Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 Things I Was Expecting From 'The Hangover Part II'

Can you believe I fought with the crowds and watched 'The Hangover Part II' this weekend? I usually can't handle seeing big films on opening weekend but I was just so excited for this film that I had to see it ASAP. I have to say, the film was exactly what I was expecting which I think is why people are finding it disappointing. Here is what I was expecting:

1. The Hangover again - If you didn't realize from the trailer that the film was going to parallel the first film, then you deserve to be disappointed. The film's basic synopsis is that the 'wolf-pack' go to Thailand for Stu's wedding, they have a wild & crazy night that they can't remember the next day. Do you recognize the plot? Yes? O.k then stop complaining.

2. Hilarity & Vulgarity- I didn't laugh as much as the first (which is what I expected), but I still thought it was funnier than most recent comedies (actually Bridesmaids might have them beat). Plus, most of the memorable jokes in the first one were the vulgar ones (i.e - having Mr. Chow jump out of the trunk naked, the hilarious photos during the credits etc) so obviously they would try to top themselves (i.e - chicks with dicks).

3. Bradley Cooper radiating heat - That boy is HOT - literally and figuratively. Even in 100 degree weather covered in dirt & sweat he looks good. I have no complaints.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 Things That Surprised Me About 'Bridesmaids'

I went to see the much hyped 'Bridesmaids' last week and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Here is why:

1. It was hilarious - I assumed it would be amusing with the talent that was involved plus the trailer had some funny aspects but I didn't realize it would be downright-pee-in-your-pants-freakin'-hilarious for the entire 2 hour running time. I can't even pick a favorite funny moment because the whole thing was equally funny but the things that stand out are: When Annie is "trying" to get pulled over. I was practically in tears after that scene. I don't know why but Annie telling the Asian couple that you can't trust the person you're in a relationship with and she says "he might not even be Asian" - I am still laughing at that one.

2. Kristen Wiig isn't as grating as she is on SNL - I don't have anything against her really, but I think she plays the same character in every sketch. She is over-used on the show (because sadly, she is the most talented current cast member). Her voice makes my skin crawl and it just becomes really hard to watch after about 5 minutes. So, I hesitated watching a film starring her (that she helped write) because I thought she was going to get on my nerves. However, she was sheer perfection in this film. Kristen tones her usual high-energy personality down and becomes this very realistic and vulnerable woman. My heart was breaking for her through the entire film.

3. The supporting actors steal the film - I didn't really know who was in the film aside from Kristen, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm. I was delighted to see Wendi McLendon (from Reno 911), Rose Byrne (who we learned was funny from Get Him to the Greek) and the late Jill Clayburgh. But I was even more surprised to see two of my favorite BBC actors - Matt Lucas (from the sketch comedy Little Britain) and Chris O'Dowd (from The IT Crowd). Everyone in this film shined, all "stealing the spotlight" at some point in the film.

4. It was still a chick flick - I was excited by the fact that it was described as 'the anti-chick flick'. A film starring all women about a bridal party.....how could they possibly make this into anything but a chick flick? The answer....they didn't. Before I saw the film, a friend of mine (a guy) described the film as "really funny....for a chick film". After seeing the film, I agree with him. I think people are just surprised that women can ACTUALLY BE FUNNY. And raunchy. And sexy. All at the same time. However, the film itself is a story about a woman who is in complete shambles. She is insecure (she lets herself be used by a a guy who clearly doesn't care about her) and jealous (of her friend getting married and of the same friend's new friend - who she sees as competition). Then, guess what she meets a guy and even though she spends most of the film sabotaging this potential relationship....in the end all is well and they end up together. Classic. Chick. Flick.

5. The music - if you weren't smiling at the end with the appearance of Wilson Phillips then you have no soul (or are too young to remember their awesomeness). I LOVED it!! But even better was one of my favorite songs ever - Fiona Apple's 'Paper Bag' playing while Annie was baking. This song is like the theme song to my life, so I was floored that they used it for Annie's story. It is the perfect song.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thoughts On The Past 2 Episodes of 'Glee'

The end of 'Glee' season 2 is upon us. What am I supposed to do all summer long??? I guess I will count the days until season 3 ; ). Here are my thoughts on 'Funeral' and the grand finale 'New York':

1. Funeral -

Jesse St. James “Killer of Dreams” – (I stole his title from EW.com). Jesse was so hilarious in this episode – it was truly fantastic and made me remember why I loved his character in season 1. His purpose in this episode was to basically trash the Glee kids. First, he tears Finn apart (more on that later), next he suggests that Will hosts try-outs for the “star” role at Nationals that Jesse will help judge. He learned his judging skills from a reality tv show judging class - so naturally it was hilarious. Santana sounds perfect singing Amy Winehouse – her voice is perfect for it. She belts out “Back to Black” but according to Jesse she was “not emotional enough.” He was so bored with her performance that instead of taking notes he drew a cat. Kurt sings “Some People” but I was too distracted by those pants to tell if he was good or not (I am sure it was amazing). As Jesse points out - the song was meant to be sung by a woman and more specifically – Broadway legends “those are some big heels to fill.” Then we are treated to another spectacular Mercedes performance– probably one of her best ever. I love how Jesse tore her down - “You’re not a star – you’re just a girl who can sing” followed by “how long did you work on that choreography? Oh wait…there wasn’t any.” And then.... he called her lazy. I almost died. Now it is Rachel's turn - of course Jesse praises her performance (would he have if she admitted using Finn as her inspiration for her stunning version of “My Man”?). I am at a loss for words. Once the tears started building up in her eyes I was an emotional wreck. It just seriously blew me away. I think it might be her best performance on the show – at least it is a very close second to “Don’t Rain On My Parade”. The only thing that would have made it better is if Finn actually got to witness the performance.

Finn’s abilities – I admit Finn is not the best male singer in the Glee club (I’m pretty sure that title belongs to Artie). I enjoy that Glee is the type of show that is self-reflexive and brings up things that it is often criticized for. Having Jesse flat out tell him that he is not good enough to be the male lead was actually really hilarious and really well done – “the fact is that most of the other guys in here are better singers and Mike Change, who can’t even sing, can at least dance”. I remember being a little confused in the first few episodes of season 1 as to why they would cast someone who wasn’t strong vocally. But, then I quickly realized that Cory’s presence, charisma and acting skills definitely outweigh his singing ability. And the thing is – you can teach someone how to sing, charisma on the other hand is something that just comes naturally. Also, I think on a personal level I think it speaks very highly to Cory’s personality that he embraced the challenge of holding his own against mega-talents like Lea Michele every week. He has been widely criticized and I love that he is proving everyone wrong. The scene where Rachel asks Finn why he hasn’t signed up for the solo audition was really heartbreaking because it is really Cory that has been “busting his ass for two years to be a better singer and dancer”. And then when he said“I’m Lima good, I’m not New York City good” – I just melted. It think it is widely agreed that he has improved tremendously. For me it started at the end of last season with songs like “Jesse’s Girl” but really hit me with the “Faithfully” duet with Rachel. I wasn’t really that impressed (because I believed that hype that they are all auto-tuned) until I saw the live version they performed on tour (seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieZGXjcTcMQ ). I’ve seen a lot of live artists who don’t sound anywhere near that good (I won’t name names…). In Season 2 he has been amazing – every song, every episode. All the haters can suck it.

