Tuesday, September 20, 2011

'Glee' Season 2 Best & Worst Performances

It's 'Glee' day!! The season 3 premiere is on tonight and I couldn't be anymore excited. There are lots of reasons to look forward to the new season (the "back to basics" promise from creators and the cast, Vanessa Lengies joining the cast - loved her on 'American Dreams' and 'HawthoRNe and the whole "who's graduating" mystery). To celebrate I am watching some season 2 episodes and picking the best & worst performances:


1. New York (performed by the New Directions) - "The song of the year....New Direction style". A fitting song to sum up the entire season. We new from this song that they would in fact be going to New York for Nationals (setting up the perfect bookends like last season). When I first saw the performance, I didn’t realize this would be the beginning of the Top 40 trend for season 2 so I actually loved it (I didn't love the trend that followed). I enjoy when the Glee club steps outside of the choir room/auditorium. The performance was really great - they looked like they were having fun which always makes it fun to watch. You can't really go wrong with a performance that has Mercedes belting out that powerful voice of hers and Finn rapping. It's a double win. Plus it was hilarious that everyone ignored them.

2. Slave For You (performed by Brittany) – Brittany killed it as Britney. Her performing (or more like re-enacting Britney’s famous looks like her VMA performance with the snake & the see thru sequences body suit) was seriously impressive. And she looked HOT. She proved her dance skills (which we didn't get to see too much of in season 1 with her being in the background all the time).

3. Teenage Dream (performed by The Warblers) - I absolutely hate this song and I am not really a Katy Perry fan in general. However, I enjoy this version (not as much as everyone else – it definitely doesn't deserve it's #1 Glee on Itunes slot but whatev). I like that they got an actual Glee club (from Tufts University) and that it is A capella – the group is obviously talented. And Darren Criss – I totally understand why everyone digs him – he is super adorable. The popularity of this song led to many (too many) Warbler performances but this was definitely the best.

4. Just the way you are (performed by Finn with the New Directions as backup) – I hated this song so much but then this happened and now I can’t stop listening to it. When he says “you’re gonna dance it with me dude”- I literally broke into tears. His voice is better used for classic rock, but he nailed this song (soo much better than I thought he would). Plus, the whole straight guy slow dancing with his gay step-brother and singing to him “cuz you’re amazing just the way you are”. It just breaks my heart into little pieces every time I think about it. The whole scene is groundbreaking television. There was some cute “finchel” moments in there as well.

5. Don’t cry for me Argentina (performed by Rachel & Kurt) - I am a sucker for Broadway songs and a double sucker for a Rachel & Kurt duet. This was absolutely beautiful. It literally gave me chills. My favorite frenemies are incredible together. More of this in Season 3 please.

6. Valerie (performed by Santana) – First she looked amazing (the only one that could rock that awful disaster of a dress), second she nailed it. She sounded as good as Amy Winehouse...if not better (shame on me!). On top of the fantastic singing we were given a dancing performance from Mike and Brittany that was unbelievable. They are so awesome. The mix of hip hop, break dancing with some ballet added with the gymnastic flipping through the air was perfection. It just reaffirmed how talented everyone on this cast truly is (except *cough* Dianna....*cough*).

7. The Time Warp (performed by the New Directions) - LOVED IT. Kurt was perfectly creepy, Finn’s voice never sounded better and Quinn actually sounded fantastic (plus she kinda looks hot with that big red wig). I literally listened to it everyday on my way to work for like 3 straight weeks and shouted along with Artie “put your hands on your hip”. Brittany and Tina's tap dancing was also pretty awesome. I just love songs where everyone gets to show off their skills...

8. I Want to Hold Your Hand (performed by Kurt) – Holy crap – I bawled like a baby. Kurt nailed this song but not only that – the flashback scenes were soo heartbreaking (the tea party with his dad, the funeral for his mom). I just love Burt Hummel and his relationship with his son. And young Kurt was a dead ringer – great job to the casting director on that one. I don't think I will ever be able to listen to this song again without thinking of Kurt and I think that says a lot for such a classic song.

