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Thoughts On The Past 3 Episodes of "Glee"

Ranging from one of my favorite episodes ('Silly Little Love Songs') to the worst "Glee" episode ever ('Comeback') - here are my thoughts on the last three episodes. And yes, I realize my "Glee" posts get longer and longer but I just have soooo much to say!!

1. Silly Little Love Songs -

The Couples -

  • Finn/Quinn– so, I thought I could be on board with them as a couple – but so far, not so good. I don’t think Finn should be the one pursuing – instead Quinn should be and she should be begging for forgiveness. When they are in the auditorium, Quinn refers to her past cheating ways (and current cheating ways…) which should be a big sign for Finn to run the other way. However, the fact that she cheated never bothered me (it’s a t.v show about high school kids – everyone is going to cheat) – it bothered me that she told him he was her baby daddy (although that can also be blamed on his own stupidity…), forced him to get a job to pay for doctor bills, had his mother take her in when her parents kicked her out AND the whole time she treated him like garbage. That is what she needs to make amends for. Otherwise, their relationship does not work for me.

  • Kurt/Blaine- oh how adorable can you guys be? Really? I can’t stand it anymore. Not officially a couple yet – but that is the way they are headed and I approve. It was obvious that Kurt was not the object of Blaine's crush from the beginning, but I liked how they handled it. Now they can get together, then both transfer to McKinley. ASAP.

  • Puck/Lauren – I looove it! Puck is the biggest douche and I think it is about time someone put him in his place. It is also about time that Puck learns that treating women like garbage is only going to get you trash (like Santana). They actually have great chemistry together (romantic and comedic). I loved every scene with them – especially the 7 minutes in heaven scene where Lauren tells him “you’re really not good at this – and you’re kinda scrawny”. I love that Lauren stood him up (although he just proves his douchiness by making out with a married woman while he waits for her). Puck serenading her with "Fat Bottom Girls" was perfect (slightly offensive? Maybe – but let’s be real, Lauren is a big girl). Can someone please tell me what Finn was doing in this scene? He was hilarious in the background – waving his arms in the air (and totally not in sync with the music as usual...).

The Rise of Rachel – I miss season 1 Rachel. I am hoping that her current single status will stay for a little while so she can focus on being “a star”. Ultimately, I think Finn and Rachel are endgame – but I think some time apart will likely do them both some good. When she is with Finn, I see a different person – someone who is insecure and clingy. Alone, she is confident and ambitious. I love that no matter how dumb Finn is, he sees this. As he tells her “lets face it Rachel – you’re better than everyone at this school. You don’t need me or any other guy anchoring you to Lima. You’re a real star and you need to shine.” Preach it Finn. I am always bothered by the fact that Quinn is supposed to be more beautiful (more popular, I understand) – she is rather plain looking in my opinion (still beautiful compared to like normal people…but just overall not that interesting looking). Rachel saying how great it felt when Finn “chose her over Quinn” proves how delusional Rachel is about their relationship – because it never happened. Finn actually always chose Quinn until Quinn hurt and embarrassed him. Then he was free to see Rachel. Finn has admitted that he will always love Quinn, so I don’t know why people are so shocked he would consider getting back with her. The best thing Rachel can do right now is focus on herself and her talent, become that girl again that Finn fell for in the beginning.

The fall of Santana – Hilarious. I love Santana – always will. She does “keep it real” and she is often a genius. The Glee club calling her out for being a bitch was a hilarious scene – and I love that Rachel actually got to defend herself. After she is broken by the Glee kids, Santana buys herself a necklace “I went to Jarrod” – and told Puck she was ready to change- which was hilariously interrupted by a beat down of gigantic proportions by Lauren. I was dying watching Santana getting whipped into the lockers and dragged across the floor. I am not usually a promoter of violence – but Santana kinda had it coming. People like her, the kind that constantly tear others down, are usually really insecure – so it was nice to see Santana break down. Luckily, that didn’t last long – she decides revenge is her best option. She rocks a candy stripper uniform (yes I purposely spelled it "stripper") and purposely gets mono (of course she is immune to it from having it so many times) – then kisses Finn, who kisses Quinn and both end up in the nurses office (totally realistic….). Now she has her eyes on Sam – RUN SAM! RUN AWAY!! Actually run so far that we never see you again – your character sucks.