The Death
– I heard the rumor that it was Sue’s sister that died, but I didn’t really believe it because the spoiler hint was that the death would effect the Glee club and I couldn’t really figure out how Jean would effect the club. They did a really great job relating the two stories because of course, Kurt and Finn would pay their respects to her – they have both lost a family member. I love Jane Lynch in this episode – she is so great at being emotionless and distant but still hilarious at the same time. She had some of the best lines of the episode like: “I had to throw some of them out…I’m allergic to pansies and I don’t mean that as a swipe at either of you”. (Sure Sue). Then she refers to Kurt and Finn as “Eddie Munster and Herman Munster”. OMG That was epic - but then she topped herself by calling Finn “Cottage Cheese”. I love that Finn and Kurt decide that the Glee club needs to help Sue even after she still makes fun of them and that they decided to sing “Pure Imagination” - it was really sweet. We also have to talk about the other death – the death of Finn & Quinn. I agree that it was a little rude to break up with someone at a funeral – seriously Finn, bad timing bro. But I knew as soon as Sue mentioned being “tethered” to someone and the camera panned to Finn that he was finally going to come to his senses. The break up scene was well done, but I thought Quinn was pretty emotionless and her shedding one small tear did not prove to me that she cared at all about what was happening. I did love the cryptic ending about her plans for NY.

Highlights – Overall Sue was a highlight. The scene with her, Howard (a.k.a "Panda Express") and Terri was a perfect scene with one funny line after the next. She tells them that she is "lactating with rage” and that they must keep the New Directions from getting to NY - "Panda...make it so". Oh and Figgen's e-mail gettingfiggywithit@aol.com - too perfect. Other highlights: Becky’s response to Will’s question “can you sing?” – “not really….but neither can most of the kids in Glee club”. The return of Rachel’s inner monologue – I have missed her and her gold star so much!! Sue's decision to run for the United States House of Representatives. Please, keep that going for next season. But the biggest Highlight – Finn with a stuffed cat. How adorable is he?

Lowlights – ummmm...no funeral tracksuit for Sue? I can’t think of anything else. The episode was solid and reminded me of a season 1 episode – it broke my heart, made me cry, left me speechless and made me laugh hysterically. To do that all in one hour is pretty damn impressive.

1. New York

The Big Apple – The episode felt very different than the rest of the series simply because it was the first episode to take place outside of Ohio! I was tempted to go watch the cast film while they were in the city, but I didn’t really feel like getting trampled by screaming girls (which is why I won’t go to the live show). I watched some fan videos on line and was super excited by the Glee kids running around in Times Square, Central Park etc. They seemed so out of place in such a big place, but I think the idea of “New York” sets up a nice backdrop for season 3. We get to see Rachel & Kurt feel an overwhelming sense of belonging that they don’t experience in Ohio. They shine together getting “breakfast at Tiffany’s” and sneaking into the "Wicked" stage and singing “For Good” – what a perfect and beautiful song for them to sing together. We know that Rachel & Kurt will do anything to get there – but who else will it inspire? I appreciate that Rachel’s hesitation to get back together with Finn was more about her realizing her dreams and less about Jesse. Maybe Finn will go with her (and help move heavy things…)?

The Questions – The episode left me feeling a little empty – sure, we finally got a satisfying resolution for “Finchel” but I feel like all of the other story lines were resolved rather quickly and vaguely. Here are my questions (lots of them...) 1. Where was Quinn’s sabotage? She gave Finn a cryptic message in the previous episode that was deliciously evil (plus she threatened to transfer in the prom episode)….but then she didn’t really live up to her own hype. Her big sabotage was to encourage the club to hang out in NY instead of write songs and take too long in the bathroom? And then she just bursts into tears and cries about how no one loves her? Come on Quinn – are you really that pathetic? I expected more. 2. Why would the Glee club wait until the week of Nationals to write their songs? Wouldn’t they need time to practice, choreograph etc? I know, I know ….suspend belief- it is a fantasy – but still, it is just slightly annoying. 3. Why did Will give up on his Broadway dreams? I totally get his attachment to the kids and not wanting to give up on them…but couldn’t he just do it for the summer? That wouldn’t effect the club (or the show) at all except for giving them hope (that they could perhaps sing on Broadway too). 4. If Brittany is single and Santana is single and they both love each other ---then why are they not together? 5. Why didn’t we get an awesome Vocal Adrenaline performance? Seriously, usually VA performances are my favorite (I love the New Directions…but they are simply just not as good), but this one sucked. Charice is extremely talented but I have had enough of her power ballads. Fast-forward please! We did get to see another club doing a version of Ushers “Yeah” but I actually thought it was a joke…was that supposed to be good? Because I laughed through its entirety. 6. What was the snow globe that Finn was obsessed with it? Did I miss the significance of it? He was holding it in the NYC hotel and then again in the Library. Someone help!

The Highlights – The episode was good, but I was expecting more....epicness. There were some awesome highlights: Brittany’s ‘My Cup’ song was genius (not good as ‘My Headband’). She was also super cute singing it. Rachels Rainbow Bright outfit was almost as good as her dress in the 'Blame it on the Alcohol' episode – it was completely ridiculous. Finn & Rachels perfect New York city date was super adorable – when did Finn become such a romantic? I loved every second of it – especially the boys serenading them. I laughed at EW.com’s description – “A painfully romantic tune sung by a group of decent-to-smokin' dudes with a beautiful city backdrop? Yes, yes, and yes”. Which one is the “decent” one? Ha.Ha. Kurt was in his element and he was perfection - can we get back to this Kurt, pretty please? The original songs were much better this time around. “Pretending” is really catchy and who can resist a Finn/Rachel duet? We really have been deprived this season (since “Damnit Janet” – has it really been that long?). “Light up the World” was also really fun and catchy, but I knew that they lost (it had nothing to do with that “kiss of the century”). Speaking of…the kiss was pretty epic – I loved the way it was shot and the silence of it was breathtaking. Really well done – Kudos. Other highlights: Quinn finally cut her god-awful hair! It has been so unflattering for months now – she looks super cute now. It is amazing what a haircut can do to one’s face. I loved Puck starting the group hug but my favorite moment was the “I love you’s” between Kurt & Blaine. Sooo freakin' adorable.

