Friday, July 6, 2012

Ted: 3 Reasons to Watch it; 2 Reasons to Skip it

Reasons to watch it:

1. If you laugh at "Family Guy"... - And really, I'm quite skeptical of anyone who doesn't laugh while watching Family Guy.  Even my mother calls it "stupid" and "crude", but every time I put it on at her house, she ends up in a fit of tears from laughing so hard. So, yes, Ted is stupid and crude but I laughed through the whole thing, so who the fuck cares?  It takes a special talent to make rape jokes funny and Seth MacFarlane has it.

2. Mark Wahlberg - I don't know why I enjoy him in comedies as much as I do.  I think he just has a very serious presence to him, so watching him be funny is probably more entertaining than the actual funny stuff.  I'm not sure if that makes sense, but my point is that he knocks it out of the park.  Plus, he lays it on thick with his Boston accent, which always makes me smile. 

3. Giovanni Ribisi - "I Think We're Alone Now".  One of the funniest things I have ever seen. Ever. Even if you hate everything else about this movie, it would still be worth watching just for this one scene.   

Reasons to skip it:

1. It feels long - A film like this really doesn't need to be 2 hours long.  There was about 1/2 an hour of melodramatic bullshit that could have been dropped.  Also, the whole kidnapping plot could have been cut altogether (although then we wouldn't get the Ribisi in that case...leave it alone). 

2. It's the same old story - It's the same cliche of "bromance" vs. "romance".  It just uses a teddy bear to define itself as "original".  Mila Kunis, plays the girlfriend who suddenly decides that after 5 years in her relationship, she wants more.  She wants him to "grow up", start thinking about a career, marriage, etc. So, naturally, she gives the ultimatum: "It's me or the teddy bear".  I say dump her ass.  The obvious flaw in the plot is that if you had a talking teddy bear you would be a millionaire (problems solved!!). 

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  1. It's like we're sharing the same brain here. I told my parents (almost verbatim) your line about seeing Giovanni dancing and sipping that frigging cocktail....thank you Seth for planting such a disturbing scene in my consciousness.