Sunday, July 14, 2013

3 Thoughts on World War Z

1. The intensity - Holy crap! From beginning to end, this movie is freakin' intense. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire running time.  It's non-stop thrills.  It baffles my mind that some criticize it as boring and slow, when I found it the complete opposite.  I was actually hoping for some slow moments, so that I could take some proper breaths.  There are some scenes that I would even describe as having Jurassic Park-type thrills (and that is meant as a huge fucking compliment).  Sure, it gets to the point where it's unbelievable that our protagonist would find himself in so many "oh my God" scenarios, but it's meant to be gasp-worthy so I can look past the unbelievable parts and just have fun with it. If you can't, I feel bad for you.

2. The trailer - My biggest complaint is that I saw too much already with the trailer.  Several of the key scenes are shown in the trailer (and/or during other promo clips).  It's weird that the marketing department was so oddly against using the word "zombie" or even showing them, yet they thought it was ok to ruin some of the best scenes in the movie.

3. The ending - The movie is absolutely nothing like the book (I already expected this).  If it was titled something else and the book was never mentioned, I wouldn't even see a correlation between the two.  The reason that I liked the book so much is that it focuses on humanity, as opposed to the individual. The movie, however, does the opposite.  I'm tired of the "hero" being a "hero" only because he is concerned with his family, as if he wouldn't want to save the human race if he wasn't married with children.  It's almost offensive to think about.  The ending of the movie, although not a complete ending, was so dissatisfying because it was focused on this one family having a happy conclusion.  I found out tonight that the ending we received was not the original ending. I knew they did a lot of re-shoots, but I never read about what they were about.  Apparently, the original ending is less of a happy one and would have been much more satisfying.  I also learned that Matthew Fox is in the movie! Who knew??! Apparently, everyone else but me!

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