The Lowlights – The other songs – “I Love New York”/”New York, New York” mash up was not good at all (not really their fault – the Madonna song is awful, probably her worst. The lyrics are just cringeworthy). “Still Got Tonight” – I had to look up the song because I had never heard it before, only to find out it is a song from Matt Morrison’s new album. Holy self-promotion! This is completely unacceptable to me (the only way they can make it up to me is if they do a Bonnie Dune song in season 3…it’s only fair). Anyway, the song was boring. I almost fell asleep. I obvi didn’t enjoy Quinn’s emotional breakdown – it was completely unsatisfying. And new couple alert: Mercedes & Sam? Really? Does that mean he will stick around for next season? Ugh. The biggest disappointment was that I barely laughed at all!! Really only 2 things come to mind: Finn calling the kiss “the Superman of kisses – it came with it’s own cape” and one of the Glee clubs that placed was called “The Waffletoots”.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Television: The Good, The Bad & The Cancelled

The end of 2010-2011 tv season is here - lots of shows shined, while others failed. Not surprisingly, a large amount of shows won't live to see another season to make way for a storm of new shows. Here are my thoughts:

1. The Good -

Fringe - I wrote about Fringe's epic third season back in January, so I only have a few things to add: 1. The series is one of the few that is getting better with age - every episode is better than the last. 2. That being said - it still aggravates me that it is a copy of Alias. Come on JJ - stop trying to fix your mistakes and come up with some new ideas (Don't worry...I still heart you...). 3. If Ana Torv doesn't get an Emmy nomination I will be at a loss for word. Not only did she do a fantastic job at portraying "Altivia" she also transformed into William Bell (the character that is usually played by Leonard Nemoy) - it was sheer perfection. 4. I really didn't want Olivia & Peter (I learned his name!) together but I think they are handling their relationship well so far. 5. The finale titled "The Day We Died" was awe inspiring. Why can't more shows be so imaginative?

Parenthood - I am surprised at myself for not writing a post about this show (aside from mentioning it in my picks for Emmy nominations). This is currently my favorite "family drama" on television. Also, hands down my favorite ensemble of actors - I have always been a fan of Peter Krause (since SportsNight), Monica Potter is a doll (I've met her and she is seriously sweet and beautiful in person), Sarah Ramos (loved her on American Dreams), Sam Jaegar (who played that douche on Eli Stone), but my favorite actress on the show is Mae Whitman. I bawl through most of her story lines - especially when she sang that song at open mic night. I love that every episode is dramatic (I cry at least once an episode) yet it is never really overly so. They don't end with huge cliffhangers, instead the episodes stay grounded in reality. My favorite moment so far: Peter Krause dancing to 'O.P.P' - Possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen.

The Vampire Diaries - The sophomore season of VD has been fantastic. There has been so many moments where I was stunned beyond words. For example: Caroline was shot in the head. Claus took over Alaric's body. Bonnie DIED (but not really). And Holy crap - did everyone watch that finale?!? That is how you successfully end a season while creating intrigue for another. My mouth was dropped open through it's entirety. I didn't think they would actually kill Jenna but that wasn't even the biggest surprise! The most jaw dropping moment was when Sheriff Forbes accidentally shoots Jeremy. I really liked Jeremy this season (much better than the whiny, self involved brat from season 1) so I was really upset when he "died". I really like how Bonnie brought him back only to have him "see" both of his exes - that is a great set up for next season. Probably the most intriguing part of next season will be Stefan's story. He is now Klaus's bitch - a genuine "ripper" which will obviously have a harsh effect on his relationship with Elena. Speaking of - Elena & Damon had a great heart-to-heart moment as Damon lay on his deathbed (bitten by Tyler). I have been sort of rooting for them ever since Damon said "I will always choose you" to her a few eps back. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

NBC Thursday Comedies - Remember when NBC owned Thursday night? Well, they are back with a solid block of genius shows - Parks & Recreation, The Office and Community are 3 of the best comedies on network tv (30 Rock is hit or miss and Outsourced is entertaining but I wouldn't describe it as "genius"). Parks & Rec is probably my favorite of the night - the addition of Rob Lowe and Adam Scott really sets this show apart from other comedies. Rob Lowe has never been funnier - his pronunciation of "literally" gets me every time. April and Andy are quite possibly my favorite couple on television. My favorite episode is when Ben moves in with them and gives them a list of things to buy for an "adult" apartment - he says "there is a 30% chance that they'll die". I also love the episode where it is Ron's birthday and Leslie finds out and has something planned for him. Ron: Leslie has a lot of qualities I find horrifying. But the worst one by far is how thoughtful she can be. Hilarious. The Office has really had a solid season - I was skeptical with it being Michael Scott's last season, but the last few episodes without him have been some of the season's best - so next season might actually have a shot at being awesome and rejuvenate the show. I like that this season they stepped out of the actual office a few times (for Andy's play and to have a Glee party - awesome sauce!). I also really enjoyed the episode where Jim and Dwight have a snow ball fight - well it is just really Dwight attacking Jim with snowballs. It was epic. I usually find The Office to be funnier during the second or third viewing (which is what makes it so awesome) so I can't wait to catch the reruns sometime soon. Community continues the absurdity that I wrote about back in January. The season ended with the most epic paintball game in the history of time - it was just about the most ridiculous but entertaining television I have ever experienced.

The Walking Dead - I loved it! It is an amazing concept ( I have been waiting for so long for someone to do a scary tv show – seeing how people flock to horror films and they are relatively cheap to produce – what have we been waiting for? Happy Town did not cut it…). The first episode was a little cliched for a zombie story – guy in a coma wakes up to find everyone is a zombie, but it is also a mind-blowing classic zombie plot that creates an entire world of the unknown. This allows for the series to go in many directions and ask many questions – How did this happen? Where are his loved ones? Is the entire world like this? I am glad that the show is on AMC because they will likely look into the darker side of humanity (like they do on Mad Men and Breaking Bad). The acting is impeccable so far (and the marketing – hello premiering it on Halloween was a genius move but even better was putting up an ad on the side of a funeral home). The second episode was really great – setting up the group of survivors that will have to overcome their differences and work together (such a cliché…but still somehow so good). The group of course includes several key stereotypes – it reminded me of Sue Sylvester taking attendance. How disgusting was the scene where they cut up the zombie and “wear” him in order to mask the smell of living flesh? How could that plan go wrong? Oh yah…rain. I love that they add a bit of drama to the story - The wife is now with the best friend (after thinking her husband was dead). That is a pretty decent twist of drama! I can't even tell you how excited I am to see what develops on this series!!

