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5 Thoughts on Glee's 'Born This Way' Episode

1. The theme - Let me be Santana for a minute and 'keep it real' - the whole love yourself, accept your flaws, you're beautiful theme that is populating our culture is a little....cliched and more importantly...unrealistic. I prefer Pink's song 'F'ing Perfect' over Gaga's 'Born This Way' - but we know how much Glee loves Gaga so of course this song was inevitable. To be perfectly honest I think kids need a little bit of teasing (to a point) to make them strong as adults. As Quinn states – looking like she does gives her a “warped sense of the world”. The 'Born This Way' theme of the episode took on two important aspects - plastic surgery and actual disorders (that should be treated - like Emma's OCD). I’m not really against plastic surgery – as long as it is something you want to do for yourself and not because you feel pressured into it. I know when I was 20 I really wanted a boob job – but luckily I waited it out and now I absolutely love having small boobs. I can wear any top I want without looking like a ho (and the big bonus - I never have to worry about gravity). I am happy that I was strong enough (and smart enough) as a young adult to realize that such a big decision should be put off until I was fully ready. I think plastic surgery in high school is definitely inappropriate - kids have no idea how they will feel when they grow up. My biggest advice would be: WAIT IT OUT!. So, on to Emma’s OCD – I really love how they handle this topic. I admit that her obsessive cleaning and her anxiety is hilarious but I like that they showed how serious the actual disorder is. I also like that she questions medication because I question it myself. The interaction between the psychiatrist and Emma was heartbreaking. The psychiatrist made a terrific point in comparing it to Diabetes (but I still have issues with the types of medications that are used).

2. The continuity issues – While I admittedly enjoyed this episode - I have a lot of problems with it's huge lack of continuity between this episode and the series as a whole. First, are we supposed to just accept this ridiculous back story that they are suddenly giving Quinn? The 'Lucy Caboosey' plot is just plain absurd. We have seen her "perfect" home life last season (I am obviously being sarcastic - her parents basically threw her on her ass when she got pregnant) but she had this sort of whimsical life where her parents seem perfect and her mother is gorgeous and raised 2 daughters as gorgeous as she is (and also blond and skinny - resembling Quinn NOT Lucy...). Her father is a conservative man who doesn't exactly seem like the type that would let his precious daughter get a nose job either. Lucy Cabbosey seemed like a way for the writers to give Quinn some redeeming qualities but too little, too late in my opinion. Second, Quinn (or Dianna) actually does need a nose job (not because her nose is ugly but bc she obviously has breathing issues) – which is why she always sounds so nasally ALL THE TIME! Is no one going to bring that up? Seriously? Also, Finn suddenly claiming he likes the way he looks – um does anyone else remember the Rocky Horror episode? Remember...Finn wears swim shirts in the pool because he is insecure about his body...anyone? It was dumb to begin with because Finn is obvi super duper hot but still – they planted this storyline and now they are abandoning it. They also planted another great storyline in that episode with Sam having Body Dismorphic Disorder (actually making him interesting) which would have been a perfect thing to address with this episode...but nope. We are just given Rachel has a big nose (again.). Why didn’t anyone bring up the fact that Santana had a boob job (and possibly cheek implants) when she was ripping them all apart? Another valid topic since they were discussing plastic surgery - but again...nothing. Speaking of - did Santana and Trouty Mouth ever break up? Because I don’t remember that happening? Maybe he got tired of her constant mouth jokes? The only reference to them dating is when Sam says that “he can have her” referring to Karofsky.

