Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 New Shows to Watch

It's that time of year again - television mid-season time. While I mostly look forward to returning shows (like "Southland", "Parks & Recreation" "V" & "Archer"), there are also a few new shows that I will be watching (I cut back to 3 due to the fact that I have too much television to watch already!! So while "The Cape", "Body of Proof", "Fairly Legal" and "Off the Map" all look interesting...I just simply don't have the time right now).

1. Perfect Couples - 1/20 -'s been done before (and poorly), but someone's got to get it right eventually right? The show is a comedy about the lives and relationships of 3 different couples which if done well could be the next Friends (I contend that we have found the next Friends - it's called Cougar Town). It is also sort of like the new show Better With You except that show is 3 different generations of couples within the same family. I am most excited by the cast - mostly unknowns but I really liked Christine Woods on Flash/Forward and am glad she found another job. I also like Hayes MacArther (I met him once - decent guy) and Olivia Munn is really funny (and gorgeous!).

2. Mr. Sunshine - 2/9- Yeah Matthew Perry! I heart him! I watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip just for him (and Sarah Paulson - super adorable). I have no idea what this show is about...something about sports right? Not exactly my forte - however one of my all time favorite shows is Sports Night - (HELLO Peter Krause, Josh Charles & Felicity Huffman in one show!!!) So if this show is anything like that then count me in!

3. Skins - 1/17 - So BBC Skins is a fantastic show - Seriously utterly brilliant television. I am convinced that an American version will suck (maybe if it was on Showtime and not MTV it might have a shot of being decent, yet look at the reviews for their remake of Shameless (again a genius BBC show) - I have read nothing but bad things). I will watch the first few episodes for myself just so I have proof when I claim how awful it is. I am also awaiting the uproar from various parental and political groups when they realize how scandalous it is (if they follow in the original's footsteps - just imagine Gossip Girl times 100 - sex, drugs and lots of alcohol leads to lots of bad behavior). Let the fun begin....

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