Southland - Another show that seems to get better with every episode. There were so many "moments" in the third season of this show that stand out in memory. The moment when Sammy finds out the baby might not be his. The scene where Ben confronts the man who raped his mother. The moment where the 6 year old boy pretends to shoot John (silent but soo gut wrenching). The car chase scene where they accidentally hit the woman crossing the street. And of course…the scene when Nate died. I will be thinking about that scene for a while. Shawn Hatosy did an amazing job in that scene and the one after it (Emmy worthy). The season ended with John going to rehab and my 2 favorite characters (Ben & Sammy) partnering up! That is a good way to reinvigorate the show (and woohoo there will be more!).

Glee - I write regular posts reviewing each episode of Glee - so I don't have much else to add. I agree that season 2 hasn't been as strong as season 1, but I would also argue that when you have something as perfect as Glee's freshman season it is pretty impossible to top it. I think that the creators did their absolute best, but it ended up feeling a little forced. It is still one of the best shows on network tv and every episode has entertained me (even it's worst episode - Comeback). I love that season 2 episodes parallel season 1 episodes. I love the series is socially conscious and that the creators recognize the responsibility that has been placed on them. If you want more of my opinions on the show - just read my previous posts. The only other point I want to make clear is that Cory Monteith deserves the award for the most adorable man on tv. Oh does that not exist? Ok. Then I guess an Emmy will do (or at the very least a nomination).

2. The Bad -

Desperate Housewives - I wrote about this show in my January post and have to say it has just continued to get worse. So many plots shoved into a few episodes - and none of them were very interesting. I am really sad about the split between Lynette and Tom - they are my favorite couple!! I love Tom so I am upset that they changed his character and made him into a complete douche. I feel like they are running out of ideas and are desperate for drama, but I think it is just about time to end the show.

Chuck - The show is still decent - it is just not very interesting or shocking. The only thing that surprised me the entire season was that Agent X was Volkov. That's it. The season focused mostly on leading up to the wedding of Chuck and Sarah - every pre-wedding event was of course derailed by some crazy spy plot. I like the dynamic between them and enjoy them as a couple but it got sort of tedious to sit through. I just haven’t been invested in this season at all. I have no interest in the whole “my parents were spies/ is my mother a good guy or a bad guy?” storyline - Alias did it better. I enjoy the supporting characters on the show (Captain Awesome and John Casey compete for my favorite character every week) – but they have all had considerably less screen time this season. And Morgan as a spy is just plain ridiculous.

90210 - I am disappointed with this season only because season 2 was actually really good - but sadly, season 3 was just pretty ridiculous. The whole Naomi rape thing was wrapped up pretty quickly – I am confident that she would have lasting emotional problems that could have made her a very complicated character but instead they took it to the extreme. Her rapist kidnapped her, she fought back - tied him up and kicked his ass (and gave us a painful cry – they should have reserved this storyline for a better actress). I loved that Adrianna became “famous” – she is turned into a complete Hollywood stereotype and I love it!!. Then they ruined the whole story by having her steal a dead pop stars song and then had her blackmailed and trapped into a lame ass plot. Turns out Teddy is gay (although it was spoiled before it happened - so the shock factor was lacking) but I loved it anyway – they handled the topic in the same cheesy overly dramatic way that I would expect from this show. But then they ruined the story by having him "come out" to his friends and then his life is suddenly full of sunshine and rainbows - I am sorry but coming out to your high school friends isn’t the “hardest part” of being gay, considering you wont even know those people within a few years. The most annoying girl on t.v, Annie was give three misguided plots - the first (and most ridiculous) was having her almost give her eggs to some creepy lady. The plot was quickly dropped (apparently she didn’t sign any contracts). The second was a single white female plot with her crazy cousin (turned into a boring mess) and the third was her becoming an assistant to some old but apparently legendary Hollywood actress (who dies and gives Annie her fortune - how convenient since her mom is having money troubles). I like the chill surfer girl (name?) better this season – although her sleeping with the guy that also slept with her mother is super gross (as was the guy). But then they gave her an even worse plot - marrying a guy who is dying of Cancer. Can we all just stop for a second and say the obvious - Navid is not hot (like not even a little bit) - how did he get the 2 hottest girls on the show? The showdown between Silver and Adrianna is probably the most interesting thing that happened all season. The finale ended with Naomi's pregnancy but I would have preferred Adrianna jumping (or falling or getting pushed) from the cliff because that truly would have been a shock.

Gossip Girl – My thoughts on this show can be described with a simple quote from the season finale:

“I haven’t been this bored since I believed in Jesus”. – Georgina Sparks.

3. The Cancelled - Pretty much every new show that I watched this past season has been cancelled. I have to admit most of them were borderline mediocre - The Event, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 187, Mr. Sunshine, Hellcats...the list goes on. I can't say that I can really put up a good argument to keep these shows on the air, however it is exhausting to invest your time in a series only to have it cancelled so quickly. Even V was given a second season to work out the kinks (which it did) but still cancelled anyway. This is sending the wrong message to viewers - I am starting to think that next season I might not watch any new shows - instead I will wait to see which ones survive, wait a few seasons and then view it via Netflix marathon. This way I avoid all of the shows that are duds. I still question cancelling shows so quickly (before they gain a faithful audience), while they keep shows like One Tree Hill on the air (which I will quote one of my favorite people ever - Joel McHale - can be described as lacking "depth, characters or trees"). It has become the biggest joke on television. One more thing: ABC better not cancel General Hospital. Seriously, I will officially break up with the network.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Thoughts on 4 Films From 2010

So many movies, so little time. I am still catching up with 2010 - here are some films I watched recently:

1. 127 Hours - So I had absolutely zero interest in this film based on a true story about a guy who gets trapped rock climbing and has to cut off his own arm. It reminded me of Into the Wild (which I didn't really like) – only because we are supposed to sympathize with this careless, narcissistic, cocky asshole. Nobody deserves what he went through, but that doesn’t mean I feel sorry for him. As they say “if you play with fire- you are going to get burned”. I think the character (based on the actual person) in 127 Hours isn't as annoying as Into the Wild, but I still don't understand why anyone would go on a hike in the middle of nowhere without telling anyone – it is simply a dumb idea. I’m all for an adventure but if you like living so much then you should probably be somewhat safe. I was pretty much forced to see it because of James Franco's supposed brilliant performance - and I have to admit he totally rocked in this film. I loved Franco’s “oh shit” moment when he realized he was stuck– his performance was so great that I felt like I was having an anxiety attack through the whole film. Obviously, the scene that stands out is the much discussed cutting of the arm. I rarely have had to look away from a gory scene but this one I had to – My mouth was gasped open in shock. I don’t think my will to live is that strong – I would be totally f**ked. How did he not pass out? Then he still had to hike his way out of there – with 1 freaking arm!! The whole story is pretty unbelievable. I am surprised that it captured my attention through its entirety. I am glad I finally experienced it for myself.

