Monday, January 31, 2011

The SAG Awards - 4 Thoughts on the Most Boring Awards Show Ever.

1. The Pre-show - You all know that I hate Guliana Rancic right? Actually, hate is a strong word - I am sure she is a lovely person. What I hate is that she has a job that she is continuously bad at - yet hasn't been fired. Her interview skills are lacking, her professionalism is non-existent and she seems genuinely overwhelmed by her surroundings. In the beginning, she declared that she wanted to "make love" to her shoes which made my stomach turn, then she tried to get "gossip" from Chord Overstreet about his relationship with co-star Naya Rivera (which she already stated had already been denied by both why ask again?). Her worst offense was not understanding the Sarah Palin joke that Tracy Morgan told - saying that it was "unsolicited" - she obviously doesn't follow entertainment news otherwise she would "get" the joke. Seriously, out of the millions of people that would love to have her job - I am sure they can find a much better candidate.

2. The Fashion - Slightly more exciting than the Golden Globes, yet an overall disappointment. We got some amazing dresses including the stunning Alexander McQueen dress that Mila Kunis wore. Mila was hands down the best dressed of the evening. The hair, the makeup - simply perfect. Other best dressed celebrities? I would say Heather Morris glowed with the nude color (or maybe it was blush?) gown - I almost didn't recognize her, her co-star Lea Michele looked amazing as well (although I worried about her and a possible "wardrobe malfunction"). My favorite style icon of the moment, January Jones, wore an unusual choice but I adored it - I just could not handle the "wave" hair updo. I usually could care less about men's fashion but Justin Timberlake rocked a really cool striped tie, while Cory Monteith had an amazing guitar tie clip that just proved his adorableness (in case you weren't aware that he is in fact the most adorable man alive - now you know). There were plenty of misses on the red carpet including Jenna Fisher who looked dowdy (hard to do with a body like that), Julie Bowen (I appreciate the risk and a pant suit can be super sexy if done right - but this jumpsuit was just trashy), Dianna Agron whose makeup was too harsh for her beautiful face and the dress was dull and Winona Ryder who apparently confused the event for her wedding day, while Jane Lynch dressed as her bridesmaid. Other stars suffered from dresses that just didn't fit their bodies - Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and Naya Rivera.

3. The Winners - Steve Buscemi stole another award from Hall & Cranston, while his show Boardwalk Empire won for ensemble for T.v Drama. I was surprised that Breaking Bad wasn't nominated or Fringe for that matter, but out of the nominated casts I would have chosen Dexter or Mad Men. Then again, I have not seen Boardwalk Empire - so I guess I can't judge fairly. Alec Baldwin - a comedic genius on 30 Rock, won for T.v Comedic Actor, usually I would have no complaints - however 5 consecutive times is a little much. It would be nice to see a new face up there - I was rooting for Ty Burrell (who consistently makes me laugh every week on Modern Family) or Chris Colfer (the scene they used in the highlight reel is one of my favorite Glee scenes of the season). The second I heard Betty White's name in the T.v Comedic Actress comedy - I knew she was an obvious win (given how much everyone adores her). How can anyone even compete with such a legend? Her show looks like complete garbage to me - but hey...she's Betty White. Modern Family took home ensemble for T.v Comedy - I can't complain about that (although Glee would be my first choice). In the film world - I love Colin Firth. I plan on seeing The Kings Speech this week but I am already convinced he deserves the award. I wasn't surprised that Melissa Leo and Christian Bale won for their supporting work on The Fighter - both are superb actors. I was actually surprised that Natalie Portman won over Annette Benning. I think Natalie will win the Oscar, but I figured Benning for this since it is kind of a popularity contest among actors. Since my picks for ensemble acting - The Town and Inception were not among the nominees - I would have chosen The Kids Are Alright.

4. The Show - Hands down - the most boring award shows of the season. I know it boasts more face time with "celebrities" than other award shows because it doesn't have any of those so-called boring category's, but sometimes the funniest things happen with those "unknown" people. Plus, there is no host so the show has to rely on it's presenters to keep things moving. Yet, they paired people up awkwardly and literally had them read the boring words off the teleprompter. No improv = no fun. The only person I found amusing was Justin Timberlake who was literally pushing his co-star Andrew Garfield so he could be closer to the microphone (p.s Happy Birthday Justin - who turned the big 3-0 today...I totally feel your pain). There were really no highlights amongst the winning speeches except perhaps Betty White getting a little excited by her male statue and Julianna Marguiles thanking her in-laws which was super adorable. Oh and did anyone else notice Michael Trevino (from The Vampire Diaries) sitting at the Glee table? I know that the casts of TVD and Glee are pretty close but he is obviously dating someone...Jenna? Chord? (apparently Chord is dating everyone - now there are rumors of him and Mila Kunis. I am soo jealous. Of Chord...).

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