Monday, September 19, 2011

The Emmy's: Best & Worst

The Emmy's were handed out last night - the results were quite surprising, the host was above average and the show moved pretty quickly. Here is the Best & Worst of the night:


1. Emmy fashion done right – To be honest, none of the fashion really stands out to me this year. There were a lot of “trends” to be seen - here are the ones that got it right:
Aubrey Plaza - simple, done right. Usually Claire Danes takes the cake on this one…but Aubrey looked so glamorous in this simple white gown – I didn’t even recognize her at first. Kate Winslet – red, done right. Red was obviously the biggest trend of the night – but Kate still stood out among the sea of red – the makeup, the hair, the smile: perfection. Heather Morris - flat chested, done right. Heather recently admitted that she had her breast implants removed, which was a little disappointing at first because her body was bangin’, but damn she still looks good. Welcome back to the flat-chested girls club, Heather. Claire Danes – sparkles done right. I’m not usually a fan of the strapless, sparkle dress but this one has an interesting color palette and a pattern that is hypnotizing. Dianna Agron – risky, done right. The dress was weird....weird color, weird drapey neck... but Dianna rocked it – you could tell that she felt beautiful which made her beautiful. And I can’t ignore the men – Cory Monteith – mixing it up, done right – men’s fashion bores me to tears but Cory mixed it up a bit with the white, textured bow tie making him stand out in the sea of penguin suits.

2. The surprise winners – I thought this years Emmy’s were going to be boring! I’m glad I didn’t place any bets on winners because I would have gotten them all wrong (except for Mad Men & Modern Family taking the big prize). I loved all the actors wins – especially Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen (who I griped about last year for not even being nominated!). I thought Chris Colfer would win (only because the MF actors would cancel each out in the category). The big surprise was Jim Parsons winning over Steve Carrell – This will definitely go down as one of the biggest Emmy snubs ever. Michael Scott is an iconic character that will live forever – how did he not get an Emmy for that? Anyway, I was happy to see Melissa McCarthy win (Tina Fey had her moment, but I was hoping for Amy Poehler). I don’t watch Mike & Molly (and I never plan to) but I loved Melissa in Samantha Who?. Over on the drama side of things, beloved character actors Peter Dinklage and Margo Martindale won for supporting roles– both were shocking but very well deserved. I know the people over at were ecstatic about Kyle Chander’s win (they are obsessed with FNL – should I start watching it?). It was really nice to see that Emmy voters really mixed things up and made it interesting (finally!).

3. 'The Office' sketch – I was dying through the whole thing. Aaron Paul!!! I fucking love him. Then Nathon Fillon saying “all the black guys at work call me ‘white castle’”. I actually lauged at Kim Kardasion (there is a first time for everything) – “what do you mean by work? Am I saying that word right…work?” And of course, Ashton Kutcher “I was wondering where the ½ man was”.

4. The funny stuff– Ty Burrell easily had the best speech – talking about what his deceased dad would think about his success. It was hilarious and sad at the same time. The nominees for Comedy Actress rushed the stage and then they acted like it was a pageant – complete with roses and a crown. Freaking hilarious. Jane Lynch threw in a couple of funny lines too – like “a lot of people are very curious about why I am a lesbian – ladies and gentleman…the cast of 'Entourage'.” The other thing that I thought was hilarious was during E!'s pre-show they focused on this whole “drama” between Sarah Hyland and Lea Michele because Sarah apparently made a joke about how Lea works a red carpet. She mimicked her poses and talked about how awkward it is to watch her do in person. Sarah is now being attacked by the wrath of Lea’s fans – poor girl was just making a joke with no malicious intent at all. The funny part is that the E! camera’s kept panning to Lea doing this exact same pose that Sarah made fun of…over and over…and over. Hilarious.

And the worst:

1. Emmy fashion done wrong - Katie Holmes – simple, done wrong. The plain blue dress will ill-fitting and unflattering – adding a gold belt doesn’t make it glamorous. Nina Dobrev – red, done wrong. Ok – the girl looks gorgeous, however I am just not feeling the Jessica Rabbit look. She looks uncomfortable which is far from sexy. Lea Michele – flat chested, done wrong (also red…done right). I love the dress, but Ms. Michele is usually known for showing off her non-existent cleavage. I don’t like the covered up look on her and because she is flat-chested the dress doesn’t fit her on top (side note…check out the pose). Evan Rachel Wood – sparkles, done wrong . The black sparkle dress was just way too overbearing for her petite frame. She looked like she was being swallowed whole. Gwyneth Paltrow – Risky, done wrong. Oh Gwyneth - did you really realize on the red carpet that your dress was see-thru…because I don’t believe you. The cut-out midriff genie/belly dancer dress was super unflattering. Joel McHale – mixing it up, done wrong. Still hot, but I just really didn’t like it.

2. The suprise losers -
So, I already mentioned Steve Carrell’s surprise loss, but I am also pretty upset over Michael C. Hall not winning. Since Bryan Cranston wasn’t nominated this year – I think everyone assumed that Jon Hamm would take it, but I thought for sure it was Hall’s year. He is by far my favorite television actor ever. I wasn’t really surprised that Glee lost, but I am a little bitter. I figured if it didn’t beat Modern Family in the first year, it certainly won’t beat it with its less impressive second year. Hopefully, season 3 will be award worthy. I also am disappointed that Louis CK didn’t win for writing – I disagree with his acting nod, but that show is brilliantly written.

3. The opening sketch – It wasn’t bad – it just wasn’t that great. It felt like it had too many cameos shoved into one space, it was hard to appreciate any of them. I thought Jimmy’s opening sketch was much better last year, yet Jane got a standing ovation (Jimmy did not – which was not cool!). I did think that the Mad Men part was funny – “you can fast-forward through commercials” – the look on Don Drapers face was priceless. But then it just made me miss Mad Men - which made me sad.

4. The not-so-funny stuff - How awful were “The Emmytones”! So awkward to sit through and I thought I could sit through anything Joel Mchale does….I guess that’s not true. Also, the announcer’s “jokes” while the winners were coming up to the stage were painful. I know I am alone in this but I didn't really think that The Lonely Island performance was that funny - I wish Justin was there...somehow I know he would have made it work. And the worst moment of the whole night: Charlie Sheen. You all remember that this man plead guilty to beating his wife…right? He is far from entertaining and I am really disappointed that he was even allowed on that stage (and then my heart literally broke when Jimmy Fallon stood up and clapped for him).

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