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Thoughts On The Past 3 Episodes of "Glee"

It's that time again! Time for my thoughts on the last 3 episodes of "Glee"!

1. The Substitute -

The Return of Terri - so we all know that Terri is all kinds of crazy, however she is still one of my favorite characters. I do feel a little bad for her - she did lose the love of her life (yes, she faked a pregnancy but her intention was to save her marriage). Of course she would come back to take care of Will when he is sick. I loved their interaction - when Will is a little weary of her intentions, Terri snaps "What? I'm not going to kill you." I laughed out loud. She admits that she likes Will best "when he is weak", which I think this realization is a step in the right direction. This was all ruined by the baby talk that was quite disturbing. If Will enjoys being treated like a baby, then I have to admit he is just as crazy as she is. Maybe they are made for each other after all? And we all know she is going to get pregnant (and not hysterical pregnant). I can't wait for that.

The Introduction of Holly Holiday - The scene where Holly meets the Glee club is another one of those perfectly scripted scenes that Glee is so good at. Puck butters the floor, Artie refers to Finn as "Gigantor" (love it), Rachel slips on the buttered floor (and Finn apparently lost all of his chivalry - seriously he didn't even help her up. That was completely out of character.) and she comes out with one of the best lines of the episodes "at least I didn't fall and break my talent". Enter Miss Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) in an inappropriate skirt while the clubbers introduce themselves switching names (que Brittany "I'm Mike Chang"). Then comes one of my favorite performances of the season - Gwyneth Paltrow singing Cee-lo's F You (although they use the PC version Forget You). The only way to describe it is completely awesome. Gwynn doesn't have the best voice (especially when she is wailing WHY? - my ears started to hurt), but I love that she had fun with it and got the rest of the group to have fun as well (except of course Rachel). I'm pretty sure she actually got some rhythm out of Finn (or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?). The episode continues with most of the focus on our new sub - she definitely won me over when she explained her teaching technique. This generation is so entitled and self-absorbed, it is difficult to get them to pay attention to things they have no interest in. Plus, I love her sarcasm ("I was going to suggest clapping erasers...but you guys are mostly dry erase so...").

The Highlights - All in all, most of the highlights for me were things that Glee has been missing this season: A few crazy Rachel scenes (her scream when Santana was about to attack her was a classic Rachel moment plus I love the umbrella t-shirt she sports). We saw the return of the inner monologue (which was always a highlight in the first season) with Holly, but also of Sue writing in her journal (love her "war on sitting"). Sue is also back to destroying the Glee club which is what she does best (and making fun of Will's butt chin). Kurt returned to his normal self (you know sarcastic and superior to everyone) - but that was ruined by Karovsky's death threat (sad face). Plus we got to see some interaction between bff's Kurt & Mercedes. Loved all of it!!

The lowlights - Sue's war on junk food (genius) but the obsession over tater tots was not funny at all (although Sue's pronunciation of poe-tater-tots was). Can we give Mercedes a plot line that doesn't involve food? The other 3 songs were also not favorites - Make em Laugh felt out of place and yes, it was good (Mike Chang showing off his skills is always a highlight) but it just reminded me of when JGL nailed this performance on SNL last year. Just picture it - he did this number by himself, on LIVE tv. He did his own singing, dancing and stunt work in front of a live freakin' audience. If you haven't seen it - youtube it ASAP. The most disturbing performance I have ever seen on Glee was Rachel and Holly's performance of Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag from Chicago. Seriously, painful to watch. It was flat and awkward (their difference in height was part of what made it so out of sync). Someone needs to practice their cartwheels (ahem..lea..). You know a performance is bad when the best part is watching Finn in the audience (he looked so confused...obvi dude has never seen Chicago). Anyway, it was so bad, let's just move on the the last number - a mashup of Singing in the Rain and Umbrella. I think the performance was actually genius. The songs themselves sound great together, the choreography was slamming and the effect of the rain and the puddles was sort of breathtaking. However, it was supposed to be the club practicing for sectionals - so why have Will and Holly take the lead? The Glee club was used as back up dancers and you couldn't even tell who was who with those over sized raincoats. I would have loved to see the actual Glee club take on this number. (p.s where did they get the money for such stage effects?)

