Friday, October 30, 2009

9 Television Actors/Actresses That Need To Be Fired

After hearing the news that Ashley Simpson and Colin Egg were fired from Melrose place I happily rejoiced in the fact that they didn’t just simply cancel the show instead they looked at the possible problems (i.e bad acting, characters not working) and decided to fix it. It is a much better solution than giving up on a potentially good show. Here is my opinion on other television actors that should be canned in order to increase the quality of the show.

1. Jamie Lee Kirchner, Mercy – I actually don’t have a problem with her as an actress (although she has a very “harsh” look to her that I find unappealing), yet her character is so one-sided and boring. I am surprised that they haven't cancelled the show already, but if they are planning on giving it a chance to grow - then they definitely need to add some characters with more punch.

2. Katie Cassidy, Melrose Place – Since they are bringing in new actors anyway, they might as well get rid of Katie as well. She is no Amanda Woodward. I don't buy her as a high powered career girl, nor is she believable as the manipulative bitch that she is supposed to portray. And she has a lazy eye (sorry, it bothers me!)

3. Kenan Thompson, SNL - It’s pretty rare that I watch an episode of SNL, but on occasion they will have an interesting host (i.e Justin Timberlake) and I will make a point to watch. Every scene that I have ever watched that featured Keenan caused me to cringe. I remember him from All That and he wasn’t funny then either. I don’t understand how he has managed to keep his job considering I have read several reviews of SNL that say the same thing – Keenan sucks!

4. Dianna Agron, Glee – I actually really like the character, but the actress is so blah. She plays Quinn Fabray, who is supposed to be a gorgeous, popular cheerleader but I honestly wouldn’t look twice at her. Lea Michele (who plays Rachel Berry - the "geeky" under-dog character) is far more interesting looking ( in a good way). It doesn't help that Dianna plays the character a little too cheesy, while the other actors seem more grounded. It might be the tight ponytail that she rocks in every episode that really bothers me.

5. AnnaLynn McCord, 90210 - I can not even tell you how much I hate this actress. Besides the fact that she is hideous to look at (my friend and I actually refer to her as horse-face..) and she looks like she is at least in her late 30’s (she claims she is only 21) - she can’t act! I might over look the ugliness if she was an amazing actress, but she isn’t – so I ask myself how does someone like this get such a lucrative role? Obviously she is sleeping with someone who has influence (she was also on Nip/Tuck as the “hot,” seductive daughter of Julia’s lover). Her character on 90210 is actually a great character (and funny!) but it is completely ruined by AnnaLynn's acting abilities because she has no emotion in her face and her voice is completely monotonous. Hands down worst actress on television.

6 & 7. Tracey Morgan & Jane Kradowski, 30 Rock – I’ve already written about my disdain for them (as actors and characters). The show would absolutely the best comedy on t.v if they didn’t show up and ruin every episode.

8. Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men – I hate Peggy Olsen and I sooo want to love her. She has the potential to be an amazing character. She's an early feminist, assertive, intelligent and firm, but she's also really sweet and endearing – I should be rooting for her, but yet I wait for the day when she is replaced (by Joan perhaps?). I love ever other character on that show, so it’s a shame that the most intricate character is also the least likeable. I can't quite put my finger on why I hate her so much, but I feel that there was a different actress playing the part I might like her. She is also another actress that looks much older than she claims to be (she is only 27 a full year younger than me, yet she looks like she’s 40).

9. Everyone on Heroes that isn’t an original cast member – I loved the first season of Heroes, but it has progressively gone from amazing to practically unwatchable over the years. Every year they seem to promise us big changes but most of those changes involve introducing new characters which is completely unnecessary – none of these new characters have ever worked and none of them have lasted more than one season, so why continue this nonsense? Just bring the show back to focus on the fabulous original characters and the show would strive - I promise.

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