Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 Reasons to Watch "Uncertainty"

I am not sure how I missed a JGL film hitting theaters, but was really excited when I found "Uncertainty" on Netflix instant watch. Here are my thoughts...

1. It is basically the same concept as "Sliding Doors" - it isn't a bad thing - I actually am one of the few that loved Sliding Doors. The concept was ahead of its time - a parallel universe story that is often employed in films and television nowadays. Uncertainty basically starts with a couple on a bridge deciding how to spend their day. They can spend the day with the girls family or they could spend the day together and join a friends party later. They flip a coin to decide and we get to see what happens if the coin lands on heads. And tails. Both stories happening simultaneosly. It's brilliant....really.

2. The concept of uncertainty - It doesn't really give a clear answer to which path they should take, nor does it give a clear answer to the bigger story, which is this big decision that the couple is facing. I really like the way both paths lead them into completely different directions (one leads them into an involvement with some sort of mob/gangster connection, while the other is much more tame). Yet, both of the stories seem like they were "meant to be" - which is a bit complicated if you think about the concept of "destiny" versus "free-will". The exploration of this concept that "nothing is certain" will always keep me interested - I tend to enjoy films that make me think outside the box a little.

3. JGL and Lynn Collins - They have a wonderful chemistry together. JGL is always a favorite of mine, but I have to admit that this is the first film that I actually thought he was kinda hot. I have never heard of Lynn Collins, but I am sure she will be an "it" girl soon enough. She kind of reminds me of Emily Blunt, but also in some wierd way reminds me of 80's pop star Tiffany (albeit much prettier).

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