Friday, July 15, 2011

4 Thoughts on the Big 'Glee' News

Lots of big casting news in the 'Glee' world over the past few a huge fan of the show i have some opinions:

1. Chord Overstreet not returning as a "regular" - If you have read any of my past Glee posts then you know I am not the biggest fan of Sam. That wasn't always the case....I actually adored him in the first episode. I loved his voice (and his version of 'Billionare'), I loved that he was a dork (and spoke Navi and did Matthew McConaughey impressions) and of course...I loved his abs. I don't blame Chord for the demise of his character - I blame the writers. By mid-season his character bored me to tears and by the end I was hoping for his character to disappear altogether (and I questioned Chord's acting after that painful crying scene). I am sort of happy that they realized his character doesn't work and they are admitting it by not renewing his contract. However, it doesn't necessarily mean he will be off of the show - if you think about it all this time Harry and Darren have not been considered "regulars" and they still were on the show....a lot. **Update: So Apparently Chord is leaving the show...after being given the option to stay as a guest, he declined in favor of "other offers". I can't really blame him. It was sort of arrogant and disrespectful for the creators to announce to the world that he was getting let go from his contract. Although - I am curious as to what the "other offers" are?? I can see him continuing a career in music, but I doubt he will go anywhere acting wise....

2. Harry and Darren promoted to "regulars" - Again...they were on the show as often as everyone else so the news doesn't really change anything for me. I am interested to see if they transfer Blaine to McKinley or if they leave him with the warblers (because honestly ....i have just had enough with them....).

3. Goodbye Lea, Cory and Chris - The news that the creators would be graduating some characters at the end of season 3 has been circulating for months it is no big surprise. I understand the need to keep it true to a real high school - pointing out other shows like Skins and Degrassi that change their main characters. While I like the idea, I honestly don't think it will work for this show. First, as Anderson Cooper hilariously points out in his "RidicuList" the show is not exactly a realistic portrayal of high school (they deal with real "themes" but not real "plots"). One could easily find ways to keep the actors on the show. Second, I don't trust Ryan Murphy. I was a loyal viewer of Nip/Tuck and watched the show go from one of the most innovative shows on tv to one of the most outlandish. Ryan has a tendency to ruin things. The show relies heavily on its actors (and characters) and Ryan lucked out with these 3 - the fact that he doesn't recognize how important these characters are to its faithful audience is disappointing. I am already nervous about the new cast considering that one of them is being chosen from a reality show (The Glee Project - I refuse to watch). But when I really think about it, I honestly think Ryan is doing these 3 a favor - because if they were offered another contract they would surely be obligated to sign it (no one wants to be known as the actor that turns his back on the project that made them famous). Now they are free to move on (along with a lot of Glee viewers..).

4. The others - I am sure that more names will start to appear as being "fired" (which is totally misleading). I just hope that Ryan actually grows a pair and confronts them about it directly instead of telling the media first. Cory talked about how he would probably be one of the ones graduating when the news first broke months ago - but the fact that it still hasn't been discussed directly with him bothers me a lot. Also, why did Ryan feel the need to make the announcement the day before the Emmy nominations - it takes away from Colfer's special day when instead of answering questions about his nod he is forced to talk about this (which he admits it was not his choice to leave....that just makes me sad). Come on Ryan, I willfully admit that you created a fucking brilliant show - but these actors work their asses off and commit themselves 100% to your vision. They deserve your respect. So, when you do announce the "graduation" of Santana, Puck, Tina, Artie etc - give them a heads up first....k? **Update: News from ComicCon reports that these three will NOT be leaving the show and that they have 7 year contracts (Let me repeat that....7 fucking years!). Ryan Murphy opted to NOT keep his mouth shut (surprise, surprise) and expained himself in another interview - he claims that these three actors were in talks for preliminary spin-off ideas. Which is still a contradiction from what he previously stated (he said that he did not speak to Cory about plans for him to leave Glee - "I presume he knows"). AND he has the balls to announce that the spin-off project is now on hold - blaming the actors. He basically states that they should not have spoken to the press about learning of their "firing". However, Chris was nominated for a freaking Emmy the next morning and was bombarded with questions. He was understandably a bit shocked to learn he was "fired" and expressed his feelings professionably and appropriately. As far as I can tell, Lea only made one very short Twitter statement that was also professional stating her love for the show and her fans. While, Cory has been MIA - keeping his mouth shut, growing his scruff, vacationing on islands and banging on his drums. So, to blame them for misconstruing things in the press is absolutely ridiculous. That was ALL YOU Mr. Murphy - telling the press that 3 stars will no longer be on the show will inevitably be sensationalized to them being "fired". You have been in this business long enough to know better. I am saddened that the 3 of them are stuck for another 4 years because I kinda want them to say fuck you and walk away. Luckily, they are much more professional than I would ever be.

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