Monday, September 21, 2009

10 Best Emmy Moments; 5 Worst Emmy Moments

I may disagree with just about every winner that was announced at this years Emmys, However it was definitely one of the best Emmy presentations ever! Neil Patrick Harris rocked. Here are the Best (and a few worst) moments from the awards -

1. NPH - Although I am still holding out for Ricky Gervais to get a hosting gig, NPH was outstanding. He has the perfect combination of sarcasm, cockiness and chivalry - looking quite dapper in his crisp white tuxedo jacket. I think he won me over when he used the term "dagnabbit" in his opening monologue.

2. Tina Fey's dig at NBC - something like "Thanks for keeping us on the air even though we are more expensive than a talk show" - an obvious dig at The Leno Show that garnered the 10pm time-slot Monday thru Friday (which essentially leaves out 5 shows that could have been).

3. Thanking Lorne Michaels - Everyone thanked the creative genius so much, I believe he was even thanked more than "god".

4. Anna Torv - Holy crap! She is gorgeous. I guess I didn't realize her beauty as it is toned down for her tough chick demeanor on Fringe. I also had no idea she was Australian - which just proves she deserved a nomination!!

5. The narration/presenter intro's - The fun facts (and completely made up?) narration that was heard while the winner was making their way to the stage and NPH's fun introductions of the presenters actually kept me from hitting the fast-forward button on my remote.

6. Dr. Horrible crashes the Emmys - This sketch made me add Dr. Horribles Sing-along blog to my netflix queue, which I had no interest in before. I loved his comparison to watching shows on a t.v versus a computer. Hilarious.

7. Ricky Gervais is once again the best presenter - the only person that can offend everyone in the room and not get booed off the stage. (Jimmy Fallon was a close second as best presenter - I'm not usually a fan of prat-falls but he did it well).

8. Kristen Chenowith and Alec Baldwin- The only winners that I actually agreed with! Plus, they both had a great speech. Kristen's "I'm unemployed now, so I would really like to be on Mad Men" was funny and honest. (On a side-note, the funny eye wear that all the nominees wore during the announcement wasn't really funny, but why wouldn't Vanessa Williams participate? She bothers me.) Alec's speech " I would trade this to look like him" referring to Rob Lowe, which made us wonder if he was kidding or if he is that self-deprecating, but all the same it was funny as hell.

9. Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedjwick - The best couple in Hollywood. They have been married for 21 years(!) and they seem completely happy and in love - which I guess proves my theories on marriage wrong.


1. Ryan Seacrest drooling over Blake Lively during the pre-show - Yes, her dress was provocative - but Ryan's inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour during his "interview" with her was an embarrassment. I put interview in quotes because he didn't actually ask her any questions about Gossip Girl or what she was presenting at the awards. She obviously felt uncomfortable and even quietly said "I'm only 22" so that maybe he would stop his drooling. It didn't work.

2. Weeds and Dexter pretty much ignored - Not only was Weeds not featured in the "Year in Comedy" montage, but both of these amazing shows received zero awards! I love both 30 Rock and Mad Men but I don't think they are the BEST shows on television right now. Plus Michael C. Hall is one of my favorite television actors ever (He should have been showered with awards for Six Feet Under as well), he has been nominated for 3 Emmys and 3 Golden Globes and hasn't won yet...I think it's his time already!!

3. Aaron Paul was robbed - The biggest upset of the night for me. Michael Emerson is amazing on Lost (as is Terry O'Quinn and Jeremy Davies) and any other year I would be ecstatic for a Lost win, however I promise you Aaron Paul is perfection in the second season of Breaking Bad. He truly deserved the award - hopefully the Golden Globes will not make the same mistake.

4. Jon Cryer - Really? He's more deserving than Jack McBrayer and Rainn Wilson? I would have even preferred Tracy Morgan to win.

5. The dancing - People I don't know dancing (and not even that great!) don't belong at the Emmys. And to think...people watch that crap EVERY week!!

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