Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 Reason's I Am Obsessed With "24"

So Netflix has made the entire series of "24" available instantly (besides the most current season that ended earlier this year), which has caused a great disturbance in my life. I literally can't stop watching it. I just finished season 6, with great anticipation for season 7 (I miss Tony!). I am sort of sad that this series is already over because it is a rare show that can literally go on forever. It was innovative and shocking and downright entertaining. I suggest everyone take some time out and catch up on this addictive television show. Here is why:

1. No one is safe - I can't possibly write about this show without giving away spoilers, but as I have been watching I have been aware of many spoilers (like the fact that Tony will be back in season 7) and I didn't find it distracting to the show. Half the time I was still in shock - so to break it down honestly - lots of people die. And not just the people that you don't really care about. In the first season Jack's wife dies - which sadly, I was rooting for from hour 1, she was super annoying and a horrible actress. I didn't really get too choked up about that one, but killing off President Palmer, Michelle and seemingly Tony was really ballsy. Palmer and Michelle are assassinated in the first episode of season 5, which was super shocking because stuff like that usually happens in finale's - left as cliffhangers. But no 24 clearly sets out to jolt the audience out of its comfort zone. Not only do characters of the show perish, but the show actually kills off innocent people too - nuclear bombs are actually set off. What other show can say that?

2. Almeida is God - This is the actual title of a fan-site for the character of Tony Almeida, which I find freaking fantastic. Where exactly would Jack be without his loyal sidekick? Well season 6 can answer that quite simply - He would be caught in a boring and incomprehensible plot involving his father and Muslim terrorists....i mean Russian terrorists...i mean Chinese terrorists. Season 6 BLOWS and I don't think it is a coincidence that it is Tony-less. And yes I would trust Tony over Chloe any day of the week (I know I could possibly change my mind after season 7)

3. L.A is a magical place - Seriously, I doubt terrorists often plot to destroy L.A (maybe some plot against LAX, but other than that L.A is one of the less important cities). But in the fantasy world of 24, it is a place of great importance- a place where the president often visits- a place where there is no traffic - a place with magical healing powers (seriously you can have a terrorist use a power drill to put a hole into your shoulder blade and go back to work within an hour unharmed). If only this was the L.A that I lived in - I might not have moved. The L.A I endured was one where the important people were celebrities (you might possibly get trampled by paparazzi if Britney Spears is within 5 blocks of you), it took almost 2 hours to drive 23 miles and if I stubbed a toe you better be sure it damn well hurt like hell. So obviously 24 doesn't attempt a "realistic" atmosphere, but as long as you shake it off it becomes a pretty fun ride.

4. The twists! the turns! - CTU must have the worst Human Resource department in the history of the world. Everyone is a mole! I hated that Nina Meyers was the mole in the first season- only because theoretically it didn't make sense, however I appreciated it on a creative level. Nina as the mole changed Jack forever. He would never fully trust anyone again and neither would the audience. It is almost to the point where it is surprising when someone isn't a bad guy. I like that it attempts to twist the story at every turn (even though it is a little repetitive at some points).

5. It is fun and ridiculous - I know that is a weird way to describe a show about terrorism post-911. But it is. I try not to think about the real world implications while watching the show. It is better to think of it as pure escapist tv - a world where this super-hero will inevitably save the day. I think the way it sets itself up so unrealistically (all of this can't possibly happen within 24 hours) helps it from becoming too draining. It also helps to make fun of all of its ridiculousness - like by counting how many times Jack says "Damn-it Chloe!" (I actually think that one is a drinking game) or by guessing whether satellite surveillance will work or not or by thinking of the time Tony tells Chloe "we don't have time for your personality disorders". That was priceless.

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