Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Thoughts On The Grammy's

I don't really write about music that much, but since I am an awards show junkie - I of course watched the Grammy's last night. Here are my thoughts:

1. The Fashion - We really can't discuss "best/worst" dressed at an event like this - it's really about who pulled off the best fashion risk (Florence Welch - weird but still looked pretty) and who failed miserably (Nicki Minaj - head to toe leopard print. Literally.). We saw a lot of gold (Selena Gomez - boring), a lot of sparkles (Katy Perry - complete with angel wings), a lot of black (Dianna Agron - I'm not feeling this dark look on her, Lea Michele - once again showing off her flat-chestedness. It's getting a little repetitive.) and a lot of animal print (Miley Cyrus - just ew., Amber Riley - atrocious). None of it was good fashion.

2. The Performances - Let's be honest, no one really watches the Grammy's for the handing out of awards. It is all about the performances - it is like watching one big concert. This year, most performances played it low key (no big shocks to talk about the next day). My favorite performance was probably a tie between the Aretha Franklin tribute (Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Hudson predictably killed it, while Florence was surprisingly great at a song completely out of her norm) and Eminem/Rihanna & Dr. Dre (I think it was more about the nostalgia. My entire senior year in high school was practically devoted to Slim Shady. I loved seeing him back with his mentor - Dr. Dre. I also loved Adam Levine singing along with Rihanna in the beginning - I am a sucker for an unexpected collaboration and I also love Skylar Grey's voice - she sounded amazing). Other performance highlights - Lady Gaga sounded fantastic (although her performance was surprisingly lacking), Muse definitely knows how to put on a rock show - I loved the use of the screens and the whole "revolt" was mesmerizing. Mick Jagger had a ridiculous amount of energy and I loved watching him work the crowd. The performances that I didn't care for were Miranda Lambert ( I don't know who she is and this song did not make me want to find out), Justin Bieber and Usher (I looooved when Jaden came out, but other than that the performance fell flat. Justin can't really sing and that I can deal with if he put on some awesome dance spectacular, but he didn't. He did have some awesome back up dancers though. Plus, Usher hasn't done anything out amazing for about 10 years), Katy Perry was definitely trying to prove that she deserved her Grammy nominations but the only thing she proved was that she can't sing. I would've been impressed if she successfully pulled off a performance of "Firework" - that song is hella hard to me I try all the time. All of the other performances fell somewhere in the middle. I would just like to say what the hell was that Cee-lo performance? That was freakin' weird. And The Arcade Fire's performance was seizure inducing.

3. The Winners - Speaking of The Arcade Fire.....seriously 'Album of the Year'??!!. I am a fan, but I think that was a bit of a stretch. I would say Eminem had the best album or even Lady Gaga. Even more shocking than that was Esperanza's winning 'Best New Artist'. I honestly thought it would go to anyone else but her (I am not familiar with her work so I can't judge fairly, but I would have loved for Florence and the Machines to take that one home). I was also shocked that Lady Antebellum won so many awards (5 out of their 6 nominations). I am not a fan of country music, but sometimes I like some songs....this one I am not a fan of. It is really cheesy, twangy and not very creative. It is not the best song of the year by far.

4. The Other Stuff - um...there is really not much else to say. The performances were really the only thing the Grammy's had going for it. I enjoyed Seth Rogan taking a dig at Miley Cyrus. I laughed. Once. I also realized that I Matthew Morrison is kind of a douche. During the pre-show he talked about how the other Glee cast-mates are "jealous" of him because he is working on a solo album, while they are forced to go on tour together (he claims he has "good people" behind him). A world-wide, sure to be sold out tour - don't you feel bad for them? I'm pretty sure your album is going to be about as successful as co-star Mark Salling (sorry Mark...) - I bet they are real jealous. Ass.

5. The Egg - Of course, I can't talk about this year's Grammy's without mentioning Lady Gaga's extreme entrance. I get the whole theme of her entrance being Born this Way...but arriving in a womb was just a little ridiculous. You can call it creative, interesting etc...but don't call it genius. You know what would be genius? If she showed up with a beautiful dress, walked the red carpet and blended in with the rest of the artists. Her spectacle of an entrance just set the bar extremely high for her performance (which by most critics is seen as underwhelming) . Her performance was actually great (the vocals were outstanding, the song is....well, yes it does sound exactly like Express Yourself, but it is still fun nonetheless). She needs to strip away some of the craziness so people can see that she actually does have talent - she would get a lot more respect.

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