Sunday, September 13, 2009

12 New T.V Shows To Watch

Although the fall movie season looks disappointing, there are several new t.v shows that I am very excited about. So many in fact, that my dvr will be working over-time. Here is a look at what I will be watching...

1. Community - Joel McHale! Joel McHale! Joel McHale! The greatest television personality ever (o.k I might be exaggerating slightly) finally has his own t.v show. I'm not sure if Joel will be a decent actor or if the show will be successful, but I will support it anyway. Then again, if the show succeeds does that mean he will leave The Soup when his contract expires next year? not watch this show...

2. Glee - The sneak preview pilot that aired earlier this year was outstanding! It's a musical/comedy that is about high school outcasts (a.k.a the glee club) and the teacher, Will, who is a former glee-clubber trying to re-live his past (because his future is a little scary). The cast is perfect - Jane Lynch as the aggressive and highly competitive cheerleading coach, Jessalyn Gilsig (Hello..Gina from Nip/Tuck! Thank you Ryan Murphy, I was upset when Gina died - but now I forgive you.) as Will's wife - who is mildly psychotic and newcomer Lea Michelle as the star glee club member. However, the real star of the show is the actual performances by the glee club. I never though I would enjoy Kanye's "Gold Digger" being rapped by a white guy so much.

3. The Vampire Diaries - I have to admit I am a little tired of vampires! With the whole Twilight phenomenon, vampires are EVERYWHERE! But back in the day, I was a huge Buffy fan (yes, I even loved the original film!), so I am hoping this show will fill the void. Plus, Kevin Williamson knows how to make teen dramas interesting (i.e Dawson's Creek). I enjoyed the first episode and am looking forward to it becoming my next addiction. Did anyone else recognize main vampire Stephan as Donnie from The O.C?

4. Cougar Town - Getting past the AWFUL title, the show looks good. Single mom enjoying the dating scene starring Courtney Cox. The creators insist that the show is not just about her dating younger guys and that the title is based on the local football team named The Cougars, if they are telling the truth then the show has promise.

5. Melrose Place 2.0 - O.k. Truth be told...I was a Melrose junkie. Never missed an episode. As much as I loved the show and prayed for a reunion episode, I am not quite sure a "new" Melrose will ever be as good. And casting Ashley Simpson was the worst idea ever. Unfortunately, I am curious enough to watch it - the first episode was o.k. I loved watching Sydney and Michael in the same room, but how long will my nostalgia for the old Melrose last? The new cast was pretty uninteresting. We will see what happens.

6. Trauma - With so many hospital shows on t.v, I like the idea that this one is about the paramedics. However, the show kind of reminds me of Third Watch which was about paramedics, firefighters and police officers (the show was o.k, but never really captured my interest). Plus, it has a cast of relatively unknown actors (the only actor I recognize is Derek Luke). So in order for the show to truly capture my interest it is going to have to be one amazing pilot episode.

7. The Beautiful Life - or TBL (what the creators apparently would like you to call it). So Mischa Barton is kind of a disaster and one of the worst actresses ever and the "producer" Ashton Kutcher is a tool. However, I love reality model shows so I feel like I would enjoy a fictional account of the modeling world as well. Hopefully it brings the drama it will need to survive.

8. FlashForward - or the new Lost as the creators would like you to think. With ABC losing it's most beloved show next year, they are smart to get people addicted to a new show ASAP. The premise is obviously original (the entire human race blacks out at the same time and sees a glimpse of their future), I am intrigued on how they can drag that premise out for an entire series. Plus it already has the invested interest of Lost fans by employing Lost favorites Charlie and Penny. They even have Joseph Fiennes (an actual respected film and theatre actor!). The only bad things it has going for it is that it's What did you see? advertising gimmick is a little cheesy and J.J Abrams is not involved.

9. Modern Family - I was not amused by the extended commercial that I saw for this show, however it is trying to do a good thing for television by extending the t.v show version of "family" to include a more realistic version of family. Plus it has a gay couple. So I will have to support it. Please be funny.

10. V - I am not to familiar with the mini-series that this is based on (I just added it to my netflix queue), however the plot sounds great! And I welcome Scott Wolf's return to t.v.

11. Eastwick - This could be another Lipstick Jungle/Cashmere Mafia disaster show disguised as a campy, fun witch show. Hopefully not. I liked the film that the show is based on (although Jack Nicholson was over-the-top ridiculous).

12. Mercy - Another nurse show (did anyone else watch HawthoRNe? - I did only for Michael Vartan). Will it really be any different than the current doctor shows? I guess I am just a sucker, because I know I will be suckered in just like the rest of America. At least it has the always delightful Michelle Trachtenberg in it.

All of these shows, plus I still have to follow the shows that actually survived from last year (Dollhouse, Southland, Fringe, Parks and Recreation) - I guess it's a good thing I don't get premium channels (I wait for the dvds of my fav shows like Dexter, Weeds etc) otherwise I would never be able to leave my house!!

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  1. Have you watched vampire diaries yet? What are your thoughts?