Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thoughts On The Past 2 Episodes of 'Glee'

1. Rumours

The Love Triangles – So, 2 major things happened in this otherwise boring episode – the unraveling of Quinn & Finn and the unraveling of Brittany & Artie – making way for Finn & Rachel and Brittany & Santana. Finn becomes suspicious of Quinn and vice versa (because they are both cheaters) so Finn naturally decides to stalk her (Rachel’s brilliant idea), while Quinn decides that Finn can no longer perform duets with Rachel. Obvi their relationship is all downhill from there. I love that Rachel flat out asks Finn why he would get back with Quinn if he doesn’t trust her (plus she has “mood swings” and “you never know where you stand with her”) but I was not satisfied with his answer – “I don’t know”. Seriously, writers? That is the answer you are giving your faithful audience? I am offended. Brittany & Artie’s unraveling was a little more surprising – I sort of thought they would keep them going for a while. I guess they had to move on to the wonderful Brittany & Santana pairing. I did like Artie & Brittany – only because Artie was so cute with her instead of the douche bag he usually is. So in order to make their break-up satisfying, Artie went back to his douche ways and called her “stupid”. I officially don’t like Artie again….oh well. I do heart Brittana but I think they are dragging out the story slightly. Just do it already!!

The Rumors– I loved Sue’s plan to start up the school’s newspaper again and just plant lies in it to create tension amongst the Glee club. Plus, the “blind items” were really funny – “what prom queen candidate is spending a lot of time in her closet?” Cue Finn “That’s garbage – Quinn’s claustrophobic”. I also loved the use of Fleetwood Mac’s album ‘Rumours’. I am actually not a Fleetwood Mac fan, however I felt like the story behind the making of the album and most of the song’s that were used were actually relevant to the plot - so I approve.

The Highlights – Unfortunately, not many – I didn’t really laugh at much except of course for “Fondue For Two”. We finally get to see Brittany’s diary reading cat – Lord Tubbington. Freakin’ hilarious!! I also almost died with Sue dressing up as David Bowie and paying for her coffee with Euros. Like I said above – not a Fleetwood Mac fan, so most of the songs were not that interesting to me – but Rachel rocked ‘Go Your Own Way’ with Finn on the drums and Puck on the guitar. They were awesome! I would totally go see that band. I also enjoyed April & Will singing ‘Dreams’ – she is so adorable. Santana referring to the Piano player as “furniture” was hilarious. I also loved that Puck’s only job in this episode was to play the guitar.

The Lowlights – In general, the episode was pretty dull – most of the jokes were repetitive (Rachel giving Sam chap stick – although Sam hilariously telling Rachel “Santana told me never to talk to you alone because you would try to steal all of my gold” was one of the best things he has ever said). I appreciate a back story for Sam but I sort of feel like it is too late – I have already written his character off of the show. Call me cold-hearted but I could care less that his family is having financial troubles. This episode also made me really question Chord Overstreet’s acting ability –(worst crying scene ever) was that supposed to affect me emotionally? Because it totally didn’t work. Also, I was hoping for more Terri! They keep teasing me with her – but she hasn’t wreaked the havoc that I was expecting from her crazy mind. I also totally expected her to announce her pregnancy by now but I guess I am wrong about that plot happening? I love Kristin Chenoweth (anyone else miss Pushing Daisies as much as I do?), but I think April Rhodes as a character is a little too over the top. Also, The duet between Quinn & Finn was such a disappointment – well half of it was a highlight (because Cory Monteith actually understood the sarcasm behind the song and portrayed it while Dianna just did her “angry” face through the entire song).

2. Prom Queen

Jesse St. James – First, I will say that I heart Jonathon Groff. He is super adorable and talented. When his character was first introduced in season 1, I actually liked Jesse. I loved the tension that he created between Rachel & Finn. I loved that he brought out the best in Rachel because he was one of the few that can compete with her talent. I loved that he admitted that he was actually falling for her (because he was originally using her). Then out of nowhere, he tormented Rachel by cracking an egg on her head (and letting the rest of Vocal Adrenaline do the same). I was confused and outraged by the turn of events (and that it was never brought up again). I am happy with his return to the show (again, adorable and talented) but I would prefer him as a nemesis to the club (or at least Rachel). I think his return was supposed to somehow redeem him, but I am pretty sure nothing will (definitely not that lame apology). Why on earth would Rachel even give him the time of day? Why is everyone on Glee so damn forgiving??? I am with Finn on this one – I don’t trust him and he needs to back up off of Rachel. I am a little surprised that the rest of the Glee club wouldn’t want to protect her as well.

Prom Queen – So, if you are obsessed with Glee, as I am – then you likely read the big spoiler that was revealed by an extra (Kurt & Dave = Prom Queen & King). I wasn’t too upset about this revelation because I don’t watch Glee for big shocks or extreme plots (like say Fringe - I ensure that I stay spoiler free for that show). I watch Glee because it is freakin hilarious – knowing the plot isn’t going to change that. I could really care less about the outcome of Queen & King ( I honestly don’t remember who the Prom Queen was at my prom…I don’t even think we had one. Is that possible?). I was sort of surprised that Kurt was so offended – I expected him to laugh it off, grab his crown and dance with his king (which he eventually did). I also, didn’t expect Santana to really care about winning (wasn’t she just doing it to get Brittany back? – I am a little confused as to how those two things are related). And how come the kids at McKinley make fun of the Glee club, but no one makes fun of Karofsky in his “Bully Whips” outfit? Seriously? They even vote him prom king?

