Sunday, May 29, 2011

5 Things That Surprised Me About 'Bridesmaids'

I went to see the much hyped 'Bridesmaids' last week and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Here is why:

1. It was hilarious - I assumed it would be amusing with the talent that was involved plus the trailer had some funny aspects but I didn't realize it would be downright-pee-in-your-pants-freakin'-hilarious for the entire 2 hour running time. I can't even pick a favorite funny moment because the whole thing was equally funny but the things that stand out are: When Annie is "trying" to get pulled over. I was practically in tears after that scene. I don't know why but Annie telling the Asian couple that you can't trust the person you're in a relationship with and she says "he might not even be Asian" - I am still laughing at that one.

2. Kristen Wiig isn't as grating as she is on SNL - I don't have anything against her really, but I think she plays the same character in every sketch. She is over-used on the show (because sadly, she is the most talented current cast member). Her voice makes my skin crawl and it just becomes really hard to watch after about 5 minutes. So, I hesitated watching a film starring her (that she helped write) because I thought she was going to get on my nerves. However, she was sheer perfection in this film. Kristen tones her usual high-energy personality down and becomes this very realistic and vulnerable woman. My heart was breaking for her through the entire film.

3. The supporting actors steal the film - I didn't really know who was in the film aside from Kristen, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy and Jon Hamm. I was delighted to see Wendi McLendon (from Reno 911), Rose Byrne (who we learned was funny from Get Him to the Greek) and the late Jill Clayburgh. But I was even more surprised to see two of my favorite BBC actors - Matt Lucas (from the sketch comedy Little Britain) and Chris O'Dowd (from The IT Crowd). Everyone in this film shined, all "stealing the spotlight" at some point in the film.

4. It was still a chick flick - I was excited by the fact that it was described as 'the anti-chick flick'. A film starring all women about a bridal could they possibly make this into anything but a chick flick? The answer....they didn't. Before I saw the film, a friend of mine (a guy) described the film as "really funny....for a chick film". After seeing the film, I agree with him. I think people are just surprised that women can ACTUALLY BE FUNNY. And raunchy. And sexy. All at the same time. However, the film itself is a story about a woman who is in complete shambles. She is insecure (she lets herself be used by a a guy who clearly doesn't care about her) and jealous (of her friend getting married and of the same friend's new friend - who she sees as competition). Then, guess what she meets a guy and even though she spends most of the film sabotaging this potential the end all is well and they end up together. Classic. Chick. Flick.

5. The music - if you weren't smiling at the end with the appearance of Wilson Phillips then you have no soul (or are too young to remember their awesomeness). I LOVED it!! But even better was one of my favorite songs ever - Fiona Apple's 'Paper Bag' playing while Annie was baking. This song is like the theme song to my life, so I was floored that they used it for Annie's story. It is the perfect song.

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