Monday, August 15, 2011

13 Films to See This Fall

I can't believe how fast the summer went by!! Are you ready for fall?? Here are the films I am excited for:

1. Shark Night 3D (9/2) – 2 reasons I want to see this film: 1. Dustin Milligan. He's the guy that played Ethan on the first season of the new 90210. I love all of the changes that they made for the second season of the series - except getting rid of his character. I think he is a solid actor, he's cute and I would like to see him succeed. 2. The film plays into my irrational fear of lakes. For some reason I have no problem swimming in oceans because they are so vast - what are the chances of running into something scary like a shark? However, a lake has boundaries and the water is dark - I am convinced that a shark somehow ended up in the very lake I am swimming in and is stalking me under the water. The best part is that it will play in 2D as well...woohoo!!

2. Contagion (9/9) – A film directed by Steven Soderbergh, starring Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, JUDE LAW, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and Bryan Cranston?? I am all in. The trailer reminds me of The Stand but I doubt that this film will come close - it will probably be closer to Outbreak. I don't think a film like this is all that healthy for the human race - we are already paranoid enough - this film will inevitably make things worse. It does look interesting though - in all of it's melodramatic glory.

3. Drive (9/16) – I am not a big fan of "car" films but Ryan Gosling is sexy (and actually a good actor) so I am excited for most of his films. The trailer looks pretty good - and the car scenes are mixed with some pretty intense drama and action.

4. Money Ball (9/23) - Ugh! How boring does that poster look??!! But despite the poster Director Bennett Miller claims that the film is "not a Baseball movie" instead it is about the struggles of the sport. There have been a lot of set-backs in making the film, but Brad Pitt seemed intent on keeping it going so I have faith that it must be good...right? Plus I love Philip Seymour Hoffman!

5. Dream House (9/30) – At first glance, this film seems like yet another haunted house horror film revolving around creepy children but then the trailer gives a huge plot point away - the father (played by Daniel Craig) just got released from a mental hospital and he is imagining that he lives with his family in their home but his family is actually dead (they were murdered in the house and he was the prime suspect). I question why they would give so much away in the trailer but my conclusion is that they wanted to separate the film from a "horror" film and make it clearly a "psychological thriller" and there must be some other twist to the film that the audience will not be aware of (I am guessing the twist involves the mysterious neighbor played by Naomi Watts).

6. 50/50 (9/30) – Obviously, I will see this based on my love for JGL alone. But, I think the trailer looks really good - it is a combination of a touching film about a guy getting diagnosed with Cancer mixed with some humor (hopefully, they didn't show all of the funny in the trailer) and some hardcore bromance. It's a hard subject to make funny - but I have faith that JGL can pull anything off.

7. What’s Your Number (9/30) – So they turned the cancelled 2008 CBS television show called The Ex List (a show that I actually liked) into a film (although they have not admitted this at all). It's about a woman who learns that she has already dated her soul mate - so she revisits the past men in her life to find "the one". It's not exactly my type of film - and if it starred Kate Hudson/JLo/SJP or anyone of that nature I would not see it. But it is Anna Faris. I adore her. That is all.

8. The Ides of March (10/7) – This poster alone makes me want to see the film. Oh yah and George Clooney. And Ryan Gosling. And the rest of the awesome supporting cast. And the trailer.

9. In Time (10/28) – Aw look at that serious face my baby is making in that poster - isn't he adorable? The film looks.....interesting. At the very least it is original which is refreshing. The idea of "time" being given a monetary value is an interesting topic - it has a Gattaca feel to it (I loved Gattaca...). However, if it could very well turn out to be awful - borderline laughable.

10. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas (11/4) - I loved the original Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle it was ridiculous in plot but bountiful in laughs and entertainment. Plus it made NPH relevant again.
I saw the sequel (Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay) but I honestly don't remember a thing from it. I am a little confused as to why they are releasing a Christmas film almost 2 months before the Holiday (perhaps so it doesn't get confused with an actual family Holiday film. I also don't understand why it has to be in 3D!!?? Anyway, I am sure it will be hilarious (and possibly forgettable).

11. J. Edgar (11/9) – I actually don't really want to see this film - I feel like it will be really long and drawn out (as most Clint Eastwood films are) but I think that it is definite "Oscar bait" material so I feel obligated to see it. At least the screenplay was written by Dustin Lance Black (who did a fantastic job at turning Harvey Milk's life into a big Hollywood biopic), so it could be interesting. Leo is sure to give a fantastic performance as always.

12. Breaking Dawn (11/18) - Totally kidding you guys....

13. The Descendants (11/23) – Alexander Payne's films always have a nice balance of drama and comedy. Plus Matthew Lillard. Love. Him.

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