Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 Things That Surprised Me About 'The Social Network'

I FINALLY saw 'The Social Network' yesterday. I have been dying to see it since the day I saw the trailer...but things just kept getting in the way. Overall, I was satisfied with the film - however, I found quite a few things surprising:

1. It wasn't amazing - I should have known that, while most critics said great things the people that I know seemed unsure as to whether I would like it. I was told that I would probably think it was too long and boring. I didn't actually think either of these things, however I would say that the only reason that I was fully invested in the film was because of the pace of the sharp dialogue. It seemed to move really quickly and you definitely had to pay attention to every word that was said. But, if I really analyze the film - it was uneventful and lacking in character depth. Pretty much every male character can be described as a sarcastic douche bag, while the 2 important female characters can be described as bitches. I don't really see it as award worthy (aside from a screenplay nod). Black Swan was a far superior achievement in film making this year.

2. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is one hilarious dude - I think they were attempting to make him look like a self-absorbed asshole, but I thought he was fantastically sarcastic. I loved when he stopped to double check that $18,000 & $1,000 add up to $19,000. Him and I would totally be BFF.

3. I have a new crush named Andrew Garfield - He is undeniably adorable. I have never seen him in anything before and was quite speechless when he landed the role of the Spider-man in the reboot of the films (why this reboot is even being made is still beyond me). Luckily, I sort of fell in love with him in this film - so now I am anticipating this unnecessary reboot. He was really good in this film - even though I can understand why his character was forcibly pushed out of the company (he wasn't really that productive was he?) but I still felt bad for him. I thought I would be impressed with Jesse Eisenberg or Justin Timberlake but really Andrew was the stand-out performance for me.

4. Joseph Mazzello is still acting!!??- The kid from Jurassic Park is still acting and he's all grown up? That's freakin' crazy! Did this blow anyone else's mind?

5. The origin of 'Facebook' is actually interesting - Like I said before - I don't really get it. I think it just causes people to be detached from reality, self-absorbed and socially inept. I did enjoy learning about how it all began....The whole 'facemash' thing, the connection with Harvard and the 'Winklevi' (best quote of the whole film - "I'm 6'5," 220 pounds and there are 2 of me"), the relationship with Sean Parker & Napster and that it all basically started because the guy got dumped. Completely fascinating.

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