Finchel – The ‘Jar of Hearts’ scene was brilliant (although I question why this was chosen to sing at prom). The tension between Finn & Rachel was heartbreaking (mostly because Cory is so amazing at displaying EVERYTHING with his expressions). Just as brilliant was the scene where Rachel gives the corsage advice to Finn (mostly because Lea is so great at holding back tears – I could cry just thinking about it). I think it hit me that the only reason I root for Finn and Rachel together is because they are the two best actors on the show – so when they have scenes together by eyes are glued to the television. Otherwise, I honestly feel like they should both go their separate ways – be single or date someone outside of Glee maybe? But I digress- back to the story at hand: I genuinely think that Finn is conflicted – the way he looks at Quinn when she is descending down the stairs in her prom attire is really sweet and I think he really means it. He is genuinely in awe of her. But I think he is beginning to realize how superficial their relationship is. He sees how hurt Rachel is – and not just because they are not together, but because she has to endure watching Finn with someone else every day and apparently feels that she is supportive (um…yeah right…). I think with Jesse’s return, Finn gets a hint at what Rachel has been going through and it is painful. I think Dianna did a great job in the bathroom scene with her and Rachel (see I do give credit where it is due…). However, I hate her character more and more because if she realizes that Finn loves Rachel more – then why doesn’t she just let him go? Why is she clinging to him so desperately? I never really felt like she actually loves him (is this due to her usual bad acting or did the writers do this on purpose?). I hope her threat of transferring is for real – that would be just about the best news ever.

The Highlights –This episode was full of brilliant moments. Here are some of my fave's: Brittany choosing to go alone to the prom (and dance with other people’s dates) was an awesome turn of events (especially for Glee - where it seems like all girls feel incomplete without a boy – even Mercedes gave in to this line of thinking!). The return of Jacob’s interview skills - “Where does Lauren keep your balls?” followed by “I’m not scared – I’ve been hit by a girl before”. I can’t believe Puck let him get away with that! Hilarious. Sue calling out ‘Run Joey Run’ and the ‘Crazy in Love’/ ‘Hair’ mash-up as awful performances – “you should literally apologize to America for that one”. (Am I the only one who loved the ‘Run Joey Run’ performance??? – It was completely ridiculous and therefore hilarious). Kurt referring to Blaine as “Blaine Warbler” – I loved that they kept that name going. Apparently, everyone forgot Sam’s birthday (can we just forget that he exists as well?). Rachel trying to convince Sam to take her and Mercedes to the prom - "Kind of like a 3 way date - but not the dirty kind." Puck describing himself as “a lovable but dangerous miscreant”. But my favorite highlight of the entire episode was the entire “Bully Whips” scene - it was pure genius– “Teen gay: You may now proceed to the next checkpoint without fear of violence”.

The Lowlights – Collectively, the performances were a big WTF. The song choices were just horrible and the only good song was slowly and painfully murdered before my eyes. Here is the breakdown:
-‘Rolling in the Deep’ is a beautiful song and it goes soooo well with the Jesse/Rachel storyline. Unfortunately, they completely murdered the song - it was cringe worthy. It started out o.k. – a little too fast – but not horrible. Then it just got worse and worse. It was mostly the chorus in the background that did most of the killing. I also don’t think the song works as a duet.
-'Friday' really? I sat through 2 Justin Beiber songs, and 3 Bruno Mars songs this season and now you are really going to force me to sit through this? I. Can’t. Even. I seriously hope this song is not playing at proms across the country. The best part of the performance was Santana spotting a girl with the same dress – it is a blink and you will miss it moment that is worth rewinding.
-'Isn’t She Lovely' was cute but sort of lame at the same time (always a bonus when Finn gets to be a dork – he is so happy drumming on stuff).
-‘Jar of Hearts’ – I’m not really a fan of the song – it is good, but it is also a little obvious. Lea sounded amazing, but I just don’t understand an angry break-up song as a “prom” song. It is certainly no ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (the benefit of being in high school the year Titanic came out).
-‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You’ – Probably the best of the episode but the song is super annoying and repetitive. Blaine was super cute though, as was Tina and Brittany. I also loved seeing all of them dance (and not in a choreographed sort of way) – the best was Santana and Karofsky. But then I got distracted by the fight between Finn & Jesse. I sort of loved the shoving match between the two of them. It was awkward and painful to watch like the way a real fight is.
-'Dancing Queen' - Ugh. ABBA for real? Who thought this was a good idea? Although I love a Mercedes/Santana duet. Just the song makes me want to vomit.

Other lowlights: Sue’s interrogation of Artie was not really funny – actually I am sort of missing The Cheerios, only because they gave Sue something to do. Now she is sort of a pointless character. Oh and the prom dresses were all hideous (Santana’s was alright…I guess).

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  1. Hi, you're so spot on with your analyses. I also root for Finchel because Cory and Lea are the best actors on Glee. Their scenes always sizzle with emotion. Cory's acting was amazing in this episode. I'm quite sad that his talents are so underrated by the the fandom.