Friday, January 7, 2011

4 Reasons Why "Jonah Hex" is On My "Worst Films of 2010" List

With the good come the bad - directly after watching "The Kids are Alright," I watched the horrible film "Jonah Hex". It was pointless, boring and unoriginal. Here is why it is added to my "worst of" list:

1. The story - Another graphic novel turned action film. Another super-hero story told in a dark film noir style. Another lame attempt at creating an original film (the only thing that made it different was that it was turned into a western). The plot was that our "hero" is trying to get revenge on "the bad guy" that killed his family. But the hero isn't exactly likable and we don't really know much about him (other than he has a "special" relationship with a prostitute). Creating a film where we are alienated from our main character creates the biggest problem of all - it isn't accessible.

2. Megan Fox - I love her - not just because she is hot (I actually think she has potential to be a great actress). She was perfect for her role in both Transformers films and she nailed her role in Jennifer's Body (a film that I actually liked). This film is a disaster, but Megan is hardly to blame. She did a respectable job. The only problem with her in this film is that she is way too skinny for this role - her corset barely fit her (instead of seeing cleavage we see rib cage). What happened to her?

3. The rest of the cast - While I am usually a Josh Brolin fan - he did nothing special in this film (except make me not care about his character at all...). There were some awesome people in this film that had very little to do like Michael Shannon, Lance Reddick and Aidan Quinn - blink and you will miss them.

4. It felt long - The film was only an hour and twenty minutes yet it felt like forever. It just kept dragging on and on. It was repetitive and linear and just plain uneventful. They could have added a little humor to make it watchable.

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