Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 Thoughts on 'Friends With Benefits'

I am pretty indifferent about the film…it was far more entertaining than I expected but overall also pretty forgettable. Here are my thoughts:

1. The beginning was rough
– the first 30 minutes had me in doubt. It was filled with romantic comedy shtick that bored me to tears - My eyes started to hurt from rolling them so much. Our two main characters meet – she is a corporate head hunter, he is her new target – trying to convince him to accept a job at GQ magazine in NYC (like one would really need convincing to accept a job like that). She shows him the “real” NY – which is exactly what you would expect (and much more like that “tourist” version…but whatevs). Their banter is supposed to be witty - like how silly he is for waiting for the "walk" symbol to cross the street!! Come on a real New Yorker power walks through the city with no concern for speeding cars!! I bet you never heart that joke before!! I don’t know how to pin point it but the dialogue was off, the chemistry was off and the plot was irritating….but only for the first 30, then things started to come together.

2. It’s not believable – it is not very easy to relate to characters who have perfect lives but complain about their lives not being perfect. Yes, his characters father is going through the beginning stages of Alzheimer's (which is heartbreaking – Richard Jenkins is a genius), while her characters mother is a bit loopy and free spirited – but the fact is they both have parents that love them, they are both gorgeous human beings and they both have success in their professional career (and therefore money). Stop complaining!!! It makes my stomach turn. Also, as funny as Andy Samberg is – there is no way in America he can get someone as hot as Mila Kunis let alone would he be the one to dump her….not believable at all!!

3. It makes fun of itself, its actors and its characters – One of the things that I enjoyed was that it doesn’t take itself to seriously. It sort of made fun of itself in all of its romantic clichéd glory (yet, I think the creators were attempting to do something different and they did not succeed). The characters weren’t exactly the most original – as they point out in the film several times – he is emotionally closed off and she is emotionally damaged. It points out the “rough” beginning I referred to by comparing her to Grace from Will and Grace. (Look at me!! I’m a strong, powerful woman but I am also clumsy and soo adorable!!!) My absolute favorite part of the film is when they make fun of the actors – Justin is lucky enough in H-Wood to have a lot of friends…like Shawn White, Andy Samberg and John Mayer. Shawn White took most of the punches – all of it was hilarious (unless you don’t know who he is). John Mayer wasn't in the film but he took a pretty good beating. Justin was also a pretty good sport – showing an actual picture of him with his Kriss Kross braids (I totally remember when he used to dress like that). This scene where he fully busts out with his favorite Kriss Kross song is Justin at his best - which is why I think he should focus on things like SNL and hosting gigs (and go back to making some music!!).

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