Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 Thoughts on "A Very Glee Christmas"

Since "A Very Glee Christmas" is the last new episode we get until Feb 6th (!!!) - I will give the episode it's own post (instead of the 3 eps per post that I have been doing).

1. The Christmas Theme - While I agree with some that it was slightly offensive to air a Christmas themed episode in the middle of Hanukkah, I sort of love the idea that the creators of Glee decided to fore go being politically correct and instead fully embraced Christmas. Once December arrives Christmas is EVERYWHERE - Let's stop pretending like it's not. So, while we have characters that we know are Jewish (Puck, Rachel, Tina (Half Jewish) and maybe even Artie - his last name is Abrams) they still joined in the celebration (which I would like to point out was not religious themed at all - instead it was more about giving to the less fortunate and the spirit of forgiveness). That being said - I am not really a big Christmas theme kind of person, nor am I a fan of Christmas music. A Very Glee Christmas was one big cheese-fest, but it did have a few decent moments that made it watchable.

2. Brittany Believes in Santa - Seriously? That's a bit overkill. Brittany is dim (and hilarious) but her dimness is bordering on obnoxious now. I love that Artie tries to keep Brittany's world "magical". He is definitely a better boyfriend to her than he ever was with Tina - so I might start liking him as a character. Brittany believing in Santa did give us one of the most hilarious scenes of the episode - the mall Santa. The scene was one funny line after another - "I want bling - I can't be any more specific than that" Santanna. "Do you have anything for stretch marks?" Quinn. "Chap stick. Lots of chap stick" Sam. "I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff" Mike. Then comes the hard hitting line "For Christmas, I want him to be able to walk". Oh Brittany stop making my heart hurt. Of course, I should have predicted the Christmas miracle that was awaiting us - but I TOTALLY DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! Artie walked (with the help of a mechanical device) - seriously I was not expecting to cry like a baby.

3. Highlights - Mike got slushied! I am pretty sure that was his first - so congrats Mike! You are officially a Gleek!.. Will had my two favorite moments of the episode - him angrily knocking Sue's phone off the hook was pointless and therefore hilarious as was him saying "HO HO HO" in Sue's face. I loved that Rachel was back to season 1 - creepy stalker obsessive Rachel (Finn might need to start checking under his bed again). The only song highlight was Baby, it's Cold Outside by Kurt and Blaine - seriously adorable. Kudos to Glee for giving us another television first - 2 gay teens serenading each other. It was perfectly flirtatious, sweet and delicious. I also enjoyed the blues version of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch".

4. Lowlights - This will definitely go down as one of the weakest Glee episodes ever. Besides Will's two moments - I really didn't laugh out loud at all. The beginning scene where they sing that awful Christmas song and decorate the tree was overly cheesy and boooring - I entertained myself by watching Finn clumsily try to tie a bow on a present (pretty much every boring scene can be saved by watching Finn). Speaking of - Finn and Rachel bored me to tears. Although I did love that Rachel decided to celebrate Christmas (Finn's favorite holiday) in order to get him back. Too bad she wreaked of desperation and Finn called her on it and refused to forgive her - "you messed me up, Rachel" (sad face - but my biggest pet peeve with this is that he doesn't seem to be mad at Puck. I get the whole "bro's before ho's" mentality but would he seriously forgive Puck again?). I love that they didn't get back together but am dreading the inevitable Valentine's day episode which will likely see them making up (and another episode of cheese). Both songs featuring Rachel fell flat - Merry Christmas, Darling fit the episode nicely and her voice is amazing (as always) but I didn't quite feel the angst she was trying to portray, while Last Christmas was once again Finn and Rachel circling each other (around Christmas trees instead of a piano). I am so over it.

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