Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 Reasons Why Ryan Reynolds Should Not Be "The Green Lantern"

I can't really say that I had much interest in upcoming "Green Lantern" project until all these casting rumors began. Everyone from Ryan Gosling to Jared Leto was being considered. Here is why I think they made a huge mistake casting Ryan Reynolds.

1. Bradley Cooper was obviously a better choice - I know I am a bit bias, but Cooper would have been fantastic. Once the announcement was made that they narrowed the list to 3 people (Cooper, Reynolds and Justin Timberlake(!)), I thought for sure Cooper was a lock. Seeing as The Green Lantern is a Warner Brothers project and Cooper scored a huge hit for them with The Hangover - how could he lose? I guess I don't really know the politics behind their decision, but I think Cooper has proved his on-screen charisma far better than Ryan Reynolds has.

2. Ryan Reynolds is already "Deadpool" - Although I haven't seen this summer's Wolverine movie, I understand Reynolds did a decent job as Deadpool - enough so that there are talks of a spin-off film based on his character. I find it a huge mistake to have one actor take on 2 different comic book characters. I actually find it a mistake to have one actor take on 2 iconic characters at all - proven by Christian Bale taking on Batman and The Terminator so close together - one project will suffer.

3. Who decided he was a star? - From what I can see, Reynolds has yet to prove himself. Sure, he is mildly entertaining in mildly entertaining films like Waiting, Just Friends and Van Wilder but he was also completely forgettable in films like The Amityville Horror, The Nines (although I like the film - I actually forgot it was him), and Adventureland. It is clear that the popularity of The Proposal was because of Sandra Bullock (and Betty White), while there is already a hard-core fan base for X-Men's Wolverine. So why is he suddenly considered an A-list star? EW recently had him on the cover proclaiming him as "Our favorite leading man" and now he gets this highly lucrative role in what potentially can become a highly successful franchise - not to mention he recently married one of Hollywood's most sought after actresses (if you can really call Scarlett an actress...). His publicist obviously deserves a raise.

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