Friday, July 15, 2011

4 Gripes I Have With The Emmy Nominations

1. Apparently we are not watching the same shows - As much as I appreciate that they finally recognized a fan favorite show like Friday Night Lights (I've never seen it...but I always hear great things) and the ever hilarious Parks and Recreation, I am appalled at the blatant ommisions of fantastic shows - like Southland, Fringe, Cougar Town, Community, Weeds and Parenthood.

2. The 'locks' - I thought for sure Courtney Cox had it this year for her work on Cougar Town. She was snubbed for 10 years in a row with her work on Friends and now she returns to television still hilarious and neurotic, yet completely different than Monica Geller and they still ignore her. To make matters worse, they nominate Matt LeBlanc for Episodes (which he plays himself!! This is always problematic for me - along with Louis C.K's nominations. Really how much 'acting' does that require?!). Other 'locks' that didn't pan out - Anna Torv and John Noble for Fringe. Words can not express how shocked I am at the omission of Torv - who had one of the most difficult roles on television this year by portraying 2 versions of the same character and she was fucking brilliant at it. What more does a girl have to do??

3. The 'Modern Family' effect - How fantastic is it that everyone from the show was nominated...right?? Except that the actors now dominate both supporting actor and actress in a comedy category (and will likely split votes anyway). I love the the actors...but nominate Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen - then call it a day. There are plenty of talented and hilarious actors on other Aziz Ansari, Nick Offermam, Adam Scott and Rob Lowe from Parks and Rec (again just choose one....I would go with Scott) or Danny Pudi from Community. The actress category isn't as tied up - and I don't mind Sofia's nomination - but they seriously f'd up with Kristen Wiig and Jane Krakowski (2 of the most irritating women on television). They could have picked Busy Phillips or Christa Miller from Cougar Town or Lea Michele, Naya Rivera from Glee (I'm pretty sure Lea submitted herself as lead actress - which is why she didn't get nominated).

4. Speaking of 'Glee' - The show would obviously benefit from a 'dramedy' category but let's forget about that for a second and focus on the actors - first Jane Lynch is amazing (as I said before - she created a character that will live forever...). However, this season she didn't have much to do. Other people that didn't have much to how about all those nominated 'guest actors'??? How do you nominate Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Chenowith for showing up for an ep or 2 work their butts off then leave while you ignore the actors that do that every week? It is not just a comedy - its a freakin' weekly musical, which involves recording studios, dance rehersals, etc. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both characters (although Gwynny got a little stale) but it is just problematic for me that they are getting more recognition than the regular actors on the show.

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