Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Things That Would Have Made 'Horrible Bosses" A Better Film

'Horrible Bosses' was adequately entertaining - but I thought of a few things that would have made it better....

1. A less informative trailer - Aside from the fact that they shoved most of the funny parts in the trailer (always a mistake) they also gave too much away. One of the aspects of this film that sets it apart from other comedies is it's surprise casting choices - Jennifer Aniston as a crazy, sex addicted, dirty talking, manipulative bitch and Colin Farrel as a balding, coke addicted, douche bag. I think if they held this back - people would still see the film but they would be delightfully shocked causing a "word of mouth" buzz around the film - "you have to see how hilarious Colin and Jen are in this film!". Instead - we already see it from the trailer and it becomes less funny in full length form.

2. Re-cast Kurt - Jason Sudeikis is funny. Not hilarious...but adequately funny. What he is not is a hot "ladies man". Yes, somehow he made it into January Jones pants and now the world thinks "he must be hot". But no. It was awkward to see him in this role. I think they should have had a suaver, hotter guy - and someone who is more distinguishably different from Jason Bateman (they were pretty much interchangeable - minus the ladies man part).

3. More Charlie Day - Guess who just added the entire It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia series to their netflix queue? ME!! I've watched a few episodes but never quite understood what was going on - and it never really peaked my interest enough to start from the beginning. If Charlie is even 1/2 as funny on the show as he is in this film I will be satisfied. He is freaking hilarious - accidentally coked up, singing "That's Not My Name". I almost peed my pants. More please!!

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