Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The First 3 Episodes of "Glee".

1. Audition -
  • Finn - I don't quite know when it happened...but I am totally in love with Finn Hudson. He is now my favorite character (I think it happened at the end of last season with Theatricality), but looking back - I enjoy that he is the character that has the most potential to grow. He started out as a "blank slate" type character, but now he is complicated and a very realistic teenage boy. In this episode he still uses the wrong words (like "controllist") and still is incredibly awkward (and tall...and hot) - his try-out for The Cheerios was one of the greatest things I've ever seen. But then he shows how much he has grown by his profound statement that "being gay isn't a handicap" - well incredibly profound for him anyway. I am looking forward to more growth for this character.
  • The new kids - I am really liking the Sam character - at first I assumed (as did everyone) that he would eventually be Kurt's new love interest, but as the episode progressed - I realized that he would be more of a competition for Finn. He has an amazing voice (his version of Billionaire actually made me like the song), he has that whole sexy yet innocent appearance (and an uncanny resemblance to Justin from Queer As Folk) and he took Finn's position on the football team. How will Finn react - so far he thinks he's awesome...but I see envy and jealousy in his future. I am satisfied with Sunshine - although her character fell flat, her voice is one of the few that can compete with Lea Michele. Coach Beiste ("it's French") is a perfect addition to the faculty - her and Sue butting heads is sure to be monumental.
  • The other highlights - Their performance of New York was perfect.... "The other Asian" (a.k.a Mike Chang) finally has a role in the show besides showing off his smooth moves.... Rachel speaking louder because she assumes Sunshine doesn't speak English...
2. Britney/Brittany -
  • Brittany - Brittany's body is INSANE. Her dancing is RIDICULOUS. Her singing not so great. I'm thinking she should stick to back-up dancer who spews out the greatest one liners of the show.
  • Britney - I appreciate that Glee wanted to dedicate an episode to the great Britney Spears, but it didn't turn out as organic as the previous themed episodes. Having everyone drugged up and hallucinating that they are in a Britney Spears video was just a little...easy. I enjoy the performances more when they relate to the story (like the way Stronger did). Also, I could have done without the Britney cameos....the girl can't act - let's stop pretending like she can.
  • The low lights - Overall, I'm not a huge of this episode -but even the worst Glee episode is better than 90% of what is on television. There were some disappointing aspects to this episode - Finn and Rachel were terrible. Rachel comparing her dressing like a sexualized adolescent to Finn wanting to be back on the football team was unbearable - and for her to ask him to give up on something he loves for her is unforgivable. I understand she is controlling, but supposedly she is the one that "knows" Finn the best - she should understand his needs. And speaking of Rachel - Hit Me Baby One More Time is perhaps a great pop song, but coming from the powerful voice of Lea Michele - it was almost hard to listen to. That song is beneath her talent. The pervy kid with the "Jewish cloud hair" was also unnecessarily disgusting and not funny.
3. Grilled Cheesus -
  • Finn - Proving my above statement, Finn shines in this episode. I love the beginning sequence when he discovers the "Grilled Cheesus" and suddenly finds God. He uses his new found discovery to "pray" which is really just him wishing for winning a football game, then getting to touch Rachel's boob. He is completely self-absorbed (like a real 16 year old male) - well not completely, he does want to win the game because it would "mean so much to Artie"...I'm not sure I buy that. Then when Kurt's father has a heart attack - he still chooses to use his "power" for selfish reasons. This is a powerful statement about religion in my opinion - does Finn really believe in a higher power? or does he just like the distraction? Because if he really believed that he had this direct line to God - he would surely use this to save his surrogate father. Towards the end when Emma confirms to Finn (what he already subconsciously knew) that this special power was just in fact a string of coincidences he is torn apart. His performance of Losing My Religion was perfectly angsty for the occasion ( I've read a lot of negative things about his version of this song - that I do not agree with. I realize that Finn doesn't have the greatest voice - which HELLO this is part of the show - that he isn't a trained vocalist, he sort of just fell into the Glee Club and realized he enjoys it. However, I enjoy most of his solos - I think the creators do a good job at picking songs that fit his voice and personality).
  • Atheism - So, we learn that Kurt and Sue are both Atheists. Kurt - a proud and out gay teenager who wouldn't be welcomed in most religions anyway and Sue - a woman who is constantly bringing others down due to a life full of disappointments. I appreciate that the show provides this as a viable option with regards to religion - but it just didn't quite sit well in my stomach. I am an Atheist - not because I prayed to God as a child and was ignored and not because most religions look down on women. I am an Atheist - not because I don't believe in anything. It's quite the opposite really. I have FAITH. I have faith in humanity, faith in science, faith in love, faith in the power of equality, faith in justice - I could go on but I think you get my point. I think as a whole Atheists are a positive thinking group - counting on the fact that humans are inherently good and moral, but realistic enough to know that that isn't always 100% true. Also, as an Atheist I would never preach to someone that what they believe is not true or inferior to my beliefs - I celebrate the differences in the human race. I wouldn't want to be a part of a world where everyone thinks and believes in the same thing - we would never learn or grow (and we would not survive). Glee deserves a standing O for embracing such a polarizing topic - I just wish I wasn't represented as the voice of dissent.
  • The Reactions - I love the scene where Finn has an announcement (queue Puck "Oh my God - he's coming out.) - that he wants the Glee club to dedicate songs to Jesus. The reactions he received were priceless. From Kurt preaching that the church doesn't recognize gays, women or science to Puck stating that "I am a total Jew for Jesus. He's my number one Heb" to Rachel's look of horror to Brittany announcing that whenever she prays she "falls asleep". It was a perfectly scripted scene.
  • What could have been - As much as I liked the episode, I can't help but think that they missed out on a big story - Finn. To be more precise - Finn's mother. There was only one very short scene where his mother is in the hospital (and I don't even think she had a line) and one scene that shows Finn upset about Burt (but actually he was only upset that he had to hear it from other people). Don't get me wrong - I understand that the episode was about Kurt and his relationship with his dad. I burst into tears when he sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand - with the flashback of the tea party - seriously I was bawling. I just think it would have been emotional to see Finn's mother react to news that another man she loves is on the brink of death. I also think they would have pulled Finn out of school along with Kurt - and I am pretty sure Kurt would not go back to school while his father was in critical condition.
  • Other highlights - oh there are so many....Finn's 1st prayer (Dear Grilled Cheesus, First of all you're super delicious...)...Brittany comparing herself to Miley....Sue calling Santana "Jugs the Clown"...Sue's moment with her sister at the end...Rachel and Finn awkwardly making out (oh and Finn's reaction to Rachel's revelation that she will be ready to have intercourse when she is 25)...Rachel singing Papa Can You Hear Me?. Truly a beautiful episode.

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