Saturday, September 19, 2009

4 Reasons Why "All About Steve" Is Not the Worst Film I Have Ever Seen

So it is obvious by now that "All About Steve" is ranked as the worst film of the year (and one of the worst theatrical released films ever - it currently has a measly 6% tomato reading on Even "The Happening" has 11%!). After watching the film, I feel that the current lambasting of this film is a little harsh. It had several cute moments, a great cast and a quirky storyline. Yes, it probably should have been a straight to DVD release, but it wasn't the worst film I have ever seen by far. Here is why -

1. It's not really a romantic comedy - It's advertised like it is, but in reality it's more about the adventures of a single woman balancing between being herself and being America's version of what is "normal". It has a unique story about a woman who becomes so obsessed with Steve, not because she is actually in love with him but because he is her only chance to become "normal". While stalking him (literally following him around the country), she meets 2 friends who are just as unique as she is and begins to realize that being different is actually more "normal" than being the same as everyone else.

2. The guys - Bradley cooper (frosted tips...really?), Thomas Haden Chuch and Ken Jeong have a great chemistry together. Their scenes together could have really have been an entire film on its own. I do have a problem with Sandra - not because of her acting- but because of her "look" as Mary. I get that she was supposed to be eccentric, but the haircut and red boots made me HATE her.

3. It wasn't painful to watch - I actually didn't get bored once, it had well-paced humor and emotion. It wasn't laugh-out-loud funny like it should have been, but I think the critics were simply to harsh - it was described as "hopeless", "embarrassing", "vapid" and "bland."

4. America liked it - Usually America enjoys bad films and t.v, but in reality it is the "people" and not the critics that make or break a film and I have to say - the audience that watched the film with me ( a full crowd) clapped at the end of the film (no - not because it was over!). They enjoyed the film and I overheard several people saying "why were the reviews so bad? -it was cute!- I loved it! etc. Ideally a great film should be enjoyed by both the masses and the critics alike, but if the people like it then it can't really be the worst film of the year...right?

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