Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Golden Globes: 11 Best & Worst Moments

As awful as the Golden Globes nominations were, the actual show was surprisingly entertaining. For the most part the right people won, the show was fast paced, the host was a genius (and controversial) and everyone seemed to be having fun. Here are the best and worst moments of the event.


1. Best Win – Chris Colfer. I was probably just as stunned as Chris himself. I tend to say the name of the person who I want to win as they announce the winner - so when I said “Chris Colfer” out loud as Leighton Meester announced “Chris Colfer” I was like “wait…what?!”. I read several critics who had Chris as the front runner but I honestly thought it would go to Eric Stonestreet (who would deserve it as well). Since my favorite supporting actor on television (Aaron Paul) was not nominated– I was rooting for Chris simply for that groundbreaking moment when an openly gay 20 year old receives a prestigious award. Chris's speech was perfection- beginning with “I think I dropped my heart somewhere between Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore – so if someone sees that can you please give it back to me?” followed by his awesome advice to kids who are told they can’t be who they are or accomplish what they want – “screw that kids”. Seriously, Chris - can you be any more adorable?

2. Best Speech – Jane Lynch. I adored her “falsely humble” speech. And I sort of love that she took a dig at miss Lea Michele (talking about how she will totally give her 14 year old fans attention when she has the time – Lea had come under some fire recently for ignoring the now famous 14 year old Haley Steinfeld … when she asked her for an autograph on the Paramount lot). Whether it was intentional or not it still made for awesome television. Plus she thanked the “deranged young man” Ian Brennan (the writer who is responsible for Sue Sylvester).

3. Best Dress – Olivia Wilde. THAT is an awards show dress - a showstopper. I am so bored with most of the dresses because they look like they are in a wedding (Jennifer Lopez) or going to the prom (Lea Michele). Plus - the color theme was either blush or emerald green - apparently those were the only choices this year. I would also include both Mad Men beauties who wore showstopper dresses as well (January Jones & Christina Hendriks) in siren red (how daring!) in the best dress category.

4. Best Ricky Gervais dig – “It seems like everything this year was 3 dimensional – except the characters in "The Tourist". I feel bad about that joke…no I will tell you why…I am jumping on the bandwagon. I haven’t even seen "The Tourist". Who has?” Hilarious because it is true. Runner up – “Two heterosexual actors pretending to be gay…so the complete opposite of some famous Scientologist then….what?…probably. My lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke”. Also, hilarious because it is true.

5. Best Hair – Most actresses seemed to forget to do their hair this year. At least Lea Michele’s messy up-do looked purposely done and I always love Christina Hendriks gorgeous red hair (complimenting her perfectly milky complexion….soooo freakin jealous).

6. Best Presenter – Robert Downey Jr. “I don’t know if an actress can do her best work…until I’ve slept with her”....“if I could…I’d give it to all 5 of you…at once….the award…right here center stage…in front of my wife…the audience…and millions of viewers.”

7. Best Supportive cast mate – Kaley Cuoco. I don’t watch The Big Bang Theory. However, I knew Jim parsons would win (and from what I have read – he deserves it). Kaley’s jump for joy as she read her cast-mates name was so adorable (and genuine….take note Lea).

8. Best “I feel old” moment – Trent Reznor looking like a grown up accepting a Golden Globe. I had a flashback to listening to NIN “Closer” when I was in junior high school (Yes...I am that old and Yes it is still to this day one of my favorite songs). Never in a million years would I imagine him looking so clean cut and mature. “Completely surreal” indeed.

9. Best Quote – Aaron Sorkin. “Smart girls have more fun”. Damn right. I also love Gervais at the end saying “Thank you to God…for making me an atheist”. I might have to start using that one.

10. Best chemistry – Jimmy Fallon & January Jones – their fake laugh was perfect. Although, I think Jimmy tends to make everyone around him instantly funnier.

11. Best "Aww you're cute" moment - Andrew Garfield - obviously nervous. After flubbing his line not once, but twice...he stopped and applauded himself for getting it right and then thanked the audience for being supportive. It was cute and humble.


1. Worst Win – Seriously, If you aren’t giving the award to the brilliant Michael C Hall, then it undoubtedly should go to Bryan Cranston. Steve Buscemi is an awesome actor, but I can’t see him being as sublime as his competitors. Although – I am awaiting the dvd of Boardwalk Empire because I adore Kelly Macdonald and Michael Pitt. Who knows...maybe I might be eating my words soon.

2. Worst Speech – Claire Danes. OK…I get it - apparently she was fantastic in this film (I still find it hard to believe) but she needs to work on her speeches….using phrases like "this is sooo cool” “awesome experience” and “holla” in your speech makes you look like an idiot. (side note – I adore her style …if you go simple this is the way to do it. She looked fantastic!!)

3. Worst Dress – I am going to have to go with Halle Berry on this one – usually stunning, her dress was simply inappropriate for this event. Another Offender – Michelle Williams. I love the idea of the free spirit daisy dress, but the color and the print just were not flattering for such a beautiful girl.

4. Worst Ricky Gervais dig – I heart Ricky…I really do. However, I will admit he went a bit overboard. Usually he is able to straddle the line between being offensive and funny but this time he seemed to offend quite a few people (including the president of the HFPA, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Allen, Tom Hanks even his usual cohort Steve Carrell seemed annoyed with him). “The other is Tim Allen” was just plain mean.

5. Worst Hair – Tie. Scarlotte Johanson’s bride of Frankenstein up-do was simply awful. And Emma Stone – I know the blond hair is for her role in the new “Spider-Man” films but it does not suit her at all especially with the color of that dress and her overly orange skin. She is such a beautiful girl – I was so disappointed.

6. Worst Presenter – Michelle Pfeifer presenting “Alice in Wonderland”. First, I am unsure of her connection to the film. Second, she was so stiff and her face didn’t move. It was creepy.

7. Worst supportive cast mate – Lea Michele. I love how excited the cast got when Chris won – they all seemed to tear up a bit (I did too) but Lea seemed to be hamming it up way too much- obviously she knew the camera was focused on her. Maybe she is just that sensitive and emotional but I just found the whole scene a bit disingenuous.

8. Worst “I feel old” moment – Wait... Al Pacino already won a lifetime achievement award? TEN years ago? WTF

9. Worst quote – Robert Deniro’s whole speech was weird. He doesn’t usually talk much which might be a good thing because this speech was just awkward and not really funny. The worst part was after complimenting Matt Damon by saying one day he will be getting the Cecille B DeMille award and that he would be happy to be the one presenting it to him “If I am still alive”. What a downer.

10. Worst chemistry – Alec Baldwin & J Lo – that was just painful.

11. Worst "Aww you're cute" moment - Justin Bieber...sorry, I just don't get it.

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