Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall TV Preview: 16 New Shows To Watch

Fall TV is here - Last fall I picked 14 new shows to watch and only 3 survived to see another season ('Blue Bloods', 'Raising Hope' and 'Nikita'.....has anyone heard anything about 'Better With You'? I don't remember hearing any official cancellations....but it is not part of ABC's fall line-up...). This year I am up to 16 new shows (I am even stepping outside the box a bit and picking 3 shows from CBS!). I am really hoping for some winners - because a lot of my staple shows are getting a little stale ('Gossip Girl', 'Desperate Housewives' 'Chuck').

1. The Secret Circle - 7 little words: "from the creators of 'The Vampire Diaries". I. am. there. I really like Britt Robertson (from The CW cancelled series Life Unexpected) so I am happy that The CW decided to give her another chance. It is about a group of high school student who have "powers" and are reluctantly bound together - sort of like the dumbed down version of the brilliant British series Misfits (If you have never seen it - stop reading this and go watch it now!! One of the best shows I have ever seen). I am hopeful that this show has at least an ounce of the same wit plus I am a fan of Queer as Folk's Gale Harold - and he was severely underused on Hellcats so hopefully he has a meatier role on this show.

2. New Girl - It's pretty impossible to not adore Zooey Deschanel....right? However, I don't think she is the greatest actress....(The Happening). She only does really well if the character is similar to her own personality....and this show seems to hit the mark. She is awkward and quirky and thrown into contrived situations etc. So far, the commercials are not really that funny but FOX is really pushing for it (even giving it the after Glee spot) so I will watch...and hope for the best. On a side note - Damon Wayans Jr. is hilarious on Happy Endings. I am glad he is sticking with it and that they are replacing his character on this show. Good choice.

3. Terra Nova - How long have we been hearing about this show? First, it was supposed to premiere in January, then delayed, then we were supposed to get a "sneak peak" in May that was it is finally set to premiere this month but the question is do we still want to watch it? With so many delays and kind of sends the message that this show sucks. However, I really like the concept - it is about a group of individuals from the future (the year 2149) living in a world destroyed by global warming who embark on a trip to the past (as in prehistoric) in order to "start over". That sounds cool right? The only way it will work is if the special effects are spectacular - which from the previews so far so good.

4. Suburgatory - I pretty much want to see this show for two reasons: Jeremy Sisto. One of my favorite television actors - he should have won an Emmy as Billy Chenowith on Six Feet Under. I am interested to see him in a comedy. Is he funny? I can't picture it. The second reason to see the show is for the promo image of the main girl (City girl - culturally intelligent) standing next to the suburban girl - head to toe pink complete with furry boots and shorts so short that the pockets stick out). The picture kind of reminds me of Mean Girls - which would make an awesome television series....hint...hint.

5. Ringer - Any Buffy fan (and there are a lot of us...) will be watching this. SMG has a cult-like following that set really high expectations. She is finally returning to television (where she belongs) and we are trusting her judgement - this show must be good if she is in it right? It is described as a "neo-noir saga with a trippy twin twist." I'm not really sure exactly what that means but it does mean that we get SMG in 2 different roles!! In the words of my second favorite vampire Damon from TVD (my first favorite is obviously Spike): "Doppelganger Hijinks ensues". I can't wait!

6. Revenge - I have no idea what this show is about - but the poster looks pretty cool right? I like Emily VanCamp - she's adorable and I can't really see her playing a "vengeful" character so that should be interesting.

7. The Hart of Dixie - I am noticing a theme of female driven shows this season.... I admit...this show looks absolutely awful. I am calling it will be cancelled within 4-5 episodes. I will still watch those 4-5 episodes for Rachel Bilson. The most adorable girl ever. It is pretty much Sweet Home Alabama turned into a show (and I am NOT a fan of that film at all). On the bright side -Josh Schwartz (the creator of The O.C) is involved and it also reminds me of the really cute show October Road - but that show got unfortunately got cancelled after 2 seasons.

