Sunday, July 28, 2013

Best Films of 2012 **Updated**

Time for me to update my "Best Films of 2012" list. I was trying to wait until after I watched Amour, but it is taking waaaaaay too long to be released to DVD. Honestly, it doesn't really seem like my kind of film anyway.  So, here it is: 

1. Seven Psychopaths
2. Argo
3. Zero Dark Thirty
4. Rust and Bone
5. The Dark Knight Rises
6. Take This Waltz
7. The Cabin in the Woods
8. Looper
9. The Grey
10. Django Unchained

I had a really hard time making this list, this year.  There are a lot of great movies that are left off - Headhunters and Silver Linings Playbook both got bumped off the original list, plus there are several movies that I debated adding; Robot & Frank, The Intouchables, Holy Motors, The Master, God Bless America, and Jeff, Who Lives at home are all worthy contenders.  I hope I have the same problem for 2013. 

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