be a grim reaper. She takes the souls of the dead right before they die. Her fellow grim reapers are colorful characters, my favorite being Mason (played with hilarity by Callum Blue) - a sarcastic pill popper who is so pathetic you just want to give him a big hug. Pushing Daisies is equally original - it's about Ned, who discovers that he has the ability to bring the dead back to life with a simple touch of his finger, although only for a few moments - otherwise someone else will die. Both shows offer a fresh, vibrant story with every episode, amazingly unique characters, a gruesome death and a lesson to be learned. They ask the hard questions about the meaning of life and death, love and loss and the idiosyncrasy's of everything in between. Unfortunately both shows were cancelled after only 2 seasons. Dead Like Me was rumored to be cancelled due to creative differences (Fuller left the show very early in the first season), while I am still in shock over the cancellation of Pushing Daisies - said to be cancelled due to a combination of production cost and the writers strike. You would think that being nominated for 12 Emmy's in its first season and 5 Emmy's in its second season would account for something but I guess not...

3. Arrested Development - When this show was cancelled I heavily considered protesting FOX by never watching another one of their shows ever again (I couldn't follow thru when I heard about Dollhouse, Glee and Fringe). The fact that they cancelled the most original, funny and intelligent show on television is disturbing and I feel that someone should be held accountable (and appropriately fired!). The critically acclaimed show was about the Bluth family - a dysfunctional, excessive and captivating family. What made the show so genius is it's ability to be self-reflexive, topical, dry and completely insensitive. It was laugh out loud funny as well as darkly satirical. The cast led by Jason Bateman was impressive, as was the hilarious slew of guest actors. The show was cancelled due to what the network called "low ratings". So I guess it is really America's fault for not watching such an arresting show.

4. Rome - Had this series continued it's originally intended 5 seasons, it would probably be considered my favorite show, however HBO cancelled the series after a mere 2 seasons (said to be due to production cost) causing the series to end in mediocrity. The series is a historical account of the rise of the Roman Empire, although often inaccurate in it's plot, it was extremely entertaining, beautifully detailed and highly stylized (at least the high production cost was appreciated and showered with awards). I am slightly more educated on Roman culture than the average viewer might be (I studied Latin for 6 years), but I can tell you that the inaccuracies don't bother me in the least because it is supposed to be a fictional account - not a documentary. The facts were blurred in order to increase the drama, intensity and tension between characters. The 2 main characters are Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus - soldiers who just happen to be at the right place at the right time (i.e - all of the key historical events in Roman history...). They are extremely flawed characters, who make very poor decisions - yet they are the heart of the show. This is a hard task for an actor to manage, but Kevin McKidd and Ray Stevenson are flawless. The fact that neither were nominated for any major awards for their performance on this series is astounding. Sadly, when the series was cancelled, the creators scrambled to fit as much history into the last half of season 2 which ultimately diminished the quality of the show.

5. American Dreams - Set in Philadelphia during the mid-60's, American Dreams was about the Pryor family- mostly following the adventures of Meg Pryor (the absolutely adorable Brittany Snow). The show wasn't the most creative show on t.v, but it did keep my interest. I loved the way it combined fact with fiction, history with the individual and the past with the present. I loved that they had present day music acts portray past acts on "American Bandstand" (such as Third Eye Blind playing The Kinks etc). I loved watching Meg transform from an innocent teen ingenue to an intelligent feminist speaking her mind and protesting for what she believes in. I equally loved watching her brother JJ (cutie-pie Will Estes) go from high school football player to Vietnam war soldier. The show was well-acted, cute and wholesome. It's a shame that NBC gave up on it so fast - it was cancelled due to low ratings which was an obvious outcome when you move the show up against Lost and Survivor.

6. D!rt - When D!rt first premiered on F/X, I admit that I was skeptical. I didn't believe that a show about a tabloid reporter could be anything but trashy nor could Courtney Cox pull off such a distinctively different character from her perfect portrayal of Monica Gellar. The show, although completely ridiculous, was entertaining and edgy with colorful characters including Cox as the seemingly cold-hearted, workaholic Lucy Spiller. Cox was so good at being Lucy that I now find myself wondering how she can pull off playing a well-liked single mom in her new show Couger Town. Lucy's only friend is a schizophrenic paparazzo photographer, Don Konkey - played terrifically by Ian Hart. The supporting characters included the celebrity couple, Holt Mclaren and Julia Mallory, and the eager tabloid writer Willa McPhereson. I often found myself surprised at the acting talent, which I think grounded the show - keeping it respectable. The shows plot points were often based on real-life celebrity gossip, just more absurd and exaggerated (similar to the way Nip/Tuck gets its plot points). I would often roll my eyes at the absurdity, but continued to watch every episode - proving that it was absolutely addicting t.v. I feel like the second season was finally finding a dramatic balance, when it was cancelled - largely due to the writer's strike and low ratings.

