Saturday, May 7, 2011

3 More Shows to Watch

My television is killing me. There is just simply too many things to watch - my DVR gets full within a week! There are 3 more shows that recently premiered that have real potential - "The Killing", "Happy Endings" and "Body of Proof". I also can not wait for June's premiere of "Wilfred". Seriously, who's idea was it to put Elijah Wood on my tv every week?? That person is a genius. Anyway, here are my thoughts on these awesome new shows:

1. The Killing - AMC just keeps getting it right. Out of their 5 shows - 4 of them are among the best television has to offer right now. I simply could not get into Rubicon - I really tried especially since I love James Badge Dale (24, The Black Donnelly's). It was just painfully slow moving - it just did not capture my interest enough to invest the energy to really "get it". I think I made it through 3 episodes before giving up. However, The Killing is sort of brilliantly slow moving but still manages to capture my interest. The acting is impeccable - which always helps, but I really love the moodiness and quietness the series embraces. It is obviously a tough subject to create a show around - the murder of a young girl. It is a "whodunit" plot yet it focuses on the characters over plot - so I don't get lost in just guessing what will happen next. Instead I watch the show to simply enjoy each episode. It slightly reminds me of “State of Play” (the wonderful original BBC miniseries) because it is essentially about a murder – but then you get all of this political information and in-depth character development. You just have to wait it out to see how it is all related.

2. Happy Endings - I admit I was a little sceptical - First, the shows title is just a little...obvious. Second, Elisha Cuthbert is not exactly a great actress. I watched the first 2 back-to-back episodes and was pleasantly surprised. The show is super funny, the characters are quirky and well-developed and the cast is pretty close to perfect (even Elisha is good in her role). It is definitely more on the Friends track than any other show has been without being a complete copycat. Mostly because when Friends began it had very little plot - it was just about the shenanigans of 6 friends. Most shows that have tried to fill the very large hole in my heart since Friends ended have failed because they are more plot heavy, contrived and cliched. I did get annoyed that it started with a girl running out on her wedding (maybe it was supposed to be a respectful nod to Friends?) Anyway, I have loved every episode so far and I love the girl that played "Denise/Joe" on Scrubs. She is hilarious. Other things I love: 1. The "gaycist" storyline. 2. That they made fun of the most ridiculous 24 plot ever (and that is saying a lot!) - "what if you were trapped in the woods with a cougar?". 3. That Max is not the stereotypical gay character. 4. They referenced one of the greatest animated films ever - An American Tale: Fievel Goes West. 5. Penny dates a hipster (he is only ironically liking the same things she does). Please, ABC do not give up on this show!!! It has so much potential!

3. Body of Proof - I only began watching for Dana Delany (I loved her crazy on Desperate Housewives), but was surprised at the large & familiar supporting cast (Jeri Ryan, The guy married to Christina Hendriks - it is rude, but that is how I know him, and Kima from The Wire…). It’s really just another show about solving a mystery – not really new but I like the characters and I like Megan’s (Delaney) back story (the accident that prevents her from being a neurosurgeon and her strained relationship with her daughter). Plus, it gets a big bonus that it takes place in Philly (woohoo love me some Philly!).

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