Thursday, April 21, 2011

5 Thoughts on "Glee's" Night of Neglect

1. The neglected cast – Pretty much the only “good” thing that came out of this episode is that we get to see some more from the so-called “neglected” cast members of the Glee club (like Tina, Mike & Mercedes) - the combined talent of these 3 leaves me speechless. Harry Shum Jr. was absolutely fantastic dancing to ‘Bubble Toes’. The choreography was mind blowing - I agree with others that sometimes his moves seem a little repetitive (and "mime-ish") but it still impresses the hell out of me (I could have done without the mop...). I was disappointed that they cut Tina off by the hecklers (can’t the poor girl catch a break?) she sounded really good – I liked that it was a different song for Glee. And Mercedes well what can I say….she is just Amazing. She looked great too – can she please dress a little more glamorous like this (instead of the usual neon, ill-fitting clothes they put her in)? Of course, I loved that Rachel considers herself “neglected” and that she wanted to sing 'My Heart Will Go On' (this is the second time this season that they teased me with this song - that is not very nice Glee).

2. The league of doom – The only consistently funny aspect to the episode was Sue's creation of The League of Doom. I would have preferred more from Terri (AKA "The Honey Badger") than Sandy Ryerson(AKA "The Pink Dagger") but at least they hint that there will be more from her in future episodes. I absolutely loved that Sue's plan was to bring hecklers to their event – hilarious. Also hilarious was the Vocal Adrenaline coach blending in as a student by standing in the hallway with a notebook that had “student” written on it. His hitting on Holly was quite perfect – “I’m handsome, I’m good looking and I’m easy on the eyes.” I almost died when Sandy was wearing all pink (with a matching pink cape and a hat with a dagger on it). Sue’s response to the outfit “How do you manage to enter a building without setting off all of the fire alarms?” The absolute best catchphrase ever - “You just got poked…poked by the dagger”.

3. The point – I guess my biggest problem with the episode was that it felt very jumbled and pointless. It was extremely plot heavy (which I usually prefer) but it had too many different plots going on - and none of them were very exciting. It was almost like the writers were trying to clean up their mess before moving on to Nationals. Here is a break down of the plots: 1st: we have the Glee club raising money to go to Nationals but then they decide to raise money for The Decathlon team instead by staging a talent show for “neglected artists”. (but they are unsuccessful – apparently they can’t even get their own parents to support them…). 2nd: Kurt and Blaine are there and have a run in with Karofsky but he gets shut down by Santana and her hidden razor blades. 3rd: The League of Doom is trying to destroy the Glee club (and Will) because apparently they have nothing better to do with their existence. 4th: Mercedes is told by Lauren that she is too nice and that she needs to start making demands like a true diva – this is the most ridiculous plot of the episode since her “demands” seem to cost more than the actual event would make. And I am pretty sure Mercedes has acted like a “diva” since the very first episode. 5th: Will has a very sweet moment with Emma (Carl has asked for an annulment) – which makes his new commitment-phobic GF, Holly, upset and wanting to flee. 6th: Sunshine was brought back (remember her from the season 2 premiere) but just to belt out one song then disappear again. So, there you have it - 6 different plots in a one hour show - and the best part was that it was all pointless!! The only plots that pushed the story forward were – Will and Holly breaking up (bringing back the fan favorite - “Wemma”) and getting Santana involved with the whole bullying storyline (I have a feeling this story will turn epic). Everything else was "filler".

4. The highlights – Even though I found most of the episode pretty boring I did enjoy a few smaller moments like: Brittany in “The Brainiacs” – apparently she is an expert in cat diseases. She had one of the only lines that made me laugh – after Mr. Shue decides that they will be selling Salt Water Taffy – Brittany declares “I love salt water”. The Mercedes/Rachel scene where Rachel tells her if she wants to be a star and have the closing number then she has to go in and take it from her. That was actually really great advice and I just adore Rachel’s unapologetic attitude about being a star. Finn looking at his hands after Holly announces that everyone thought Wallis Simpson was a hermaphrodite because she had giant hands (yes, I notice those little things). While I didn’t like the "Mercedes is a diva" plot line – I did enjoy her demands (a small barrel of green m&m’s, a team of humidifiers and a fresh puppy to dry her hands). Finn’s reactions to the demands were priceless. Can I just take a moment to point out something that baffles me - How is it that Cory Monteith is soooo much hotter than Finn Hudson? Don't get me wrong - Finn is my favorite character and he is totally adorable, but Cory is do I say this nicely - totally fuckable. Case in point: this is him at Coachella - - aside from the fact that I have a thing for hot guys in white t-shirts (and a thing for drummers..) what is it that makes him so much hotter? The scruff? The hair? or is it that he is just that good of an actor that he instinctively can hide his sexiness in order to play a 16 year old boy? It's like magic. O.k - sorry for my rant...moving on. The biggest highlight was definitely Mike Chang though – not only his amazing performance but he also had actual lines (funny ones!). His screeching brakes noise he made when Rachel said she was performing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ was perfection.