Friday, August 14, 2009

3 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend Watching "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"

So far the biggest disappointment this summer is "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra". I was really hoping to enjoy this film, but had a strong feeling that I wouldn't...I should always trust my instincts. Here is why you should avoid seeing this film.

1. It's boring - Even writing about it bores me to death, so I'm not even going to get into how boring it was, just trust me.

2. The dialogue - Really, really bad. Not even laughably bad. In fact, I didn't find myself laughing once. I feel really bad for the actors, because I truly feel like it wasn't their fault - they did the best with what they had to work with. The most offensive dialogue came from Marlon Wayans - not because it was actually offensive, but because it was dull and awkward which is obviously not Marlon's fault - he's a pretty funny guy. They had several decent actors - JGL, Rachel Nichols, Christopher Eccleston (DR.WHO - it took me the entire length of the film to figure out where I knew him from), Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller (I actually forgot that I do like her as an actress - not so much as a tabloid staple). It's just a shame that they couldn't put their skills to better use.

3. It's predictable - I was really baffled by the sounds of shock from my surrounding audience at the ending of the film, because it was not a surprise at all, but it was the perfect set-up for an equally awful sequel.

4 Reasons Why "(500) Days of Summer" is a Perfect Film

So i saw "(500) Days of Summer" last week and was incredibly impressed. It is by far my favorite film of the year. I could probably write a book on why I loved it so much, but I wouldn't want to bore you, so I will just limit it to 4 reasons...

1. The Romance - It's not often that I relate to the female character in a romantic comedy. Summer is a girl who is a quirkier (and much more awesome) version of myself - in that she likes to maintain a sense of mystery and is perfectly happy being alone. Summer is not actively searching for her soul-mate, she quite simply is a non-believer in that thing called love. Tom is more of an open book. He is the smart, good-looking, sensitive "catch" that girls like Summer would definitely find attractive. When they are together it is refreshingly real, yet magnificently magical. It's also rare that I feel like I am watching people my age. With most rom-coms I feel like I am watching people at least 10 years older than me (I mean, they are always successful Lawyers, Doctors, Executives etc. and they always have amazingly unaffordable apartments or even houses...all at 27 years old!!), yet Tom and Summer felt like struggling young adults that I would actually hang out with.

2. The Gimmicks - Most filmmakers rely on gimmicks to keep their films interesting when they lack a strong story. However, this film would be just as awesome without the non-linear story telling, the split screen, the mock interviews and that amazing musical dance sequence (!!). All of these things just add to the brilliance of the film. I love that the story is told completely out of order - it just made the contrast of the beginning of their relationship and the end of it stronger. There is that famous quote "We do not remember days...we remember moments" by Cesare Pavese that I was reminded of while watching this film because it really doesn't matter what day things happened, we only remember these little moments that made the whole day memorable. This film captures these little moments of a relationship that no other film has (that I can think of...). I also loved the use of a split screen to show the party scene, it simultaneously shows how Tom imagines it will be and also how it actually turns out. Oh and that scene where Tom is standing in the middle of the city and the city gets erased slowly and then turns into one of Tom's drawings - absolutely beautiful. I'm just in love with this film and I really can't wait for the DVD so that I can analyze every second of it.

3. Zoey and Joe - Although, I am convinced the reason Zoey plays these eccentric characters so well is because she is that eccentric girl in person. She is not actually a great actress (as you can see in The Happening). But, in this film she is perfectly casted - her wide-eyed sweetness keeps the audience from hating her. And JGL is obviously amazing, adding romantic lead to his already diverse acting career. The chemistry between them together is the real achievement though. Make sure you watch the music video that compliments the film. Although it really has nothing to do with the film, you can witness their chemistry without a single spoken word.

4. The point - So, it can't really be called a romantic comedy if the 2 main characters don't make it in the end right? This really isn't even a spoiler alert either, since the narrator in the beginning declares "This is not a love story". So what exactly is it? What was the point of us watching this relationship disintegrate? Everyone is going to form their own opinion on what lesson is to be learned- but here is mine. You are never going to find love if you don't love yourself. Tom put all of his energy into his relationship with Summer, not realizing that he still hadn't discovered who he was yet. The real reason Summer couldn't fall in love with him (as devastating as that is) is simply because Tom was looking for Summer to complete him, while Summer was looking for someone to compliment her as an already secure person. That's a great lesson for everyone to learn right?