2. Furt -

Finn & Kurt - I was really aggravated with the writers in the beginning of this episode. Finn's lackadaisical attitude about Kurt being bullied is a step backward in the development of his character. He has already proven that he was willing to back Kurt up (Hello! He even wore a red shower curtain dress to school last year!). His excuse made sense (slightly) - he didn't want to get involved because Karovsky would take his aggression out on him on the field. I knew that eventually he would come through in the end (I guess the writers didn't think the audience had a resolution yet for what happened last year - even though I totally did). So, once Finn realizes how serious the bullying has gotten he decides to man up (again...). If his character hasn't redeemed himself with this episode then absolutely nothing will - come on singing Just the Way You Are to Kurt and slow dancing with him! I almost died. I knew that Finn would be taking on the awful and cheesy Bruno Mars song - but I assumed (as did everyone else) that he would be singing it to Rachel (which he sort of did. It would have been better if they just changed a few lyrics to the song and he sang the whole thing to Kurt...but whatev. I am still thrilled at this development). Their slow dance was epic. A few more thoughts on Finn before I move on to Kurt - Finn was perfection from beginning to the end of this episode. His display of discomfort when they are having the family hug as the football team walks by was subtle but heartbreaking. I will once again praise Cory Monteith for creating a character who has major flaws, but is completely understandable and ultimately forgivable. I think he deserves the same amount of accolades that Chris Colfer (and others) receive. Plus he actually said "we are brothers from another mother" with a straight face - just give him the Emmy now. Now - Kurt. First, kudos to Kurt for calling Sue out for being a bully herself by calling him "Lady". Her response was epic - "I'm sorry, I thought that was your name". Then she gives him a choice of equally offensive nicknames to choose from - personally I would have chosen "Tickle Me Doe-Face". EPIC. I have to say that during the slow dance with him and Finn - I had a sinking feeling that something horrible was going to happen (and had flashbacks to the Queer as Folk season 1 finale - where Brian and Justin slow dance at Justin's HS prom and then...something horrible happens). I kept convincing myself that this was Glee nothing that severe was going to take place. I was relieved that the big shock was Kurt leaving - which was not a shock at all if you have the Internet (there are tons of pics with Kurt wearing the Dalton Academy uniform). I am upset that he is letting the bully win - but I am sure the story will progress some more so I will wait to make my judgements.

Sam & Quinn - What happened to Sam? Are they trying to make us hate him? In the first few episodes he was adorably dorky (hello! he spoke Navi for Pete's sake!). Then he turned narcissistic and irritating in the Rocky Horror episode and now he is just completely unlikeable. He is obsessed with being popular which means he wants his position back on the football team (thank you for bringing that back - I was super annoyed that he dislocated his shoulder but was somehow able to dance around with the Glee club) and he wants Quinn as his girlfriend (he is totally using her). I don't mind them as a couple - but not if Sam is going to hurt her. Quinn has already been through too much. The whole promise ring scene was absolutely ridiculous (as was throwing around the "L" word). I loved that Sam fought Karovsky (which I am pretty sure Karovsky pushing Mike into Artie would land him some sort of suspension...right?) but then I felt like Sam did it just to impress Quinn and prove that he was a leader (not because he actually cares about Kurt). He is a manipulative little punk now. I am not happy.