The Highlights – The voice over is back!!!! We got an inner monologue from Puck, Santana and Finn – It was all amazing. Finn’s new found confidence is hilarious (loving the finger guns). Yes, he is a bit of a douche but let’s remember he is a teenage boy who just became the “hero” of the school – of course he would be a bit cocky. His kissing booth was a bit ridiculous – but also super adorable as was Becky calling him “Finny bear” (although I prefer Santana's coined term “Finnocence”). I enjoy Santana, Quinn and Brittany in real clothes. Perhaps now they can become more relatable? I loved the "PYT" performed by Artie (with Mike dancing beside him – but isn’t it weird that they are suddenly friends?). Rachel singing "Firework" was a surprising highlight, I hate the song (as I hate most Katy Perry songs) but Rachel killed it (and sounded sooo much better than Katy). Kurt, Rachel & Mercedes sleep-over was super cute – I enjoy the 3 of them being friends. There were also plenty of outstanding quotes:

I’m walking taller, carrying a bigger stick and using it to fight off the ladies – Finn

Maybe you’re right – maybe I am destined to play the title role in the Broadway musical version of ‘Willow’ – but the only job you’re going to have is working on a pole. – Rachel to Santana (oh snap!)

That’s my man and his legs don’t work – Brittany.

Can I be honest? Just with the hair…I think they do. – Kurt to Gap kid after the Gap kid says that no one at his work knows he is gay.

Whatever – I’ll just marry an NFL player. They’re super reliable. - Santana

The Lowlights – Tina singing "My Funny Valentine" – or should I say sobbing through it? I didn’t really understand it – it was just weird, awkward and uncomfortable (and more importantly – not funny). The two songs by the Warblers were kinda boring (although I loved them taking over The Gap). The lack of adults (no Sue, no Emma and very little Will and Beiste, although her flinging Santana over her shoulder was a highlight). Dianna Agron – I thought it was funny when she had mono because she didn’t sound any different – she ALWAYS sounds like she has a cold and her acting is always the worst on the show but this episode was definitely her weakest. She seemed like she was reading off of cue cards.

2. Comeback –

The Blond Bieber– I think this episode’s goal was to gain an audience for the ever boring Sam, but I think it failed miserably. I never actually thought he cared for Quinn so I could care less that she cheated on him (my theory is proven by the fact he is with Santana so quickly). Him singing “Baby” was slightly adorable – but not very impressive (and is anyone really convinced that this song qualifies as an anthem or that it is “hugely emotional and sums up a generation”??!!) . However, his dance moves are definitely lacking as is his charisma. In the end he is still boring and dumb and pointless. Finn’s look of disgust was pretty much the highlight of the whole Bieber shtick. The other three joining in on Sam’s “band” ‘The Bieber experience’ was only funny because of Pucks hair. The second Bieber performance(I have no idea what that song was called and I don’t care) was painful to watch – especially with the girls all giggling and screaming like psycho fan girls. And for the record the boy band “Acafella’s” totally kicks "The Justin Bieber Experience’s" ass. I did love all of the digs about Sam’s huge mouth (“your mouth to face ratio is way off”). Sue saying “Let her speak” referring to Sam was also priceless.