3. The Shirts - So Mr. Shue's brilliant assignment this week was to have them sing songs that highlight their flaws and then do a group number ('Born this way') wearing shirts with this flaw branded across their chest. Here is how the shirts went down:

FinnCan’t Dance. I adore that they make fun of his dancing. Perfect shirt.
SantanaLebanese. (Brit meant to write "Lesbian"). I would have preferred the Bitch t-shirt.
RachelNose. I really wish they would stop beating the horse to death.
Sam Trouty Mouth. Again the horse is dead.
QuinnLucy Caboosey. This is just dumb because she doesn’t embrace “Lucy”. I would have preferred “Plain” or “Nasal voice”
TinaBrown Eyes. I am pretty sure that you just offended most of the human population.
KurtLike’s Boys. I adore the T - but it doesn’t really make sense since Kurt has always embraced his sexuality.
MikeCan’t Sing. Nope you can’t. Please don’t ever try again.
BrittanyI’m with Stoopid (arrow pointing up). Cute, but I don’t think the writers ever established that she is that self-aware.
PuckI’m with Stoopid (arrow pointing down). Best shirt ever.
ArtieFour Eyes. I guess they can’t use paralyzed from the waist down since he wasn’t “born that way”
LaurenBad Attitude. Seriously though?
WillButt Chin. He has a very tiny chin dimple that isn’t even noticeable – I could pick a million other things he should have went with…but I won’t.
EmmaOCD. I liked the Ginger shirt better.
MercedesNo Weave. What? She was in this episode?

4. The Highlights - Oh there were so many - a super-sized episode like this only means that it was filled with so much genius that the editors couldn't make any cuts. Here is what stands out:

-Santana - Her story arch has been brilliant this season and Naya Rivera has done an incredible job with this character. Her keeping it real is always extremely harsh but somehow hilarious like when she tears Rachel apart- “I hear that Rachel has a bit of a schnoz…I wouldn’t know because like Medusa I try to avoid eye contact with her.”... followed by “maybe Rachel’s fine with having an enormous beak, maybe she needs it to crack hard seeds”. Plus her awesome Russian fur hat and fur vest combo was brilliant. My favorite part was her interactions with Karofsky - threatening to "out" him if he doesn't apologize to Kurt. “ The only straight I am is straight up bitch”. Not only does she make him apologize, she forces him to create an anti-bullying club 'The Bully Whips' – OMG hilarious.
-The uber-adorableness of Finn Hudson - Seriously, I thought he reached his adorableness plateau performing 'I've Gotta Be Me' with Mike (awkward? check. voice that makes me melt? check. ) - but then the epic adorableness really hit when he shows Quinn a picture of his girlfriend 'Lucy' and tells her that it's the first picture where you really see her. I almost died. I really wish the writers gave us some honest interactions between these two so we can actually understand what Finn sees in her (instead of the superficial "prom" talk we are forced to sit through).
-The 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty' mash-up - I wasn't expecting to like this song - but the songs were mixed together brilliantly and the way it was shot was stunning and downright chilling. I just wish Dianna displayed some more emotion (it's almost sad when you compare her to Lea). I am also a little bothered by having someone as beautiful as Lea (thousands of girls would love to look like her) being seen as the "unpretty" girl. Really that is just sort of disgusting when you think about how that is effecting young, impressionable girls. Can someone explain to me how Dianna is prettier? Because I honestly don't see it. Because she is blond? Her face is proportioned? Her eyes are blue? When you actually look at photos of the girls (like for instance the now infamous GQ photo shoot - it is actually Lea who has the better body). Anyway...enough with my rant.
-'Barbara Streisand' - Of course Rachel learns her big lesson by the use of her idol - Barbara. This flash mob scene was not as good as season 1’s (oh how I loved 'The Safety Dance') but I love how much fun they had. Rachel was perfection as she asks “is she here?” Kurt replies “this is a mall…in Ohio.” Kurt’s dancing was hilarious and Rachel seemed genuinely shocked (Lea is just so great). The ridiculousness of the whole scene was terrific. My favorite game was “spot the glee club members” – ok, ok…you caught me - it was really a “spot Finn” game but still fun nonetheless.

5. The Lowlights - not too many with this episode - Obvi - the Lucy Caboosey plot makes me want to vomit, but my only other issue was.......The Warblers again! Seriously you guys lost Regionals– get off of my favorite show (ok ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ is one of my favorite songs – and they rocked it but still….). Also, I am usually a big fan of Kurt solo’s (and am ecstatic that he is finally back at McKinley) but this one was super boring and way too long.

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