The Highlights - They answered a BIG question: Does Finn know that Rachel didn't sleep with Jesse? And vice versa (Does Rachel know that Finn DID sleep with Santana)? The answers: Yes and No respectively. I am glad they did this conversation as a flashback because they have been dating for a while now - it would have come up by now. I am confused that they made Rachel's character a prude (the same Rachel who gave a speech about how "abstinence doesn't work in high school" and during a performance of Push It simulated oral sex and dry humped Finn. The girl is by far a prude.). I think she is totally the type to "save herself" for the right person - but there is quite a gap in between being a virgin and being prude. AND WAIT does Santana like Finn??? Or does she just like causing trouble. The only reason I am leaning on the former is that she actually has kept this secret for quite a long time (for Finn) so obvi she cares about him..right? Very interesting. I also loved Sue's online profile- The things I am most passionate about: Extreme taxidermy, Tantric yelling, Poking the elderly with hidden pins. Her age is 27 and her occupation: LEGEND. Although the best quote belongs to her ex (barely ex) - "Sue, you can't tame the've read my tattoo's". I also enjoyed the wedding - although dancing down the aisle is soo last year (and The Office did a much better spoof) I can understand people in small town Ohio totally thinking this is awesome (that came out quite condescending...but it is totally true so whatever). (p.s do Burt and Carol not have any family or friends? Why would the Glee club be their wedding party?).

The Lowlights - I always hate when shows move through plot too quickly (i.e getting engaged, planning a wedding and actually having the ceremony all in the same episode). It also bothers me that there are constant inconsistencies with the amount of money in the Hummel family - Burt seems working class - but Kurt drives a brand new SUV (not sure what kind but it looked fancy) and he wears designer clothes. Plus Burt says they are looking for a bigger house (as if money isn't an issue) but then they have to use their honeymoon money to pay for Kurt to go to a private school. Seriously annoying. I also hated the Sue Sylvester plot - it fell completely flat. I also thought Carol Burnett was mediocre (is that like a sin to admit?). There performance of Ohio was booooring. Also, Where the F is Emma???

3. Special Education -

The Songs – Ever since Rachel whispered under her breath “please be Evita, please be Evita” during the Rocky Horror episode I knew that a Don’t cry for me, Argentina number was inevitable. Rachel & Kurt nailed it brilliantly (although I would have preferred a Kurt version of My Heart Will Go On – that would have been epic). The Hipsters song during Sectionals was fitting (The Living Years), while the Warblers once again turned a dreadful song into a delightful one (Hey Soul Sister). Then came the New Directions Sectionals performance – with Sam and Quinn taking the lead in an absolutely horrific version of Time of my Life. I’m sorry but Finn and Rachel would have sang that song 1000 times better. Quinn’s vocals are hit or miss for me since she consistently sounds like she has a cold, while Sam has a nice voice (maybe even better than Finn - I haven't decided yet), however they have zero chemistry, stage presence or passion. Luckily, they had a second song because they would have definitely lost Sectionals with just that disaster. Santana’s solo in Valerie was an unexpected surprise – she definitely rocked it while Mike and Brittany’s dancing stole the show (side note – how did they manage to find the least flattering dresses ever? And then commit fashion suicide by pairing these horrendous dresses with leggings!). Now we have to talk about my favorite performance of the episode – Dog Days are Over. Perhaps my favorite song of the year, I listen to it every morning on my way to work – Florence Welch's voice is so inspiring that it gives me chills. I enjoyed the Glee version, simply because it was loose, spontaneous and fun - plus kudos to the creators for understanding that they severely under use one of the most talented cast members, Amber Riley (Mercedes) by always giving her the last note to belt out at the end of a song or by giving her solos that are stereotypically R&B songs. I don’t think anyone will come close to Florence, but Amber was amazing none the less (Tina was pretty awesome as well).