8. Person of Interest - I will always support JJ - so obviously I will be watching this show. There are a lot of other reasons to watch as well, like the Lost connections - Michael Emerson (who will have to work extra hard to NOT be seen as super creepy Ben) and the use of flashbacks to reveal character back story's. The show has a really interesting concept of predicting crimes and/or criminals by using super-advanced technology and it is an extremely topical concept of how far is too far when it comes to protecting the American public.

9. Once Upon a Time - Ok...weird concept alert: a show about the origins of fairy-tales but it is for adults. That is either a really genius concept or a disastrous one. I like that the story is described as a "puzzle" similar to Lost - but then again so many shows describe themselves as being similar to Lost that it has lost all meaning now. I like Jennifer Morrison (from House) but Ginnifer Goodwin is hit or miss for me.

10. Pan Am - Taking a cue from the ever popular retro-style Mad Men - this series takes place in the 60's about a group of stewardesses and pilots globetrotting and around the world. The show is said to be based on women's "actual experiences" but I have to see it to believe it. Christina Ricci is another actress that is hit or miss for me - I don't think this role fits her at all but I will make my final judgement after I see the pilot.

11. Charlie's Angels - Another show that I will be watching out of pure curiosity to how bad it will be. I loved the original show - although I am too young to really remember it. I do remember watching re-runs as a kid though. I enjoyed the film (the first one). I think my biggest issue is casting Minka Kelly (who I describe as the bland JLo). I do like Rachael Taylor (who was most recently on Grey's Anatomy). The best part though is that IMDB lists my favorite 24 alum Carlos Bernard in the cast! Tony Almeida is God.

12. American Horry Story - It is created by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck) so it is guaranteed to be phenomenal and least for the first season - then it will probably begin a steep decline into ridiculous, over-the-top plots. I have been anticipating a terrific horror show for years now - The Walking Dead is a good start, but I am confident that Mr. Murphy is genius enough to pull it off even better. The show is about a family who moves into a creepy house that has driven former residents to do bad things (like murder). The cast is fantastic - Connie Britton, Dylan McDermott, Jessica Lange and newly cast Zachary Quinto (which officially puts my stamp of this will be awesome approval on it).

13. A Gifted Man - Patrick Wilson. That is all. Oh wait...Julie Benz too.

14. Up All Night - I miss Samantha Who? so freaking much!! I am glad Christina Applegate is in a new show - and with Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph it seems pretty promising. The show is about a couple who embark on parenthood while the father stays at home, the mom goes off to work (as a daytime talk show host) trying to juggle motherhood and her overbearing boss. It could be funny as long as it lives up to it's promises of avoiding the cliche's.

15. The Playboy Club - I hate myself for wanting to watch this show - especially when you have Gloria Steinem calling for a boycott due to its glamorization of an era when male dominance was normal. I don't think that much has changed since this era - at least where the media is concerned. It was only a few years ago that The Girls Next Door was on the air - Playboy is still as popular as ever and male dominance is still "the norm". I don't think it is fair to attack one show just because it is a little more "obvious" in it's depiction of sexualizing women. I think the show looks decent - hot girls, hot guys, a murder-mystery soap like drama. So screw my feminist brain and count me in.

16. 2 Broke Girls - I will not be watching the other Whitney Cummings show Whitney - because I don't think she is funny. However, this show is described as 'Laverne & Shirley' on crack. That alone makes me laugh. I love, love, love Kat Dennings. And I love the idea of struggling young people - because it always bothers me when people in their 20's have their shit soo together (beautiful apartments, loving parents, respectable jobs) but complain about how "messy" their lives are. The only show that was able to pull that off was Friends. I will judge this show completely on what their apartment looks like - because they are supposed to depict "2 broke girls" who live in NYC - so they better live in a closet. Otherwise I will turn it off.

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