Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 Thoughts on "The IT Crowd" - Seasons 1-3

My Netflix recommended a quirky British comedy show "The IT Crowd" based on my interest in "The Office". While I was mostly amused by it, I think my expectations were probably too high -

1. It's not the funniest thing ever - I won't pretend like it was laugh out loud funny (like The Office) but I found myself smiling during every episode. The laugh track was too distracting for my taste and some of the jokes were repetitive ("Did you try turning it off and then back on again?" - funny the first 5 times, not so much the next 20). They did do a hilarious episode about "Friendface" a rip on "Facebook" that was perfection.

2. An American version? - I can see this on American television, especially the current obsession with "geeks" with such shows as Chuck and The Big Bang Theory. They could totally make an Office type sitcom about the IT department at some big cooperate office (NBC take note).

3. The characters - I really like Chris O'Dowd who plays Roy (he was also recently in Pirate Radio), he is a very natural comedian. Richard Ayoade was a little too over-the-top as Moss - but I really liked his character best.

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