The Shocks- OMGLEE! First the biggest shock – Emma got married! I wasn’t really surprised when Will notices her ring and asks if it was an engagement ring – I was floored by her answer though (“It’s a wedding ring actually.”). Holy Shizz!! That means that Will didn’t even get the chance to use the Glee club in some overly dramatic fashion to try and sabotage her wedding! (Which is probably why she did in such a hush hush manner – smart thinking Emma…). I also have to say way to go Emma – Congrats on marrying “the finest dentist alive” as Santana calls him. Does this mean we will see more of Uncle Jesse!?? Count me in! Next we move to the Finn & Rachel scandal. First, let me start off by saying I am a Rachel fan. AND a Finn fan. But I am not necessarily a fan of them as a couple. I am sort of indifferent on “finchel”. I think they are funny together because they are opposites (in height and personality), but sometimes I think Rachel is too neurotic and self-obsessed to be in a relationship, especially with someone as vulnerable as Finn. This is proven in this episode – they both lied about what happened during the Madonna episode, yet Rachel lied to purposely hurt Finn (she even admitted it) while Finn lied because he didn’t want to hurt Rachel (oh the dichotomy!). Yes, he should have fessed up when she did – however I don’t think he would ever intentionally hurt anyone, especially Rachel. When Rachel finds out she (again) purposely tries to hurt him by cheating on him- with Puck no less – which I think was supposed to be shocking but I totally had a gut feeling that was going to happen. The worst part is that it was Puck that stopped it from happening (thank goodness for his new found kindness after being locked in a port-a-potty, otherwise I think Finn would have died of a broken heart – literally dead.) Anyway, I am glad that Finn and Rachel are broken up for now (although I saw a spoiler pic for the next episode with them kissing or was that the creators just trying to throw us off?).

The Rest - pretty much the entire episode was a highlight for me. Emma calling Will out for not fully utilizing the talent in the Glee club, which in turn causes Will to actually showcase other members. The beginning (almost a perfect scene) – Rachel referring to Sam and Quinn as “Ken and Barbie.” I loved how Finn said “she’s not worth it” referring to Santana – as soon as that came out of his mouth I knew he was dead. I loved everyone’s faces when Santana spilled the beans. The scene with Emma counseling Finn & Rachel (yeah! Welcome back Emma!) was also a pretty perfect scene (although completely ridiculous – I honestly have no idea what my hs guidance counselors name was let alone where his/her office was located. I certainly didn’t go there when I was in a relationship crisis). I feel bad for Finn - his admission “If I told you the truth you’d get sooo mad at me…and you’re kinda scary” was so true – I would not want to be the target of Rachel Berry’s wrath. Emma basically telling Finn not to talk was hilarious too bad he didn’t listen and instead referred to Santana as “super hot”. I don’t really understand Rachel’s logic though – she said she would understand if it was Quinn? Seriously, if that were me I would much rather my BF sleep with some hot girl that he has absolutely no feelings for rather than another hot girl who happens to be his ex that he was ready to raise a baby with – oh and that he was also in love with!! Rachel – think about it (although I totally see a Finn/Santana coupling happening – we saw from “Furt” that she might have feelings for him, but we also see in this episode Finn way too happy when Santana walks by him and blows him a kiss. They would make an interesting couple - although Santana is even more evil than Rachel – she would break Finn just for the fun of it). Kurt’s experience at Dalton was hilarious– not exactly what he is used to. When he is asked to care for the teams mascot (a bird) he responds with his usual wit and sarcasm - “I’ll bring him to work with me. Weekends I volunteer at a stray cat’s at the bottom of a coal mine.” I laughed out loud but it was clear that the stuck up Warblers have no sense of humor and they obviously don’t like individuality (Kurt is going to HATE it there!). Brittany staring into the corner because she is “paralyzed with fear”. Her and Artie were super adorable in this episode – his magic comb idea was brilliant. They could be growing on me (slightly). Then, perhaps my favorite frenemies on the show – Kurt and Rachel get some screen time together. They have the best chemistry together. I loved that Rachel was the first to stand up after The Warblers performance (see- she’s not all evil). Funniest moment? Puck getting emotional after The Hipsters performance – one of those blink and you’ll miss it moments that Glee is so good at.

The Lowlights - the only think I can think of is that it was missing Sue Sylvester. Every episode can only benefit from a few solid one-liners from the amazing Jane Lynch.

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