Friday, July 15, 2011

Thoughts On 5 New Summer Shows

Summer shows are usually just entertaining enough to hold my attention until fall - but there have been some break out hits (like 'Mad Men' and 'Breaking Bad'). This year's new shows are mostly a disappointment - here are my thoughts:

1. Wilfred - possibly the oddest show currently on tv and I haven't decided whether that is a good or bad thing. I heart Elijah Wood tremendously and I love the idea of the show, but something about it doesn't quite work. I think it is the actor that plays the "dog" - his Australian accent bothers me and his comedic timing is off a little bit. Plus the show isn't quite as laugh out loud funny that I was hoping for and the character development is lacking so far (we only know that Elijah's character is depressed - we have no idea why). I will still keep watching just for Elijah but am hoping for something more substantial.

2. Love Bites - So I watched the first few episodes but then there was a conflict with my DVR and I haven't had any interest in watching the rest. I really like the idea of the little vignettes in each episode - however the cast is just too large and the plots are uneven and confusing (how exactly are all of these characters and/or plots related to each other?) . It doesn't help that the characters were a little bland and cliched - which is definitely a writing issue because the actors are all fantastic. Greg Grunberg, Michelle Trachtenberg, Laura Pepron and Lindsey Price all in one show should be an automatic win. (Side note: I am disappointed that they replaced Pamela Adlon with Constance Zimmer). Eventually, I plan on catching up on the show via the internet- maybe it starts to come together?

3. Falling Skies - I feel sort of bad for Noah Wyle because he just one of those actors that will always be a character to me - he is Dr. Carter and I don't think he will ever convince me otherwise (although Joshua Jackson proved me wrong - I no longer refer to him as took a while but he finally broke free). I was excited for this end of days type show - aliens and special effects galore = perfect summer show. Right?? Not exactly....the pilot was mind numbing and it barely held my attention for the whole 2 hours (and I know I probably missed important stuff...). It was fitting that Moon Bloodgood from Terminator was in it because that is exactly what the show reminded me of (with cheaper special effects). So far, I have only watched the pilot - the rest of the episodes are sitting on my DVR and I feel like it is a chore to watch the rest but I will....eventually.

4. Franklin and Bash - Of course I was a Saved By the Bell junkie - but the fact that Zack Morris is in this show was not enough to entice me (I refused to watch his last television venture - Raising the Bar). So what did entice me? Um Breckin Meyer....hellooooo!!! I was a teenager in the 90's therefore I grew up with Clueless (oh how I miss Brittany Murphy...), Can't Hardly Wait (uncredited but soooo memorable) and The Craft. Seriously, I am not sure I can truly express my love for Breckin (the same can be said for Seth Green, Ethan Embry, Donald Faison...) so HE is the reason I watched this show. Unfortunately, I am not that impressed with the is amusing summer fare, but that is about it. The episodes pretty much play out how you expect them to which is somewhat tedious to sit through (kind of how I feel about Royal Pains). I don't think the writers fully utilize the actors they have - I think the show can be much funnier (and therefore more entertaining) than it is. I keep watching...but I am usually doing house work at the same time.

5. Suits - I had my doubts about another law show (especially after the dullness of Franklin and Bash) but was intrigued by Gabriel Macht. He completely bombed in The Spirit but I thought television might be a good medium for him to showcase his charm. He shines in this series as the lawyer known as "the best closer" in the business who only cares about winning. But it is the other character - the new law associate (who didn't go to law school) who really makes the show. I have never seen him in anything before and I always love promising newcomer (and he looks exactly like Lucky from General Hospital which makes me automatically adore him...). Rick Hoffman plays the EXACT same character he played in Samantha Who? but he is still hilarious. Plus - Anna Espinosa! (or if you prefer...Gina Torres) - You just can't go wrong. I wouldn't call it "brilliant" or anything....but I pay much more attention to it than Franklin and Bash).

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