Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Thoughts on 5 Recently Released DVD's: Part 3

1. Killshot - I read this book last year, solely because I heard JGL was involved in the film. I figured it had to be good, because he tends to make exceptional choices. I enjoyed the book - although it wasn't anything spectacular. Elmore Leonard books tend to make interesting films though, so I was anticipating this film for a while. I was expecting some popularity for the film based solely on Mickey Rourke's recent comeback, but was disappointed that the film was never widely released. After seeing the dvd, I understand why. What a train wreck. I've never known JGL to overact, but he was completely over-the-top absurd, while Diane Lane did her best in what seems like the same role she always plays. It made me sad.

2. He's Just Not That Into You - The only reason I even considered sitting through this movie is for Bradley Cooper. I have no interest in Chick-flick films (I am one of the few women who find Sex and the City completely ridiculous) nor do I have any interest in watching Jennifer Aniston insist that she is a movie star (t.v is clearly her medium). As I expected Bradley is in fact the only reason to see the film, not just because he is that good, but also because he has the most interesting story line. I'm pretty sure the audience is supposed to sympathize with the women in the film and not Bradley's character, but I don't fault him for sleeping with Scarlett Johansson (who gives up acting all together in this film, but flaunts her assets nicely). I do find it interesting that by the end he is the villain of the film. I also find it surprising that the film sends such a mixed signal about relationships because it clearly states all of these "rules" to follow but then ends with all these "exceptions" - which basically tells the audience to throw the book that the film is based on in the garbage.

3. Gran Torino - I guess I just don't understand Clint Eastwoods appeal. I mean I do get the whole Dirty Harry bad-ass attitude cool factor, but while watching Gran Torino all I was reminded of was an old, lonely racist man that I have no interest in watching for 2 hours and 10 minutes.

4. Defiance - Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber are superb, as is newcomer Alexa Davalos (from the surprisingly delightful film Feast of Love). The story was strong and powerful. Yet the film was just blah. I can't really explain why because it really didn't have any faults except maybe that it was too long and it dragged a bit in the middle. It has the daunting task of telling yet another holocaust story, unfortunately it doesn't offer anything new. I think it is still worth watching though.

5. Sex Drive - Really not funny. Although, Seth Green was hilarious as a sarcastic Amish auto-mechanic. Other than that - a completely forgettable film.

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