5. The lowlights – I think the general consensus of this episode is that it sucked (but nothing can be worse than Comeback right?). I have to admit that I was definitely disappointed...especially after waiting 5 whole weeks for a new episode! Besides the already mentioned jumbled and pointless plot – there were a few other things I hated in this episode like…..Quinn’s hair (seriously who thinks that the feathered look is flattering?). Plus, it's official: I don’t like Holly Holiday anymore (I knew that was going to happen since they insisted on shoving her down our throats). 3 reasons: 1. Her whole “deathly allergic to commitment” shtick was seriously annoying. 2. Her voice is not nearly good enough to sing an Adele song (that was just embarrassing) and since now I feel bad for anonymously criticising someone on the Internet - I will say that she looked fantastic. 3. Speaking of... her whole speech to the hecklers was seriously hard to watch (really do we need a speech about how hard it is for celebrities to get bullied by anonymous people on the Internet? What the F does that have to do with Glee club?). Side note: did she actually use the term “amaze-balls”? Also, Charice can’t act which is probably why we haven't seem much of her (I did it again! My apologies to Charice...I must just be jealous). While she did sound fantastic singing 'All By Myself' – It was a little awkward to have a teenage girl singing it. I could have done without this performance - it served zero purpose (I am loving Puck’s audience reactions though).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summer Film Preview: 18 Films That I am Excited to See!!

Wooofreeakkinnhooo! Things are finally starting to look up in the movie industry - Summer films are right around the corner and there are some pretty good choices of films to see (unlike last year - I didn't even write a post because I only wanted to see 2 films!!). This year, there are a whopping 18 films that I plan on seeing in the theater:

1. The Hangover Part II - I. Can't. Wait. The fact that it has been 2 years already since the first film is quite disturbing, but I am ecstatic about seeing more from The Wolf-Pack. I am hoping Justin Bartha has a bigger part in this one - maybe he can actually join in on the extreme hi jinks this time? Other things that excite me: Ken Jeong is listed as part of the cast, Ed Helms has a Tyson like face tattoo, a monkey is involved, the stakes are raised - it takes place in Thailand . It is sure to be EPIC. 5/26

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – ok, I am not really excited by the 4th installment of this franchise, but I will see it anyway. I was at a loss for words when I heard that Orlando and Kiera were out - they are the whole heart of the franchise. I'm not sure that a film focusing solely on Jack Sparrow will interest me (he is definitely enjoyable in smaller doses - but a whole film...I'm not so sure). I loved the first film, the next two were enjoyable but hardly memorable. I am not expecting much from this one either...but you never know, maybe I will be surprised. 5/20

3. Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen is quoted in EW as saying "the less you know the more enjoyable it is". True story. I feel like I get so excited by previews and clips that by the time I see the film it is a disappointment. I am happy that we know nothing about this film other than it stars Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams (who proved their comedic and romantic chemistry already in Wedding Crashers) and I am guessing it takes place in midnight? 5/20

4. Tree of Life – The trailer is astounding and beautiful. Plus, Terrance Malick directing a film starring Brad Pitt is sure to be at the very least... interesting. 5/27

5. Hesher – Oh JGL - you never cease to amaze me. He finally makes it into mainstream films like Inception, without "selling out" - he is at a career high point but still chooses to do an independent film where he grows his hair (to extremely unappealing lengths) to portray a stoner. The film doesn't look very good, but I love him so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. 5/13

6. Super 8 - I will be seeing this film for one reason and one reason only: JJ Abrams. 6/10

7. Bad Teacher – Cameron Diaz is an amazing comedian - I don't really like her as a serious actress. Jason Segel is so awkward and hilarious. Justin Timberlake is...well...he is pretty much amazing at everything he does, however most of his films suck (Alpha Dog, Edison, Black Snake Moan....I could go on, but that would just be rude). I am hoping he is now on a winning streak with The Social Network. 6/24

8. X-Men: First Class – I was so over the X-Men films, but then they announced this pre-quel starring one of my all time favorite actors - James McAvoy!!! What a way to renew my interest!! Throw in January Jones and you can officially call me excited. 6/3