2. The Wolfman - Thank the Lord that I did not sit through this film in the theaters. I am speechless at how truly awful it is – let’s just call it indescribably bad. It was boring, over-acted, dark (like actually dark – you couldn’t see what was going on) and pretentious. I was never a huge fan of Benecio Del Toro until he was part of the acting ensemble of 21 Grams, but he has not impressed me since. I do adore Emily Blunt but she was lifeless in this film. The thing is that I KNEW it was going to suck – I have had the Netflix disc for over a month but was just absolutely dreading watching it. Why didn’t I listen to my instincts and skip it altogether?? The key with a film like this (a film that has been done so many times before) is that it has to be modernized in some way otherwise the audience feels like they have seen the film already. It was pointless to watch.

3. I Love You Phillip Morris - I was excited for this film - a love story about 2 gay men who meet in prison. Ewan McGregor is usually fantastic and I actually prefer Jim Carrey in more serious roles. I'm not really sure how I feel about the film - it was sort of sweet, but sort of offensive. The characters were full developed, but the over-acting was off the charts. The ending was at first, completely offensive and cliched. It actually made me angry to think that we can't seem to get a film about gay men that don't have AIDS...I was hoping that cliche was over - but then the ending took a strange turn that was completely shocking (which made me feel uneasy because it was actually hilarious). I can't really say that I liked the film - as a whole it was pretty unwatchable. But it was also strangely entertaining.

4. Hereafter - A friend of mine warned me not to see this film - and not just because of the obvious deep religious context, but because the film is horrible and he wanted to save me from the misery of sitting through it. I wish I listened, but I am stubborn like that. I knew that the tsunami scene would give me chills, but I wasn’t expecting it so soon in the film (because that was pretty much the only exciting thing from the trailer). Watching the news after the 2004 disaster was devastating. I still can’t watch Nate Berkis without getting chills (he was in Sri Lanka when the tsunami hit). The film was about 3 different stories (I usually love that as a plot device). I tried my best to put the pieces of the 3 stories together but failed miserably - you know why? Because they don't go together at all!! The 3 characters end up in the same place at the end - that is the big "connection". So then, I thought - o.k maybe the film is trying to convey some big message. Is the film going to take a negative stance on cremation? Is the film going to show the spiritual connection that is said to live among twins? An hour into it and I’m still not really getting that it has a “message” or a “stance” on anything really. Also, I really don’t like Bryce Dallas Howard – I want to, she seems like a nice girl who stayed away from the trappings of Hollywood and being a celebrity’s daughter but I just don’t. She can’t really act – in this film she just played dumb and wide eyed. It was truly awful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 Reasons I Hated 'Lincoln Lawyer'

So even though there are a ton on new films in the theaters that I want to see - I somehow ended up seeing 'The Lincoln Lawyer', which turned out to be very, very bad. There were 2 legitimate reasons that I chose to see this film - first, to see Matthew McConaughey return to a role that made him famous (a defense lawyer) and second (and more importantly), to see the hottest man alive, Ryan Phillippe (although Cory Monteith is seriously giving Ryan a run for his money for that title), on the big screen for 2 hours. Turns out, these two things do not save this film - here is why:

1. Apparently, Matthew just got lucky - When he first arrived on the acting scene, I was fully supportive. He was amazing in one of my favorite films from the 90's - A Time to Kill. I can literally quote the entire film, that is how many times I have seen it. Then, for some strange reason Matt just kept getting cast in these painfully pathetic romantic comedies with awful actresses (like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, SJP) and his career plummeted. I was hopeful with this film that he would redeem himself and prove that he is deserving of his star status - but he flat out sucked in this film. He was bland, emotionless and one-note - absolutely nothing like his star making role as Jake Brigance where he was captivating and awe-inspiring. What a shame....

2. Ryan is still super hot, but he forgot how to act - I know my love for Ryan seems superficial - but in fact I am usually more attracted to talent over looks (ok...the looks help). I fell in love with Ryan way back when he was in White Squall - he had a small part but he broke my heart in it. Then I fell in love again when he was in Little Boy Blue, Homegrown and then one of my favorite films ever, Playing By Heart. He was great in all of these films that most people have never heard of. I was happy the way his career was progressing, but this film made me sad for him. I still love him, but I have no choice but to judge him harshly for his work in this film. He looked like he was having difficulty remembering his lines and oooof that crying scene was just...painful. Yes, a big smile comes across my face when I see pictures of him with his wife-beater tanks (holy.crap.hot) but he definitely moves down a notch on the hotness scale with this film.

3. The film was definitely lacking in plot, emotion and character depth - Besides it's two main actors showcasing some of the worst acting of the year, the film itself was just pointless. I am in shock that it is currently holding a solid 83% on Rotten Tomatoes - reviews calling it "gritty", "clever", "entertaining" - baffles my mind. The film was mind-numbing and predictable. The "grittiness", I think refers to the way it was shot (a sort of L.A noir style )- which in my opinion just made it seem amateur. Do not waste your time with this film!!

Thoughts On The Past 2 Episodes of 'Glee'

1. Rumours

The Love Triangles – So, 2 major things happened in this otherwise boring episode – the unraveling of Quinn & Finn and the unraveling of Brittany & Artie – making way for Finn & Rachel and Brittany & Santana. Finn becomes suspicious of Quinn and vice versa (because they are both cheaters) so Finn naturally decides to stalk her (Rachel’s brilliant idea), while Quinn decides that Finn can no longer perform duets with Rachel. Obvi their relationship is all downhill from there. I love that Rachel flat out asks Finn why he would get back with Quinn if he doesn’t trust her (plus she has “mood swings” and “you never know where you stand with her”) but I was not satisfied with his answer – “I don’t know”. Seriously, writers? That is the answer you are giving your faithful audience? I am offended. Brittany & Artie’s unraveling was a little more surprising – I sort of thought they would keep them going for a while. I guess they had to move on to the wonderful Brittany & Santana pairing. I did like Artie & Brittany – only because Artie was so cute with her instead of the douche bag he usually is. So in order to make their break-up satisfying, Artie went back to his douche ways and called her “stupid”. I officially don’t like Artie again….oh well. I do heart Brittana but I think they are dragging out the story slightly. Just do it already!!