Sue-icidal Sue – It makes sense that Sue falls into a crippling depression after her turn into loser-ville. I love that sue is totally psychotic, but I always hate when they show her physically shoving kids into their lockers. It always makes me cringe. Will states that she might be dangerous – um duh, so she joins the Glee club to cheer herself up. The whole bit was completely contrived but it did gives us some funny stuff. The few times that I actually laughed were scenes involving Sue – like how she can stop her own heart from her CIA training. I enjoyed her belting out “Sing” and jumping around with the Glee club (but why were they all in those red plaid flannel outfits? I didn’t get it- they looked ridiculous it was just distracting but I actually really liked their performance).

The Highlights – Was there any? Um….oh yah – the cast in their underwear. Finn’s Power Rangers T-shirt made me giggle as did Sue’s dominatrix outfit. I enjoy Finn as a douche bag only because Cory is so good at it – that expression he gives Sam after he says “she saved my life” was perfectly evil. And woohoo Emma’s pamphlets made an appearance “I’m too depressed to even open this pamphlet” - oh how I missed those! I am a huuuugee "Rent" fan so I was happy that they finally did a number from my favorite musical. "Take Me or Leave Me" was a perfect song for a diva-off and both Lea & Amber nailed the song. The promo for next week was also a highlight (not sure that counts but whatevs) – I can’t wait for the kids to get wasted.

The Lowlights – Pretty much most of the episode. I think this could possibly be my least favorite episode of Glee ever (it is definitely my least favorite of the season). I could totally deal with the whole “bieber” crap if the episode was solid, but instead it was pretty boring. Lauren ruined one of my favorite songs. I always appreciate when they cover a completely inappropriate song (complete with dance moves) but Lauren sounded awful and her dancing was not sexy (I did enjoy her flinging Brittany and Tina to the ground). The sub-plot of Rachel trying for a comeback was lame (and arm warmers were around since the 80’s so I am not really sure how Brittany started a trend with that one). Quinn is getting more annoying by the second. Make a decision and stick with it at least for one episode – it was very much similar to last season’s episode where she was going back and forth between Puck and Finn and literally changed her mind like 6 times in one episode. In the end it becomes so annoying that I stop caring who she chooses. I also, really, really miss Kurt.

3. Blame It On the Alcohol -

The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza – Finally a house party! In high school I pretty much lived for them – so while I am sure people are upset that the episode highlights underage drinking, it is totally realistic and a valid topic for Glee to address. Sure the episode was a little contrived – having it be “alcohol awareness week” at school the same week the Glee kids decide to get wasted is obviously conveniently timed. But honestly who cares? The house party was one big awesome spectacle of ridiculousness. First things first – Rachel’s dress. Probably the greatest outfit she has ever worn - It is seriously a highlight of my life. Her explaining the rules and giving out wine cooler tickets was hilarious (and sooo Rachel – I am glad she is officially back in my life). When Puck convinces her to break in to her dad’s alcohol cabinet things get hilarious. There was so much going on – I don’t know where to begin so I will start with Finn (who will forever be my favorite character even when he is a douche). I usually don’t like when the lines between actor & character get blurred (like when they suddenly made Rachel a vegan – like Lea. I am still to this day aggravated by it – she made Will VEAL for pete’s sake. A vegan would never do that), however I like that Finn didn’t drink in this episode (FYI - Cory doesn’t drink anymore – the reasoning behind this drives my curiosity bone crazy. He admittedly used to be somewhat of a delinquent as a teenager plus his former co-star cited Cory as an inspiration for not drinking and claims that Cory has really important reasons. So obvi something bad happened). It could be a complete coincidence that his character was picked as the DD but I highly doubt it (the other sober character was Kurt – which also makes sense because Chris Colfer in real life is the only actor who is not 21 yet). A room where Finn is the most lucid character is obviously a fun room to be in. I loved his pointing out the “drunk girl” stereo-types. The party continued with body shots, lots of making out, dancing, spin the bottle and karaoke. The best part was watching Rachel Berry drunk – Lea really did a great job of portraying exactly what I would expect from a drunk Berry – complete with slurring, burping and laughing louder than is appropriate.