9. I've Gotta Be Me (performed by Finn) - Obviously, I am a Finn fan so call be biased. But seriously, this was like the most adorable thing I have ever seen. It fit the episode so perfectly - with the theme about accepting your flaws. Finn accepts that he can't dance but he tries really hard to copy Mike Changs flawless moves. And come on it's a freaking Sammy Davis Jr. song!!

10. My Man (performed by Rachel) - I don't know if I have words to truly describe this performance but this is what I can come up with: stunning, breathtaking, sublime and transcendent. Say what you want about Lea Michele, but you can't deny that the girl can sing. I am often moved to tears after a Rachel ballad and this was definitely the best of the season.


1. Baby One More Time (performed by Rachel) - This was completely beneath Lea Michele’s talent. It was hard to listen to (however she looked awesome in the Britney outfits). I hated that they again just re-enacted the video - I would have preferred a Glee spin on the song. And the song doesn’t go with the show (her and Finn are very much together so why is she singing this and thinking of him?).

2. Ohio (performed by Sue & her mother) - This was seriously the most boring thing ever on Glee. Ever.

3. Time of my Life (performed by Quinn & Sam) - Awful! It was missing so many things like....passion, energy, stage presence. Dianna Agron is such a hit or miss with her voice and this song was definitely a huge miss. The song got better when the rest of the group joined in...but they definitely should not have won (good thing Valerie saved them).

4. Start Me Up/Living on a Prayer (performed by the girls of the New Directions) - I did not like this performance at all. The wind machine was really distracting and the girls were trying way too hard to be "bad-ass" and it really didn't work. Plus, they just shouted the songs instead of singing them. I usually like their mash-ups but not this time.

5. Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (performed by Rachel & Holly Holiday) - This was awful on so many levels. First, Gwyneth Paltrow is not nearly a good enough singer to sing a duet with Lea Michele. Second, Lea Michele isn't really a great dancer - why give her a dancing solo? Third, the height difference is distracting and awkward.

6. Unknown Justin Beiber song (performed by The Justin Beiber Experience) - I refuse to look up the title of the song - but this performance just made me really mad. I enjoyed season 2 of Glee a lot more than other people did. I stuck up for it when others were tearing it down and then they go and shove Justin Beiber down my throat and I just had to surrender. The chalk dust, the screaming fan girls - ugh it makes me want to vomit just thinking about it. Artie has such a great voice though...so it wasn't a total loss.

7. I Know What Boys Want (performed by Lauren) - Thanks Glee for ruining one of my all time favorite songs. She sounded absolutely awful (because she can't sing), she looked awful (the "i'm hot" thing was just painful). I actually really like her character - she is hilarious, but I am not a fan of her in the Glee club - she is NOT talented. Hopefully, she gets the boot in season 3 (not off of the show - just out of the club). I did LOVE seeing everyone in their underwear - Finn with his Power Rangers Tee was a highlight.

8. Animal (performed by The Warblers) - Sooo awkward. The whole "be sexy" thing was funny for Kurt, but the whole performance was sooo not sexy unless you think bubbles are sexy?... Plus, they auto-tuned the hell out of Kurt's voice which was unnecessary....if his voice isn't in the songs range - then don't have him sing it!!

9. Rolling in the Deep (performed by Rachel & Jesse St. James) - Again, what is up with ruining my favorite songs?! This was terrible. It started off promising - Rachel singing an Adele song seems like a good idea, but then Jesse entered and his voice is awesome but a little too raspy for this song. Then the weird choir thing in the background started singing and it was just cringe worthy.

10. Turning Tables (performed by Holly Holiday) - Why would you give this song to Gwyneth Paltrow (oh...because it goes perfectly with the storyline?...ok...I forgive you then)? I just find it highly impossible to ruin an Adele song and somehow Glee did it twice. I would love to have Mercedes or Tina sing this song. Hint.Hint.

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