Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 10 Biggest Golden Globe Nomination Snubs

As you know, my favorite awards show is the Golden Globes - however this year I am highly disappointed in the nominees. They did get some of it right (Michael C. Hall & Dexter, Sandy B gets 2, JGL is finally recognized, Glee! is shown lots of love and The Hangover is the funniest film of the year), but here is a list of the most egregious snubs:


1. Breaking Bad/Aaron Paul/Bryan Cranston - When it was snubbed for a Golden Globe last year, I just thought it was an oversight that would soon be corrected. But ignoring the best show on television for a second year is simply unjust. It has been nominated for a total of 9 Emmy's (in which Cranston has won for Best Actor both years!). I have already discussed how in awe I am of Aaron Paul's sublime and heartbreaking performance this past year, I am shocked and appalled that he was ignored. Mad Men is not the only show on AMC - I realize that it appeals to a wider audience but this is an award show that is supposed to recognize the quality of a show and it's actors NOT its popularity.

2. Amy Poehler - Amy is hands down the funniest woman on television (and has been for several years now...), but for some reason she keeps being overshadowed by Tina Fey (whom I also adore, but come on - last year was her year. Let someone else shine!). The comedy category is very competitive this year ( I think all of the nominated shows are fantastic - and am very happy to see that Two and 1/2 Men, How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty are rightfully ignored but there are several shows missing - Weeds, Californication, Community). I completely understand why Parks and Recreation didn't get a nom, in lieu of Modern Family and Glee!. BUT - A nom for Poehler would have sufficed.

3. The Cast of Modern Family - All of them, Any of them...someone should have been nominated. It is the only show that is nominated without any of it's actors recognized as well. I assumed Julie Bowen would get the nomination since she is a t.v veteran (appearing on some of the best television shows such as Lost, Weeds and Boston Legal). But I think most of the hilarious credit goes to Ty Burrell - he is absolutely fantastic.

4. Jennifer Carpenter - Hooray for Dexter and the best actor on television Michael C. Hall. I admit that I am a season behind on the series (so no I have not seen the season finale that E!Online described as "one of the most shocking deaths in television history" - so obviously I HAD to read the spoiler and now I hate myself...), but I assume that the show is just as good as it has been from the first season. Somehow Jennifer has been inexplicably ignored for her work on the show since the beginning of the series.

5. Weeds - I am always a little uncomfortable with the show always included in the "comedy" category - I mean it is funny, but it's also some serious f***ed up television. So, No - I don't think it should have been nominated against such comedies as The Office, but it is an amazing show - so maybe it should be in the drama category? Either way - Mary Louise Parker rules! I think this is the first year since the show premiered that she was snubbed.


6. Marc Webb - All of the nominated directors are for dramatic films (although it is clear that Up in the Air was clearly marketed as a "comedy" and is suddenly a "drama" to up it's chances come Academy Award nominations...). This year Marc Webb made the best film of the year. (yes, I realize that there are still several films that I have to see before I can actually claim that as fact...but considering that the film is in my top 5 favorite films ever - I don't see any soon to be released films like Avatar and Invictus being that great). He should have at least been nominated. I would also argue that Neill Blomkamp made the most unique film this year (District 9 for which he did receive a nomination for the screenplay at least).

7. Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty - Probably the best acting ensemble this year belongs to them for their raw and exhilarating performances in The Hurt Locker, but all 3 of them were snubbed. I actually thought Renner was a "given" considering the rave reviews he has been earning - I am sure the Academy won't make the same mistake.

8. Shartlo Copley - My favorite performance of the year was snubbed! I have not seen the 4 out of the 5 nominated performances but there is no way in hell they are better than Copley's - and he definitely out-acted Clooney by a billion times.

9. Marion Cotillard - She was nominated this year - just for the wrong film. Her supporting performance in Public Enemies was the only real reason to see the film (ok Johnny Depp is ALWAYS a reason to see a film...).

10. Maya Rudolph, Zooey Deshanel - They should be joining Sandra Bullock & Meryl Streep in the Best Actress in a Comedy category. Julia Roberts for Duplicity is almost laughable considering how mediocre that film was (and her performance). I don't necessarily think that Rudolph or Deshanels performances were award-worthy, but they were the best of the year - which is actually quite sad. I truly hope Sandra wins - she has the art of "comedic actress" down to a science.

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