The Rumors– I loved Sue’s plan to start up the school’s newspaper again and just plant lies in it to create tension amongst the Glee club. Plus, the “blind items” were really funny – “what prom queen candidate is spending a lot of time in her closet?” Cue Finn “That’s garbage – Quinn’s claustrophobic”. I also loved the use of Fleetwood Mac’s album ‘Rumours’. I am actually not a Fleetwood Mac fan, however I felt like the story behind the making of the album and most of the song’s that were used were actually relevant to the plot - so I approve.

The Highlights – Unfortunately, not many – I didn’t really laugh at much except of course for “Fondue For Two”. We finally get to see Brittany’s diary reading cat – Lord Tubbington. Freakin’ hilarious!! I also almost died with Sue dressing up as David Bowie and paying for her coffee with Euros. Like I said above – not a Fleetwood Mac fan, so most of the songs were not that interesting to me – but Rachel rocked ‘Go Your Own Way’ with Finn on the drums and Puck on the guitar. They were awesome! I would totally go see that band. I also enjoyed April & Will singing ‘Dreams’ – she is so adorable. Santana referring to the Piano player as “furniture” was hilarious. I also loved that Puck’s only job in this episode was to play the guitar.

The Lowlights – In general, the episode was pretty dull – most of the jokes were repetitive (Rachel giving Sam chap stick – although Sam hilariously telling Rachel “Santana told me never to talk to you alone because you would try to steal all of my gold” was one of the best things he has ever said). I appreciate a back story for Sam but I sort of feel like it is too late – I have already written his character off of the show. Call me cold-hearted but I could care less that his family is having financial troubles. This episode also made me really question Chord Overstreet’s acting ability –(worst crying scene ever) was that supposed to affect me emotionally? Because it totally didn’t work. Also, I was hoping for more Terri! They keep teasing me with her – but she hasn’t wreaked the havoc that I was expecting from her crazy mind. I also totally expected her to announce her pregnancy by now but I guess I am wrong about that plot happening? I love Kristin Chenoweth (anyone else miss Pushing Daisies as much as I do?), but I think April Rhodes as a character is a little too over the top. Also, The duet between Quinn & Finn was such a disappointment – well half of it was a highlight (because Cory Monteith actually understood the sarcasm behind the song and portrayed it while Dianna just did her “angry” face through the entire song).

2. Prom Queen

Jesse St. James – First, I will say that I heart Jonathon Groff. He is super adorable and talented. When his character was first introduced in season 1, I actually liked Jesse. I loved the tension that he created between Rachel & Finn. I loved that he brought out the best in Rachel because he was one of the few that can compete with her talent. I loved that he admitted that he was actually falling for her (because he was originally using her). Then out of nowhere, he tormented Rachel by cracking an egg on her head (and letting the rest of Vocal Adrenaline do the same). I was confused and outraged by the turn of events (and that it was never brought up again). I am happy with his return to the show (again, adorable and talented) but I would prefer him as a nemesis to the club (or at least Rachel). I think his return was supposed to somehow redeem him, but I am pretty sure nothing will (definitely not that lame apology). Why on earth would Rachel even give him the time of day? Why is everyone on Glee so damn forgiving??? I am with Finn on this one – I don’t trust him and he needs to back up off of Rachel. I am a little surprised that the rest of the Glee club wouldn’t want to protect her as well.

Prom Queen – So, if you are obsessed with Glee, as I am – then you likely read the big spoiler that was revealed by an extra (Kurt & Dave = Prom Queen & King). I wasn’t too upset about this revelation because I don’t watch Glee for big shocks or extreme plots (like say Fringe - I ensure that I stay spoiler free for that show). I watch Glee because it is freakin hilarious – knowing the plot isn’t going to change that. I could really care less about the outcome of Queen & King ( I honestly don’t remember who the Prom Queen was at my prom…I don’t even think we had one. Is that possible?). I was sort of surprised that Kurt was so offended – I expected him to laugh it off, grab his crown and dance with his king (which he eventually did). I also, didn’t expect Santana to really care about winning (wasn’t she just doing it to get Brittany back? – I am a little confused as to how those two things are related). And how come the kids at McKinley make fun of the Glee club, but no one makes fun of Karofsky in his “Bully Whips” outfit? Seriously? They even vote him prom king?

Finchel – The ‘Jar of Hearts’ scene was brilliant (although I question why this was chosen to sing at prom). The tension between Finn & Rachel was heartbreaking (mostly because Cory is so amazing at displaying EVERYTHING with his expressions). Just as brilliant was the scene where Rachel gives the corsage advice to Finn (mostly because Lea is so great at holding back tears – I could cry just thinking about it). I think it hit me that the only reason I root for Finn and Rachel together is because they are the two best actors on the show – so when they have scenes together by eyes are glued to the television. Otherwise, I honestly feel like they should both go their separate ways – be single or date someone outside of Glee maybe? But I digress- back to the story at hand: I genuinely think that Finn is conflicted – the way he looks at Quinn when she is descending down the stairs in her prom attire is really sweet and I think he really means it. He is genuinely in awe of her. But I think he is beginning to realize how superficial their relationship is. He sees how hurt Rachel is – and not just because they are not together, but because she has to endure watching Finn with someone else every day and apparently feels that she is supportive (um…yeah right…). I think with Jesse’s return, Finn gets a hint at what Rachel has been going through and it is painful. I think Dianna did a great job in the bathroom scene with her and Rachel (see I do give credit where it is due…). However, I hate her character more and more because if she realizes that Finn loves Rachel more – then why doesn’t she just let him go? Why is she clinging to him so desperately? I never really felt like she actually loves him (is this due to her usual bad acting or did the writers do this on purpose?). I hope her threat of transferring is for real – that would be just about the best news ever.

The Highlights –This episode was full of brilliant moments. Here are some of my fave's: Brittany choosing to go alone to the prom (and dance with other people’s dates) was an awesome turn of events (especially for Glee - where it seems like all girls feel incomplete without a boy – even Mercedes gave in to this line of thinking!). The return of Jacob’s interview skills - “Where does Lauren keep your balls?” followed by “I’m not scared – I’ve been hit by a girl before”. I can’t believe Puck let him get away with that! Hilarious. Sue calling out ‘Run Joey Run’ and the ‘Crazy in Love’/ ‘Hair’ mash-up as awful performances – “you should literally apologize to America for that one”. (Am I the only one who loved the ‘Run Joey Run’ performance??? – It was completely ridiculous and therefore hilarious). Kurt referring to Blaine as “Blaine Warbler” – I loved that they kept that name going. Apparently, everyone forgot Sam’s birthday (can we just forget that he exists as well?). Rachel trying to convince Sam to take her and Mercedes to the prom - "Kind of like a 3 way date - but not the dirty kind." Puck describing himself as “a lovable but dangerous miscreant”. But my favorite highlight of the entire episode was the entire “Bully Whips” scene - it was pure genius– “Teen gay: You may now proceed to the next checkpoint without fear of violence”.

