Friday, October 9, 2009

4 Reasons Why I am Pissed at NBC

1. They canceled "Southland" before they even aired any of season 2 - I'm not saying Southland is the greatest show on t.v, but it certainly deserves some time before being canceled. The acting was fantastic, the plots were intricate and Ben McKenzie is HOT! Hello...that is reason enough to keep it on the air! Plus, they left off with a pretty big cliff-hanger in season one - at least have the decency to let the audience know how it ends. They already shot 6 episodes of the next why not air them? I really hope another network picks up the series and it ends up winning a ton of awards and making tons of money in ad NBC can suck it.

2. The Jay Leno catastrophe - I was really upset when I heard they chose to give Leno the 10pm time slot Monday thru Friday in lieu of 5 potential new shows, yet I understood why they did it. Leno is a cash machine - and even though I don't find him funny at all, the rest of America does. However, now that it is disrupting my t.v shows (it's the reason Southland was canned - there was no time-slot because it is a "grown-up" show that should be on after 10pm), I am offended.

3. They haven't canceled bad shows - O.k if you need to get rid of some shows - at least pick the bad ones...Mercy and Trauma have both proved to be pretty disappointing and Heroes just keeps getting worse.

4. There are 3 "Law & Order's"!! - I find it hard to believe that having all 3 of these shows is necessary...can't we combine them or something to make room for creative and artistic television?

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