Thursday, December 16, 2010

Golden Globes: The 7(+) Biggest Snubs and 3 WTF Nominations

So the Golden Globe nominations were announced on Tuesday and I have to admit - I am still in shock. I realize that it was a struggle to find "award worthy" films this year but they seriously f'd up in what they ultimately chose to nominate. Television seems to have the opposite problem - there is so much awesomeness it is hard to narrow it down. Usually the GG's is my favorite award show - but this year I just can't get behind their decisions. Here are 7 of the biggest snubs and 3 WTF were they thinking nominations.

Film snubs:

1. The Town/Ben Affleck & Company - So The Town and Black Swan are currently competing for my favorite film of the year. I am glad Black Swan has been showered with nominations but the only one that seems to be recognized from The Town is Jeremy Renner (which is definitely well deserved). The entire ensemble of actors in this film is fantastic - I was hoping to see Blake Lively earn a nomination (I never thought that would happen!). I was even more surprised that Jon Hamm was ignored (I thought he was an award show favorite) - but the most egregious error was snubbing Ben Affleck (for Best Actor and Best Director). This film could have been a generic crime thriller about Boston thugs - instead it had heart, intensity and a depth that most films lacked this year. Plus, he directed himself to one of his best performances since Good Will Hunting. It is definitely a tough race among directors this year - look at that list (Fincher, Aronofsky, O'Russell, Nolan)!! But I honestly think Affleck deserves to be listed along side these amazing film makers.

2. Inception's Actors - The most compelling part of Inception was it's acting talent. I was expecting Leo to score another nomination. I was also hoping for JGL to be recognized (as I always do) and Marion Cotillard was perfection! How did she get ignored?

Film WTF nominations:

1. The entire Best Picture - Musical or Comedy category - I have never been so offended in my entire life!! Scrolling down the list - Alice in Wonderland is on my "Worst Films of 2010" list for several reasons (see my previous post of the film). Then I was disturbed by Burlesque - just because the category includes musicals doesn't mean one has to be nominated (especially if it is unworthy). I still haven't seen The Kids Are Alright (I should be receiving it from Netflix tomorrow), so I can't really comment - although I had no idea it was a comedy. Speaking of not a comedy - Red was the least funny film I have seen all year. Yet all of these films combined are still better than the last nomination The Tourist. Are you f'ing kidding me?? First of all, since when is it a comedy? It is not advertised as one (even Angelina herself was surprised at her nod in the "comedy" category). Second, it currently has a 20% on the RT meter, which basically means it is a disaster. Third, I repeat - ARE YOU F'ING KIDDING ME?! So here is how this category should have went down: I am the first one to admit finding 5 nomination worthy comedic films this year is tough. However, Easy A should have been a given (at least they had the good sense to nominate Emma Stone). It is by far my favorite comedy of the year. Next, should have been The Other Guys - simply because it was actually consistently funny. I would even say Date Night would be a solid choice for it's comedy alone (not for plot...). If I were to choose some "action/comedy" films , I would replace Red and obviously The Tourist with either The A-team or The Losers - even the mediocre Kick-Ass would have been a better choice. The best indie, poignant "smaller" film would be It's Kind of a Funny Story or even Greenberg. So - I just listed 8 films that are far superior than those that were nominated - that is just embarrassing Hollywood Foreign Press!!

2. The Inclusion of Mediocrity - I adore Mila Kunis - but her performance was very linear and one-note. I wouldn't call that award worthy (sorry Mila...can we still be BFF's??). Michael Douglas was nothing special in the most boring film of the year - Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Johnny Depp did a fantastic job as the Madd Hatter in Alice in Wonderland but one nomination would have been enough - his performance looks laughable in The Tourist (as does his co-stars Angelina Jolie).

Television snubs:

1. Breaking Bad/Aaron Paul - So they finally came to their senses and nominated Bryan Cranston (who has won 3 Emmy's for his performance on Breaking Bad), but do I seriously have to have this conversation again?!! Aaron Paul won the Emmy last year - explain to me how he doesn't deserve a Golden Globe nomination? The biggest problem is that the "supporting" category includes all of t.v (comedy, drama and made for t.v movies) so it is incredibly difficult to narrow the talent to 5 who are award worthy (although did anyone else notice that there are 6 comedy's nominated? I'm guessing it was too tough to narrow down - but since t.v rocked this year they should have expanded all categories to 6). Anyway, Breaking Bad also is the best show on t.v - it could easily replace The Walking Dead (also a fantastic show - but there were only 6 episodes and the last 3 seemed to drag a bit. I hesitate to award it so quickly).

2. Cory Monteith - I am a little confused about the categories that the Glee actors are nominated for - I am totally down with Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch in the Supporting category but I think Lea Michele and Matt Morrison are “supporting” as well (especially this year – neither has had a major story arc yet). There really isn’t a “star” of that show – it is completely an ensemble production. Whether you want to include him as a Supporting Actor or Lead Actor, hands down Cory Monteith is the best actor on that show – he is just more understated and subtle than the other actors. He effortlessly portrays the “all American” high school teenage boy who is conflicted by his love for football and the Glee club (for those who don't see this as a challenge just consider the fact that Cory is Canadian, dropped out of school in 8th grade and has never played football or sung before this show – meanwhile Lea scored this role because she yelled at the piano player during her audition after thinking he made a mistake – very “Rachel” like and the role of “Kurt” never existed until the creators met Chris and created the role based on his own personality. Both are portraying a characterized version of themselves – I call it the “Tina Fey Syndrome”. I absolutely adore both Lea and Chris – I am just using them as examples to express my frustration). I think Cory will likely always be ignored for his part on this show, which is severely disappointing. For the record – I am not the only one who feels this way, recently this was written in “It’s been a while since we’ve gotten some Finn focus, and I think I just missed Cory Monteith. But I also forgot what a good, natural actor he can be.”

3. Fringe and everyone on it - Nothing for one of the best series on television? Really? Just one nomination would have sufficed (for Anna Torv - who easily had the most challenging role this season playing 2 different versions of herself - I also note that Nina Dobrev faced a similar challenge on The Vampire Diaries this season and NAILED it). The show is clearly superior to most shows and the combined acting talent puts other shows to shame. On a side note - I just found out they are moving the show to the "death" time slot on Friday Are they trying to break my heart?

4. All of the Supporting Actors That I Love - Seriously, they missed so many I don't know where to begin - How about the entire supporting cast of Grey's Anatomy? or Community? The rest of the Modern Family cast? Cougar Town? Certainly someone (anyone) from Parenthood? I was surprised by the absence of Lost actors as well.

5. January Jones, Courtney Cox, Peter Krause, Joel McHale - just a few lead actors that should have been recognized. It's quite astounding how much talent was ignored!

Television WTF nomination:

1. Piper Perabo - I actually laughed out loud when I read that. The girl from Coyote Ugly was actually nominated for an award other than a Razzie? That must be some sort of joke on all of us t.v fans. A show like Covert Affairs should not be recognized during award season - I've never seen it, but am sure that it is no better than other summer "fillers" like Rookie Blue, Royal Pains, Burn Notice etc. I can literally think of a dozen other actresses that deserve her slot.

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