Monday, June 18, 2012

3 Thoughts on Prometheus

1. The Good vs. The Bad - I have to respect a film that not only tackles big questions, but also creates a whole other "world".  It's often advised for writers to "write what you know", but I am far more impressed by writers (and filmmakers) who imagine the "unknown".  It's a daunting and ambitious task to create a future world that still feels relevant, realistic and cohesive - some things fall through (in this case: dialogue and character development).  I don't think anyone would disagree that the film has some flaws, but overall the "good" of the film far outweighs the "bad" of the film.  As for the "plot holes" that people are claiming exist, it doesn't bother me in the least.  I think every "hole" actually has a theory behind it that is left for the audience to figure out for themselves.  There are several websites that are now explaining a lot of these "holes"; I haven't decided if I want to look at them yet because I simply don't have the desire to see if my theories are correct.  I understand that expectations were high and it left a lot of people disappointed, but I think focusing on the flaws is a mistake.  Prometheus is a film that missed being a masterpiece by a few inches.  Visually outstanding, thematically bold and cinematically intense. 

2. Technology vs. Humans - In this world that Ridley Scott created, technology has won.  We are introduced to a group of people that are embarking on possibly the greatest discovery by human-kind and yet they are all pretty fucking stupid.  So, yes, it was frustrating when one of them did something so blatantly stupid that you want to yell at the screen.  However, all of their actions can be justified if you think about how reliant we are on technology now and then imagine how reliant we will be in 80 years.  Sadly, I imagine that human instinct will be obsolete.  Common sense, problem solving and learning through observation are already diminished concepts. I am reminded of the astonishingly dumb Zooey Deschanel iPhone commercial "is that rain?" and of the people who start crossing a street because the walk sign tells them to and not because they checked to see if cars were actually coming. The film is a great commentary on just how truly stupid humans will become.  The evidence is not just in the characters actions, but also with the character of David (an android, played to perfection by Michael Fassbender).  They rely more on his expertise than their own knowledge and trust that he will be able to maintain a dialogue and understanding of the "engineers".  They become a little too trusting, not realizing that he has his own intriguing agenda.  I am disappointed that the other characters weren't as interesting, which is mostly a dialogue issue because all of the actors are proven talent (yes, even Logan Marshall-Green.  Also known as Trey Atwood from The O.C. - That's proven talent....right?).  Although, their lack of personality may have been done on purpose to show how diminished the human brain has become?  Just a theory. 

3. Creation vs. Evolution - "We want answers!!!"  ~ The human race.   The biggest "message" that I took away from Prometheus is this:  Our incessant need for answers will destroy us. It brings to light the age-old debate between creationism and evolution, but goes beyond by giving us a third option - an option that blows apart both theories, but oddly combines them as well.  The film also questions whether science and religion can, in fact, co-exist, although it seems to answer that in a very Lost-like manner (Christianity prevails).  It doesn't answer it outright, but I think it is heavily implied, while the answers to everything else are left for us to figure out (at least until the sequel, anyway). Personally, I sort of like not knowing. 

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