Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 Reasons "Leap Year" is a Romantic Comedy Disaster

Here are a few reasons why I hated this film:

1. An anti-feminist film posing as a feminist film - It's really awful. Amy Adams is a woman who is so obsessed with getting married that she flies to Ireland to surprise her boyfriend by proposing to him on leap year (because apparently that is the only time it is ok for a woman to propose). Lots of unrealistic things happen on her journey, which forces her to join up with a handsome stranger. The story becomes even more annoying because he, of course, is the voice of reason - which makes her irrational, emotional, materialistic and my favorite female trait - clumsy. He also claims to treat her with "equality" which apparently means that he can be rude and obnoxious. It was painful to watch - why would I root for them to be a couple when he clearly treats her like crap?

2. Matthew Goode once again is on my shit list - ugh. First, he is terrible among an otherwise talented cast in Watchmen, then redeemed himself in A Single Man. Now I don't think he can do anything to make up for this disaster. I guess he was supposed to be charming and lovable but I think he failed miserably.

3. Cliched and predictable - Most romantic comedies have a few cliche's and are somewhat predictable - but the problem with this film is that there is nothing else to it. The only redeemable quality to the film was that Amy Adams is super adorable - it is hard to hate her even if her character is an assault to feminism.

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