Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 Thoughts I Had While Watching "A Single Man"

I might have to rethink my "Best Films List" now that I watched "A Single Man". I really fell in love with this film - here are some of my thoughts.

1. Colin Firth is finally in a challenging role - I always like Colin as an actor, but he seems to play the same type of character in every film - the slightly awkward, sarcastic but charming guy that he played in the Bridget Jones films. This role is completely different and he nails it. It was heavy and emotional, yet it was never dramatic. I was holding back tears through the films entirety - mostly because I felt like he was holding back tears through the film as well. Nomination worthy - alongside Jeremy Renner and Shartlo Copley, it is definitely a tough call on who should win an Oscar this year.

2. The story is classic - Based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood, I am quite surprised it took this long for a film version to be made. It is depressing as hell, but surprisingly uplifting - the tale of someone who is so heart broken (due to the death of his lover) that he decides to end his life at the end of the day. He proceeds through the day as he normally would, but with a new outlook he begins to notice and appreciate the littlest things that make life bearable.

3. Tom Ford made a beautiful film - The story was not only told well, the film was visually stunning. The contrast and use of color, the composition of objects, the detailed camera work - all of these elements prove that Ford is a true auteur filmmaker. Just as he would create a suit, he created a film that is stylish, tailored and timeless.

4. I don't like Christopher Hoult - The kid from About A Boy. He was super annoying in that film, but he was a kid (and I think he was supposed to be annoying). However, I am a recent fan of the amazing BBC show Skins (I just finished season 2 yesterday) and I can say with confidence he is still annoying. I don't think he can act, he has this smirk on his face ALL THE TIME even when it isn't appropriate for the scene. In this film he is supposed to be this pretty boy college kid who has a crush on his professor, but I felt that he was incredibly miscast - first his American accent was unbearable, second they had to put so much makeup on him to give him a "California glow" it was distracting. I am nervous that he will be a "Hollywood staple" now that he is cast in the much anticipated Clash of the Titans. EW.

5. Matthew Goode has redeemed himself - He was truly awful in Watchmen, but he was superb in this film.

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