Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 Reasons I Hated 'Lincoln Lawyer'

So even though there are a ton on new films in the theaters that I want to see - I somehow ended up seeing 'The Lincoln Lawyer', which turned out to be very, very bad. There were 2 legitimate reasons that I chose to see this film - first, to see Matthew McConaughey return to a role that made him famous (a defense lawyer) and second (and more importantly), to see the hottest man alive, Ryan Phillippe (although Cory Monteith is seriously giving Ryan a run for his money for that title), on the big screen for 2 hours. Turns out, these two things do not save this film - here is why:

1. Apparently, Matthew just got lucky - When he first arrived on the acting scene, I was fully supportive. He was amazing in one of my favorite films from the 90's - A Time to Kill. I can literally quote the entire film, that is how many times I have seen it. Then, for some strange reason Matt just kept getting cast in these painfully pathetic romantic comedies with awful actresses (like Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, SJP) and his career plummeted. I was hopeful with this film that he would redeem himself and prove that he is deserving of his star status - but he flat out sucked in this film. He was bland, emotionless and one-note - absolutely nothing like his star making role as Jake Brigance where he was captivating and awe-inspiring. What a shame....

2. Ryan is still super hot, but he forgot how to act - I know my love for Ryan seems superficial - but in fact I am usually more attracted to talent over looks (ok...the looks help). I fell in love with Ryan way back when he was in White Squall - he had a small part but he broke my heart in it. Then I fell in love again when he was in Little Boy Blue, Homegrown and then one of my favorite films ever, Playing By Heart. He was great in all of these films that most people have never heard of. I was happy the way his career was progressing, but this film made me sad for him. I still love him, but I have no choice but to judge him harshly for his work in this film. He looked like he was having difficulty remembering his lines and oooof that crying scene was just...painful. Yes, a big smile comes across my face when I see pictures of him with his wife-beater tanks ( but he definitely moves down a notch on the hotness scale with this film.

3. The film was definitely lacking in plot, emotion and character depth - Besides it's two main actors showcasing some of the worst acting of the year, the film itself was just pointless. I am in shock that it is currently holding a solid 83% on Rotten Tomatoes - reviews calling it "gritty", "clever", "entertaining" - baffles my mind. The film was mind-numbing and predictable. The "grittiness", I think refers to the way it was shot (a sort of L.A noir style )- which in my opinion just made it seem amateur. Do not waste your time with this film!!

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