Monday, February 7, 2011

4 Thoughts on 'Glee' - The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle

Wooofreakinhoooo! 'Glee' is back! I was a little nervous about the super-sized post super bowl episode. From the never ending promos, "exclusive" clips and spoilers - I assumed it to be one big explosion of over-the-top performances, minimal plot developments and an abundance of Brittany & Sue one liners. Instead we were treated to a fairly solid episode from beginning to end (AND of course over-the-top performances, an absurd plot and Brittany spouting one of her greatest lines yet...). Here are my thoughts:

1. The plot - o.k. There was a plot. Pfew! I was worried. The episode revolved around 2 rivalries. The first being the Glee club versus the football team. This rivalry has existed from the very first episode of Glee, but it has finally come to blows because of Karovsky's self-hatred (I thought it was weird they didn't re-cap the fact that Karovsky is in the closet for those first time viewers, in fact the show steered clear of the whole gay issue besides referring to Karovsky as a homophobe). I love in the beginning when Karvosky messes with Finn's head - leading him to think he was going to let him get tackled (which is exactly why Finn didn't want to get involved with the whole Kurt bullying issue in the first place). Will and Coach Beiste devise a plan to force the Glee club and the football team to work together so that they can actually win a championship game - and of course hilarity ensues. The second rivalry is Sue versus...well everyone really. After her plan to "top herself" by using Brittany as a human canon is foiled - she throws the mother of all tantrums which was epic. Her decision to move the cheerleading competition to the same day as the football game/half time performance forcing Quinn, Brittany and Santana to choose between Glee and cheerleading was deliciously evil. They ultimately choose Glee which means no more uniforms (woohoo!) and that poor 'legendary' Sue is officially a 'loser'. The episode highlights Finn's constant struggle to keep the peace in order to win the football game and pull off a "thrilling" 1/2 time performance. Along the way, we are also introduced to a new romantic twist that we never saw coming - (ok...we've all read the spoilers so we all saw it coming...but we can pretend right?) Finn and Quinn!!! I liked the way the writers were hinting towards a Finn and Santana pairing but I can totally get behind Finn and Quinn for a little while- if she actually treats him right and makes amends for what she did in the past. I agree that it is a little ridiculous (and hypocritical) of him to forgive Quinn and not Rachel, however for all the 'Finchel' fans out there - think about this: The fact that he is more hurt by Rachel just proves that he cares for Rachel more...which he will likely figure out....eventually. So you guys should just take a few deep breaths and get over it.

2. The performances -

  • California Girls (I refuse to spell it 'gurls') - The cheerleading performance completely fell flat. I watched it already (one of those "exclusive" clips) and I became severely concerned for the episode. It was definitely not enough to entice the coveted 'hetero male' demographic that Glee is so desperately seeking (more specifically FOX executives - I think Ryan Murphy could care less about the straight guy). It could have been better - first things first, they could have used a better song.

  • Need You Now - I am not a fan of the song and would say that this is not the best way to convince the football players that glee club is cool. The song is way too country (and cheesy). Rachel and Puck were super adorable together and they sounded decent - I just wasn't impressed.

  • She's Not There - LOOOVED IT. Cory's voice gets better with every episode. And it was clever that they were dressed as zombies. All the guys were so cute with their zombie moves.

  • Bills, Bills, Bills - Extremely impressive, but as most critics have pointed out - completely out of place. Kurt was especially adorable and I love how smitten he is with Blaine - but I am ready for him to be back at McKinley. Now. Please?

  • Thriller/Heads Will Roll - I downloaded this song about a week ago and have listened to it at least 3 times a day. I love the mash-up - it is brilliant. However, the actual performance was slightly disappointing. The choreography looked a little messy and I didn't like the editing - they kept showing close-ups and audience reactions so we never got the full effect of the dancing. It was still super fun, I just had very high expectations (which is exactly what happens when you start hyping something 3 months before it airs...). Also, can someone explain to me why they didn't use Cory's voice for the "darkness falls across the land..." part? He is on the itunes version and he sounds soooo good.

3. The highlights - Everything. I did not want the episode to end! I love that a lot of past plot points were addressed (like how Puck screwed over his BFF not once...but twice and it is never mentioned - I am glad he sort of apologized and they have agreed to move on. Completely unrealistic...but whatevs.). Here are some more of the best moments:

  • Finn aggressively pushing Sam - Their "bring it" "brung" exchange was hilarious.

  • Finn's expression during the Puckleberry duet.

  • Finn's face palm when the girls announce they are going to join the football team.

  • Finn. (Seriously, Cory Monteith had a lot to do in this episode and he KILLED every scene. An Emmy belongs in that boys hand).

  • Um...where was I? Oh yah. The football game with the girls was hilarious. Rachel yelling "lets kick some ass!" made me pee. Just a little. I loved how they would just lay down on the field - except of course, Lauren. Tina's almost touchdown was sooo cute - I know a lot of people hate on her but I think she has her moments.

  • Kurovsky and others getting slushied. Their reactions were priceless - "my eyes! they are...burning!" Such wimps. I hate Kurovsky, but thanks to the awesome job that the writers and Max Adler are doing - he could possibly redeem himself. I don't see that happening anytime soon...but it's a possibility.

  • Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes and Rachel's coffee talk! More please! Oh and I totally want to see Kurt bring "warm milk" to Finn for some "lady talk". I think I would die.

And of course, here are my favorite quotes:

  • I don’t want to die yet. At least not until ‘One Tree Hill’ gets canceled. – Brittany (one of her best lines to date)

  • You not going to try and kiss me again are ya? – Coach Beiste

  • If I have to stay…I am not singing no show tunes. That is the music of my oppressors – Azimio

  • Who’s ‘yeah,yeah,yeah’? – Azimio

  • You’re so afraid of being called geeks or losers or gay that you settle for being nothing! – Puck bringing the wisdom.

  • One of those zombies bit me! – Football player from the opposing team.

4. The lowlights - The show is a musical/comedy that usually balances a fine line of realistic and fantasy, but lately it is starting to cross over too much for me. I can only suspend disbelief for soo long. Would they would really allow 4 girls who have zero football knowledge or experience to join the team the day before a championship game? And it bothers me that Artie is on the football team – I am pretty sure it wouldn’t be safe (plus he has an unfair advantage – because really who is going to tackle a kid in a wheelchair?). Also, considering it took hours for that zombie makeup to be applied – are we supposed to believe that the glee kids did it themselves in the matter of minutes? Plus wouldn’t they spend the week before a big game like doing football stuff? Strategizing, practicing etc - I am pretty sure this whole Glee club thing would just be an added distraction. Anyway....I just needed to vent the obvious ridiculousness of the plot but I still loved the episode in all its absurd glory.

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