9. Crazy, Stupid, Love -Ryan Gosling is an interesting choice for a romantic comedy - I am intrigued to see if he can pull it off. Especially alongside the amazingly hilarious Emma Stone (and of course Steve Carell). Plus, it has the best title of all the summer films - isn't that reason enough to see it? or are you just enticed by the fact that Ryan gets naked? 7/29

10. Transformers: Dark of the Moon –I still to this day argue that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was not an awful film - it didn't hold a candle to the first one but it is not often that sequels do. I am excited for this film because I know it will have kick ass action, the charm of Shia LaBeouf and a ridiculous but entertaining plot (ala any Michael Bay film) - so count me in. I am disappointed that Megan Fox is not in it - that Rosie girl is not nearly as hot. And let's be honest the only point of having a female in this film is to run around in a low cut top looking hot. 7/1

11. Friends With Benefits – Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis would make the absolute perfect couple - since the rumors of them dating in real life seem to be mere gossip, at least we get to see them do it on screen. I refused to see the sure to be painful to sit through film No Strings Attached, but I will sit through this similar film just for them. I hope it doesn't make me hat them... 7/22

12. Horrible Bosses –The horrible bosses are: Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell & Jennifer Aniston. How genius is that? I am hoping that Jen finally breaks free from her awful romantic comedy territory and plays against type and an evil bitch. It is definitely a "dark" comedy - the premise is that 3 guys set out to murder their bosses. HILARIOUS! right? 7/8

13. Monte Carlo – Nope...not a joke. Cory Monteith on the big screen saying "hi" is all I need in my life. I mean, if I can sit through Hybrid and Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep just for him, then surely I can make it through this...right? I already warned my friend that I am making him sit through this (hey...he made me sit through 17 Again....which turned out to be totally cute). Maybe this film will surprise me as well? Selena Gomez is totally adorable and I love Leighton Meester.... 7/1

14. The Help – A friend of mine recommended this book to me a while ago, but I never got the chance to read it now I can just watch the movie, which is much more appealing to me! Plus it is the 3rd film this summer featuring Emma Stone and I adore her. This film has "Oscar material" written all over it. 8/12

15. 30 Minutes or Less – 2 of my favorite comedians - Aziz Ansari & Nick Swardson in one film!!! It is sure to be hilarious. And it even has Jesse Eisenberg who is sure to bring his always entertaining awkwardness to the film. 8/12

16. Our Idiot Brother – Adam Scott! I love you! Why oh why did they cancel Party Down?! It still makes my heart hurt to think about it. This film is sort of described as an early Woody Allen film, which means that in theory - I should like it. 8/26

17. Higher Ground – The always amazing Vera Farmiga's directorial debut. Enough said. 8/12

18. Fright Night – I actually don't remember the original, maybe I will watch it soon. But I love that Colin Farrell is thinking outside the box and participating in films that are completely different for him (he is one of my favorite actors - see Tigerland and you will understand why). I know vampires are completely over (they are soooo 2009) but I always enjoy a good slaying so who cares! 8/19

and just for are some films I will not be seeing:

1. Something Borrowed – I know that my mother will likely drag me to some chick flick this summer, but I will choose the film Bridesmaids over this one – at least it has funny women like Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy. I think my mom will prefer it as well (at least she will when I tell her Jon Hamm is in it). This film has the combined awfulness of Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin - that is just all kinds of unappealing.

2. Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America: The First Avenger – I have had my fill of superhero films thankyouverymuch. I think the biggest problem with these three films is their casting choices - Thor: Chris Hemsworth is not hot (but they do get a bonus for casting Natalie Portman and Jamie Alexander). Green Lantern: Should have been Bradley Cooper. Captain America: Chris Evans is way too stiff in these type of roles (like the Fantastic Four films) - he is better at quirkier roles (like The Losers).

3. Cowboys & Aliens - Seriously guys, that is the title you are going with? I can't even.

4. The Smurfs – Why would NPH and Jayma Mays be a part of something so ridiculous? The Smurfs have not been relevant for a good 25 years....why can't we keep it that way?

5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Did we not learn our lesson from the disastrous 2001 remake? I don't understand why this film was necessary to make or why James Franco would be a part of it (although his career choices are usually baffling to me).

6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 - Actually, I might go see this just to rejoice in the fact that it is finally OVER!!! I am beyond thrilled. Can Twilight be over now too? or is that asking too much?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Thoughts on 6 Films From 2010

I am still trying to catch up on films from 2010 - can you believe that I still haven't seen 'The King's Speech"? Here are my thoughts on some recent films that I watched.

