Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 Reasons Why I am Excited About "Jennifer's Body"

The idea behind "Jennifer's Body" sounded intriguing, but the red band trailer is so genius that I am now putting the film at the very top of my highly anticipated film list. Here is why the trailer is absolute perfection.

1. I don't think it is a secret that Megan Fox is hot - They sure jumped on the Megan Fox bandwagon, but it goes a bit further by completely and unapologetically exploiting Fox's uber-sexiness. She gets naked and she kills people - come on, who doesn't want to see that?

2. Adam Brody Lives! - This was the declaration on when the trailer was released last week, which prompted me to watch the trailer ASAP. I had no idea Brody was in it, which makes the film even more enticing.

3. It actually looks creepy - It looks as if Diablo Cody has perfected the mixture of the horror genre with the comedy genre - it's like Shawn of the Dead but scarier. I.CANT.WAIT!.

4. "I know what boys like, I know what boys want" - A perfect song to add to the trailer, because they obviously know that the subject matter (a teenage cheerleader who lures boys in and then kills them) is somewhat emasculating (reminds me of the film Teeth) yet the trailer is so sexy, campy and fun - I'm sure the boys will come running.

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