Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3 Things I Was Expecting From 'The Hangover Part II'

Can you believe I fought with the crowds and watched 'The Hangover Part II' this weekend? I usually can't handle seeing big films on opening weekend but I was just so excited for this film that I had to see it ASAP. I have to say, the film was exactly what I was expecting which I think is why people are finding it disappointing. Here is what I was expecting:

1. The Hangover again - If you didn't realize from the trailer that the film was going to parallel the first film, then you deserve to be disappointed. The film's basic synopsis is that the 'wolf-pack' go to Thailand for Stu's wedding, they have a wild & crazy night that they can't remember the next day. Do you recognize the plot? Yes? O.k then stop complaining.

2. Hilarity & Vulgarity- I didn't laugh as much as the first (which is what I expected), but I still thought it was funnier than most recent comedies (actually Bridesmaids might have them beat). Plus, most of the memorable jokes in the first one were the vulgar ones (i.e - having Mr. Chow jump out of the trunk naked, the hilarious photos during the credits etc) so obviously they would try to top themselves (i.e - chicks with dicks).

3. Bradley Cooper radiating heat - That boy is HOT - literally and figuratively. Even in 100 degree weather covered in dirt & sweat he looks good. I have no complaints.

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