Blaine & Rachel (& Kurt) – I am all for Blaine exploring his sexuality, but not with Rachel. First, Rachel is a really shitty friend for going after Blaine. Second, Blaine is a really shitty friend for going after Rachel. The conclusion is that Kurt has really shitty friends. So, after Finn calls Rachel out for being the stereotypical "needy" drunk girl – Rachel decides to start a game of spin the bottle. The kiss between Blaine & Rachel was actually kind of funny – I love how Kurt’s reaction went from “this is outstanding” to “okay we’ve had enough of that” within seconds. Topped with Rachel saying “you’re face taste’s awesome”. I looooved it. I also enjoyed their rendition of “Don’t you want me” – finally we see Blaine sing without the Warblers and it was awesome! But then they go out for reals and rudely rub it in Kurt’s face. I question that her “relationship” with a gay man finally brings Rachel the emotion she needs to write a song. I am pretty sure she has a lot more to sing about (like being abandoned by your mother, feeling betrayed by the love of your life, getting made fun of every single day, etc..). Speaking of writing a song….the headband song was freakin epic! So was Finn’s facial expressions as he realized what the song was about. “When school girl pig tails won’t do. And I need to control my do” I was dying.

The Highlights – I really enjoyed this episode as a whole – it felt like a nice break from the usual. I was nervous it would become a little too preachy with a “kids don’t drink” message but it never really went there – instead it was more like a “kids have fun, but don’t drink on school grounds” message. I think the biggest highlight of the episode for me was Brittany. First, she gets hotter with every episode. Second, she would totally be the stereotypical drunk "stripper" girl. Third, her performance of Ke$ha (or as Figgens calls her Ke-dollarsighn-ha - a totally old joke but somehow still funny coming from Figgens) was incredible (until the end obviously). I wouldn't exactly call myself a Ke$ha fan, yet I have downloaded all of her singles and dance my ass off to them while driving to work...sooo I guess technically I am a fan. I guess it just disturbs me that my 9 year old niece says "and the party don't start til I walk in" every time she enters a room. Anyway, Brittany sounded fantastic (thanks to the auto-tuning, which is in the original as well) and her dancing was off the charts (she did a freaking split!) “Everyone drink responsibly” was perfectly delivered. I love that Figgens was dancing along and thought they were acting drunk. I love that we get to see the Glee kids outside of school and also Will as well. The friendship between Beiste and Will is growing on me (please tell me everyone else noticed her pull out an entire roll of paper towels with her lunch?) – although their visit to that honky tonk bar wasn’t my favorite (and that song….yuck. I contemplated fast-forwarding). Will drunkenly grading papers was hilarious - “I don’t even know who you are”. We finally get some honest Will and Emma interaction (it has been way too long). Did anyone else notice Emma fiddling with her wedding ring? It seemed like she wanted to take it off. Sue throwing the Aural Intensity coach down the stairs not once, but twice was funny (although I hate to admit that). We also finally get some Finn and Kurt scenes! We haven’t seen them interact since the wedding. I love that Kurt is blackmailing Finn (after seeing Finn’s browser history) – hilarious. I hate that awful song “Blame it on the Alcohol" – but I love Artie’s voice so he made it awesome – then the whole club scene dancing was super awesome as well. I am also happy that Quinn was put back in the background where she belongs – did anyone miss her? Didn’t think so.

The Lowlights
– I get that Kurt was obviously hurt in this episode, but he was also super annoying and judgemental. . I was also annoyed by the fact that Kurt didn’t bring up the fact that his dad was ok when he walked in on him and Brittany making out (in an episode last season). In fact I am pretty sure he told them to use protection and then left them alone again. Soooo why is it not ok now? He did claim that Finn would not be allowed to have girls sleep over – so it wasn’t necessarily a homophobic thing, but I just hate when the writers forget past plots. Other than that - I found nothing else wrong with this episode.

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