The Lowlights – Collectively, the performances were a big WTF. The song choices were just horrible and the only good song was slowly and painfully murdered before my eyes. Here is the breakdown:
-‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a beautiful song and it goes soooo well with the Jesse/Rachel storyline. Unfortunately, they completely murdered the song - it was cringe worthy. It started out o.k. – a little too fast – but not horrible. Then it just got worse and worse. It was mostly the chorus in the background that did most of the killing. I also don’t think the song works as a duet.
-'Friday' really? I sat through 2 Justin Beiber songs, and 3 Bruno Mars songs this season and now you are really going to force me to sit through this? I. Can’t. Even. I seriously hope this song is not playing at proms across the country. The best part of the performance was Santana spotting a girl with the same dress – it is a blink and you will miss it moment that is worth rewinding.
-'Isn’t She Lovely' was cute but sort of lame at the same time (always a bonus when Finn gets to be a dork – he is so happy drumming on stuff).
-‘Jar of Hearts’ – I’m not really a fan of the song – it is good, but it is also a little obvious. Lea sounded amazing, but I just don’t understand an angry break-up song as a “prom” song. It is certainly no ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (the benefit of being in high school the year Titanic came out).
-‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You’ – Probably the best of the episode but the song is super annoying and repetitive. Blaine was super cute though, as was Tina and Brittany. I also loved seeing all of them dance (and not in a choreographed sort of way) – the best was Santana and Karofsky. But then I got distracted by the fight between Finn & Jesse. I sort of loved the shoving match between the two of them. It was awkward and painful to watch like the way a real fight is.
-'Dancing Queen' - Ugh. ABBA for real? Who thought this was a good idea? Although I love a Mercedes/Santana duet. Just the song makes me want to vomit.

Other lowlights: Sue’s interrogation of Artie was not really funny – actually I am sort of missing The Cheerios, only because they gave Sue something to do. Now she is sort of a pointless character. Oh and the prom dresses were all hideous (Santana’s was alright…I guess).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 More Shows to Watch

My television is killing me. There is just simply too many things to watch - my DVR gets full within a week! There are 3 more shows that recently premiered that have real potential - "The Killing", "Happy Endings" and "Body of Proof". I also can not wait for June's premiere of "Wilfred". Seriously, who's idea was it to put Elijah Wood on my tv every week?? That person is a genius. Anyway, here are my thoughts on these awesome new shows:

1. The Killing - AMC just keeps getting it right. Out of their 5 shows - 4 of them are among the best television has to offer right now. I simply could not get into Rubicon - I really tried especially since I love James Badge Dale (24, The Black Donnelly's). It was just painfully slow moving - it just did not capture my interest enough to invest the energy to really "get it". I think I made it through 3 episodes before giving up. However, The Killing is sort of brilliantly slow moving but still manages to capture my interest. The acting is impeccable - which always helps, but I really love the moodiness and quietness the series embraces. It is obviously a tough subject to create a show around - the murder of a young girl. It is a "whodunit" plot yet it focuses on the characters over plot - so I don't get lost in just guessing what will happen next. Instead I watch the show to simply enjoy each episode. It slightly reminds me of “State of Play” (the wonderful original BBC miniseries) because it is essentially about a murder – but then you get all of this political information and in-depth character development. You just have to wait it out to see how it is all related.

2. Happy Endings - I admit I was a little sceptical - First, the shows title is just a little...obvious. Second, Elisha Cuthbert is not exactly a great actress. I watched the first 2 back-to-back episodes and was pleasantly surprised. The show is super funny, the characters are quirky and well-developed and the cast is pretty close to perfect (even Elisha is good in her role). It is definitely more on the Friends track than any other show has been without being a complete copycat. Mostly because when Friends began it had very little plot - it was just about the shenanigans of 6 friends. Most shows that have tried to fill the very large hole in my heart since Friends ended have failed because they are more plot heavy, contrived and cliched. I did get annoyed that it started with a girl running out on her wedding (maybe it was supposed to be a respectful nod to Friends?) Anyway, I have loved every episode so far and I love the girl that played "Denise/Joe" on Scrubs. She is hilarious. Other things I love: 1. The "gaycist" storyline. 2. That they made fun of the most ridiculous 24 plot ever (and that is saying a lot!) - "what if you were trapped in the woods with a cougar?". 3. That Max is not the stereotypical gay character. 4. They referenced one of the greatest animated films ever - An American Tale: Fievel Goes West. 5. Penny dates a hipster (he is only ironically liking the same things she does). Please, ABC do not give up on this show!!! It has so much potential!

3. Body of Proof - I only began watching for Dana Delany (I loved her crazy on Desperate Housewives), but was surprised at the large & familiar supporting cast (Jeri Ryan, The guy married to Christina Hendriks - it is rude, but that is how I know him, and Kima from The Wire…). It’s really just another show about solving a mystery – not really new but I like the characters and I like Megan’s (Delaney) back story (the accident that prevents her from being a neurosurgeon and her strained relationship with her daughter). Plus, it gets a big bonus that it takes place in Philly (woohoo love me some Philly!).

Sunday, May 1, 2011

5 Thoughts on Glee's 'Born This Way' Episode

1. The theme - Let me be Santana for a minute and 'keep it real' - the whole love yourself, accept your flaws, you're beautiful theme that is populating our culture is a little....cliched and more importantly...unrealistic. I prefer Pink's song 'F'ing Perfect' over Gaga's 'Born This Way' - but we know how much Glee loves Gaga so of course this song was inevitable. To be perfectly honest I think kids need a little bit of teasing (to a point) to make them strong as adults. As Quinn states – looking like she does gives her a “warped sense of the world”. The 'Born This Way' theme of the episode took on two important aspects - plastic surgery and actual disorders (that should be treated - like Emma's OCD). I’m not really against plastic surgery – as long as it is something you want to do for yourself and not because you feel pressured into it. I know when I was 20 I really wanted a boob job – but luckily I waited it out and now I absolutely love having small boobs. I can wear any top I want without looking like a ho (and the big bonus - I never have to worry about gravity). I am happy that I was strong enough (and smart enough) as a young adult to realize that such a big decision should be put off until I was fully ready. I think plastic surgery in high school is definitely inappropriate - kids have no idea how they will feel when they grow up. My biggest advice would be: WAIT IT OUT!. So, on to Emma’s OCD – I really love how they handle this topic. I admit that her obsessive cleaning and her anxiety is hilarious but I like that they showed how serious the actual disorder is. I also like that she questions medication because I question it myself. The interaction between the psychiatrist and Emma was heartbreaking. The psychiatrist made a terrific point in comparing it to Diabetes (but I still have issues with the types of medications that are used).

