Sunday, October 4, 2009

3 Reasons Why I Enjoyed "Jennifer's Body".

I enjoyed "Jennifer's Body", I wouldn't say it was fantastic or anything - but it was exactly what I expected. Here are reasons why I liked it...

1. Megan Fox did a respectable job - Unfortunately for her, she is being blamed for the devastatingly low box office numbers. Since this really is her first "starring" feature, I think we should cut the girl some slack. Truth be told - I don't think I would have interest in the film if Megan wasn't in it. I think that the real problem was that the expectation for this film was too high - just because it was written by Diablo Cody doesn't mean it was going to be as big as Juno.

2. Destined to be a cult classic? - It was actually really funny. There were several little quips that stick in my memory and make me smile ("Got a tampon"?). I feel like maybe once more people actually watch it (via DVD..) it will be greatly appreciated for it's witty and sarcastic dialogue.

3. I miss Adam Brody - Let's face it - whether he is playing Seth Cohen on The O.C or the lead singer of a Satan worshipping emo band in this film, he is really just being Adam Brody (I mean it's not really a stretch seeing as he is the drummer of the awesome band Big Japan). But I don't care, he was the most entertaining part of the movie and I miss him!!

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