Saturday, November 14, 2009

5 Shows That Have Been Great This Season

I have been really impressed with television this season - there are great new comedies (Modern Family, Community), new drama's (The Vampire Diaries, FlashForward) and one amazing new hybrid (Glee!). However, there are also several seasoned shows that have been better this season. Here are shows that have really impressed me so far -

1. Grey's Anatomy - I thought for sure that I would stop watching Greys now that George is dead. Last season, the show was so dull and predictable - I was ready and willing to say goodbye to it. I decided to watch the premiere giving it one last chance to capture my interest and I have to say - it was so well done that I kept watching! And guess what - I have fallen back in love. The premiere was such a perfect send-off to George (Yes, I cried every time they played "Wade in the Water", I sobbed at Baileys response to her favorite interns death and I absolutely wept when they began to laugh hysterically at the funeral). I think it helps that this season the 2 most annoying characters (Izzie and Meredith) have been mostly m.i.a - letting some newcomers shine, and also giving more screen time to Yang who is funnier than ever (she compared the "in and out merger" list to Schindler's list claiming "I'm allowed - I'm Jewish"). I also really like the whodunit episode where they all tell their version of how a patient died to the Chief so he can figure out who was at fault. Every episode has been really well done, I am glad to have one of my favorite shows back.

2. Parks and Recreation - The first season of this show was enjoyable, however like I said - it pretty much was a copy of The Office. Now I feel that the show has grown into it's own. Leslie Knope and the rest of the supporting characters are fully developed and are all really hilarious. Making Chris Pratt a regular cast member was smart, so was giving more screen time to the hilarious Aubrey Plaza as April (I love her boyfriend...and his boyfriend. Genius.). I loved the last episode where they all had to create a mural to show the history of Pawnee. Or should I say murinal? Ohmygod..I almost died. I think that the show is actually funnier than 30 Rock, I guess it helps that I actually like every character...

3. Fringe - Fringe is fantastic. The first season was really good, but the second season is even better. It's clearly similar to Alias with a bit more sci-fi X-Files twist. I am a little upset that they flat out stole some Alias plot lines (my bff is not really my bff anymore, instead an evil force has taken the body of my bff - one of the best Alias twists ever!). However, I love that they have kept every episode intriguing without being confusing, they give us little hints and clues at something bigger, but they focus on each "fringe" case separately. I absolutely LOVE the chemistry between Pacey and Olivia - I will loathe the day when they will inevitably get together, because they clearly share a brother/sister love for one another. I am upset that the ratings are dropping (fast!) because FOX moved it to Thursday night (up against the most watched shows on television). I hope FOX realizes their mistake and they move it back to Tuesday nights instead of canceling it.

4. Mad Men - So there has been a lot of chatter that this season of Mad Men was disappointing, but I feel the exact opposite. So much has happened this season - and that season finale!!! It was amazing. I love Betty Draper and I feel like her character really shined this season, especially towards the end when she finally tells Don she wants a divorce. I did, however, miss Joan - I hated that she left the company - but she obviously will be back. Yes, some of the episodes were a little slow - but overall most of this season has been spot on.

5. 90210 - Don't ask me why I watched such a ridiculous show last year, but I did. I never even got into the original Beverly Hills, 90210, so I really don't know why I had any interest in a new version. The first season was practically unwatchable, the main character Annie was a bore, the worst actress on television- AnnaLynne McCord's hair was distracting, and none of the guys were attractive. However, the second season is practically addictive. Annie, while still a bore, is featured less - while the focus is on the more complicated Erin and Adrianna. I also like the "surfer clique" that they have going - with new characters Liam and Teddy (both hot). McCord's hair is still ridiculous, but they have made her character really funny. I am not a fan of Rumor Willis or the new guy that is Annie's boyfriend (and a drug dealer) - maybe they will both get killed off before the season finale?

There are some shows that seem to be getting worse as well - Desperate Housewives is a complete bore (Drea DeMateo is an awful addition to Wisteria Lane), Heroes is unwatchable, Project Runway was the worst season yet (mostly due to the limited appearance of Nina Garcia and Michael Kors) and Gossip Girl is not as shocking as it pretends to be (really that was the threesome that the Parents Council was freaking out about? I think we've seen worse on any of those crazy reality shows on E!, VH1 and MTV - why are we not calling attention to how these shows are corrupting our youth?)

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