2. The continuity issues – While I admittedly enjoyed this episode - I have a lot of problems with it's huge lack of continuity between this episode and the series as a whole. First, are we supposed to just accept this ridiculous back story that they are suddenly giving Quinn? The 'Lucy Caboosey' plot is just plain absurd. We have seen her "perfect" home life last season (I am obviously being sarcastic - her parents basically threw her on her ass when she got pregnant) but she had this sort of whimsical life where her parents seem perfect and her mother is gorgeous and raised 2 daughters as gorgeous as she is (and also blond and skinny - resembling Quinn NOT Lucy...). Her father is a conservative man who doesn't exactly seem like the type that would let his precious daughter get a nose job either. Lucy Cabbosey seemed like a way for the writers to give Quinn some redeeming qualities but too little, too late in my opinion. Second, Quinn (or Dianna) actually does need a nose job (not because her nose is ugly but bc she obviously has breathing issues) – which is why she always sounds so nasally ALL THE TIME! Is no one going to bring that up? Seriously? Also, Finn suddenly claiming he likes the way he looks – um does anyone else remember the Rocky Horror episode? Remember...Finn wears swim shirts in the pool because he is insecure about his body...anyone? It was dumb to begin with because Finn is obvi super duper hot but still – they planted this storyline and now they are abandoning it. They also planted another great storyline in that episode with Sam having Body Dismorphic Disorder (actually making him interesting) which would have been a perfect thing to address with this episode...but nope. We are just given Rachel has a big nose (again.). Why didn’t anyone bring up the fact that Santana had a boob job (and possibly cheek implants) when she was ripping them all apart? Another valid topic since they were discussing plastic surgery - but again...nothing. Speaking of - did Santana and Trouty Mouth ever break up? Because I don’t remember that happening? Maybe he got tired of her constant mouth jokes? The only reference to them dating is when Sam says that “he can have her” referring to Karofsky.

3. The Shirts - So Mr. Shue's brilliant assignment this week was to have them sing songs that highlight their flaws and then do a group number ('Born this way') wearing shirts with this flaw branded across their chest. Here is how the shirts went down:

FinnCan’t Dance. I adore that they make fun of his dancing. Perfect shirt.
SantanaLebanese. (Brit meant to write "Lesbian"). I would have preferred the Bitch t-shirt.
RachelNose. I really wish they would stop beating the horse to death.
Sam Trouty Mouth. Again the horse is dead.
QuinnLucy Caboosey. This is just dumb because she doesn’t embrace “Lucy”. I would have preferred “Plain” or “Nasal voice”
TinaBrown Eyes. I am pretty sure that you just offended most of the human population.
KurtLike’s Boys. I adore the T - but it doesn’t really make sense since Kurt has always embraced his sexuality.
MikeCan’t Sing. Nope you can’t. Please don’t ever try again.
BrittanyI’m with Stoopid (arrow pointing up). Cute, but I don’t think the writers ever established that she is that self-aware.
PuckI’m with Stoopid (arrow pointing down). Best shirt ever.
ArtieFour Eyes. I guess they can’t use paralyzed from the waist down since he wasn’t “born that way”
LaurenBad Attitude. Seriously though?
WillButt Chin. He has a very tiny chin dimple that isn’t even noticeable – I could pick a million other things he should have went with…but I won’t.
EmmaOCD. I liked the Ginger shirt better.
MercedesNo Weave. What? She was in this episode?

4. The Highlights - Oh there were so many - a super-sized episode like this only means that it was filled with so much genius that the editors couldn't make any cuts. Here is what stands out:

-Santana - Her story arch has been brilliant this season and Naya Rivera has done an incredible job with this character. Her keeping it real is always extremely harsh but somehow hilarious like when she tears Rachel apart- “I hear that Rachel has a bit of a schnoz…I wouldn’t know because like Medusa I try to avoid eye contact with her.”... followed by “maybe Rachel’s fine with having an enormous beak, maybe she needs it to crack hard seeds”. Plus her awesome Russian fur hat and fur vest combo was brilliant. My favorite part was her interactions with Karofsky - threatening to "out" him if he doesn't apologize to Kurt. “ The only straight I am is straight up bitch”. Not only does she make him apologize, she forces him to create an anti-bullying club 'The Bully Whips' – OMG hilarious.
-The uber-adorableness of Finn Hudson - Seriously, I thought he reached his adorableness plateau performing 'I've Gotta Be Me' with Mike (awkward? check. voice that makes me melt? check. ) - but then the epic adorableness really hit when he shows Quinn a picture of his girlfriend 'Lucy' and tells her that it's the first picture where you really see her. I almost died. I really wish the writers gave us some honest interactions between these two so we can actually understand what Finn sees in her (instead of the superficial "prom" talk we are forced to sit through).
-The 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty' mash-up - I wasn't expecting to like this song - but the songs were mixed together brilliantly and the way it was shot was stunning and downright chilling. I just wish Dianna displayed some more emotion (it's almost sad when you compare her to Lea). I am also a little bothered by having someone as beautiful as Lea (thousands of girls would love to look like her) being seen as the "unpretty" girl. Really that is just sort of disgusting when you think about how that is effecting young, impressionable girls. Can someone explain to me how Dianna is prettier? Because I honestly don't see it. Because she is blond? Her face is proportioned? Her eyes are blue? When you actually look at photos of the girls (like for instance the now infamous GQ photo shoot - it is actually Lea who has the better body). Anyway...enough with my rant.
-'Barbara Streisand' - Of course Rachel learns her big lesson by the use of her idol - Barbara. This flash mob scene was not as good as season 1’s (oh how I loved 'The Safety Dance') but I love how much fun they had. Rachel was perfection as she asks “is she here?” Kurt replies “this is a mall…in Ohio.” Kurt’s dancing was hilarious and Rachel seemed genuinely shocked (Lea is just so great). The ridiculousness of the whole scene was terrific. My favorite game was “spot the glee club members” – ok, ok…you caught me - it was really a “spot Finn” game but still fun nonetheless.

5. The Lowlights - not too many with this episode - Obvi - the Lucy Caboosey plot makes me want to vomit, but my only other issue was.......The Warblers again! Seriously you guys lost Regionals– get off of my favorite show (ok ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is one of my favorite songs – and they rocked it but still….). Also, I am usually a big fan of Kurt solo’s (and am ecstatic that he is finally back at McKinley) but this one was super boring and way too long.