1. Devil - "I don't believe in the devil - we don't need him. People are bad enough by themselves." I am not the biggest M. Night Shyamalan fan – I am one of the few that wasn’t dazzled by The Sixth Sense – no I’m not going to pretend like I guessed the ending -I just found the film to be incredibly boring and the payoff was just simply not that great. The only thing that came out of that film was that we found out Donnie Wahlberg could act. Then, Night's follow up films have ranged from mediocre (Unbreakable) to the downright worst film I have ever seen (The Happening). I thought it was a good idea to have someone else direct this film - because Shyamalan is an amazingly original writer, it just seems like his directing style is to drag things out until they become painful to sit through. I was not expecting much from this film, but I was excited about the cast - I love me some Trey Atwood (Logan Marshall-Green). There is also the luckiest guy on the planet, Geoffrey Arend (he is married to the super sexy Christina Hendricks). Anyway, overall the film was entertaining, it moved pretty quickly and it left you guessing until the end. I think the whole ending was a bit melodramatic but that was to be expected.

2. Hot Tub Time Machine - "It must be some kind of hot tub time machine...". So obviously the film is lacking in subtlety, but the novelty of traveling back to the 80's is completely entertaining to me for about an hour. Cassette tapes, neon tube socks, "where's the beef" t-shirts, Foreigner...How can that NOT be funny? The cast had great chemistry together - and I am not really a fan of John Cusack (same character in EVERY film) or Rob Corddry (I met him and he is a complete dick - but I will admit he is hilarious). I do like the guy from The Office - his comedic timing is always off, but it somehow works for him. Of course I enjoyed all of the 80's music references but his version of Jessie's Girl just made me want to watch Glee (oh cory...). I wish Lindsey Forsenca and Lizzy Caplan were given some better material - they both seemed kind of bland. I appreciate that it didn't end with some sort of appreciate what you have message - instead the message was - yes, your life sucks...too bad you can't go back in time and change everything...

3. The Switch - ", hijacked your pregnancy." I will say it again - Jen Aniston belongs on my television. Jason Bateman could join her. I heart both of them, but they lack “movie star” charisma. I enjoyed this story – it was super sweet and sugary but I it wasn’t funny all. Not once did I laugh. I felt like it could have been a t.v movie for ABC Family or one of those sappy channels. Basically, the film is about a guy who is in love with his best friend who is about to inseminate herself with donated sperm - so he switches the sperm to his own (he is intoxicated at the time - so he doesn't remember doing it). The film definitely lacks character depth and a realistic plot, but it has heart. Plus, the kid was super adorable - possibly the best part of the film.

4. Toy Story 3 - "At last! I'm gonna get played with"! I'm not quite sure how this film made grown men cry - or why it was nominated for an Academy Award. It was a "sweet" film, but hardly worthy of such an honor. I think it is just one of those films that you can't say anything bad about - therefore it is considered a critical success. However, my definition of a "great" film is one that makes people think and possibly polarizes it's audience. This film definitely lacks any sort of debate - it's pretty cut and dry. The only thing that I would argue is that most kids get rid of their toys before 17. Right? Besides, my annoyance at how simple it is - I did enjoy it. It was adorable, laugh out loud and witty - especially all of the Ken & Barbie interactions.

5. Due Date - "When a day starts like this, it's all uphill from here". Entertaining from beginning to end, but never laugh out loud funny. There was a lot of things packed into the surprising short time frame, which I appreciated because it didn't give me a chance to get bored or to consider how ridiculous the plot was. It certainly isn’t a new concept…Forces of Nature anyone? It is pretty much the same film except I enjoyed Forces of Nature more (I know I am a minority in this, but Sandy B. rules). RDJ will always have my heart but Zack Galifianakis is only entertaining in smaller doses (and he plays the exact same character that he does in The Hangover, which annoys the heck out of me). I sort of feel bad for Todd Phillips because I think everyone had higher expectations (like his mega successful film The Hangover).

6. Mother and Child - "If God wanted me to be a mother he would give me a child". A beautiful story but I am not sure I understood the point (or if there was one…). It is about the adoption process - but mostly highlighted the bad part of this process (and even referred to adoption as "unnatural"). I liked that it showed the emotional implications of giving up a child and how Annette Bening's character doesn’t live one moment without wondering where her child is. The acting was impeccable as was the character development (all characters were extremely complicated to understand and their motivations were never crystal clear). **spoiler alert** - I was really upset that Naomi Watt’s character died giving birth – that was unnecessarily depressing. I really liked Kerry Washington's story line the best - but I knew that the other woman was going to change her mind and keep her child – Kerry was phenomenal (and I am not usually a fan of hers). There are also a lot of racial undertones – but the film was never overtly about race. I would recommend the film to anyone who wants to see some strong female performances - but be prepared to be depressed for the rest of your day.